On the “About” page, I shared with you Why and How I got involved in Genealogy.  Since the commencement of my personal journey,  I have collected several books and made digital copies of many records held both here in Jamaica and in the United Kingdom.  I have always wanted to share with you, my collection, but could never quite decide how and when that would happen. That time has finally arrived!!!!

I am hoping, that in sharing, you will gain additional knowledge, or be reminded  where else to look for information pertaining to your ancestors and relatives.  A few of the main online sites that are used by researchers (for  information pertaining to Jamaica) are…..

But there are institutions that hold so much more information, but require an in person visit in order to conduct research.

Most, but not all of the records I have in my possession were obtained from the National Archives, Kew, United Kingdom; the Jamaica Archives, St Catherine, Jamaica; the Catholic Archives, St Andrew, Jamaica and a number of other repositories.  These records are not going to be displayed in any one particular format and for the most part, they will be presented as they appear – which is not in an alphabetical format, so will require some searching on your part.  In some instances, not all the information will be included.  Hopefully, what is presented will enable you to gather additional information or the very least,  confirm what you already have and just might give you suggestions as to where else to conduct research.

The following documents will not be displayed here, as years ago I had digitised, transcribed and donated them to Jamaican Family Search.

  • 1734-1753 Lists of White Families Introduced into Jamaica – CO137/28
  • 1735 – 1754 Return of Land Grants – CO137/28
  • 1805 – 1824 Return of Land Grants – CO137/162
  • 1831 Return of Maroons – CO140/121
  • 1821-1825 Slave Marriages – CO137/162

Hope you find this beneficial…….

PS: I only know basic coding so it will take a little time to upload the information. Thanks for your patience!



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