Lititz Moravian, Manchester

Lititz Moravian

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
608B ALLEN Ann Elizabeth 1860s
688B ALLEN Jane F. 1970s
687B ANDERSON Lurline R. 1990s
607B BARNES Mary Ann 1970s
692B BARNES Shane Darrell 1990s
13A BARTON Mrs Joyce Blossom 2000s
654B BECKFORD Burghley W. 2000s
655B BECKFORD Monica Elaine 2000s
75A BENNETT Cecil R. 2000s
619B BENT Hilda Matilda 2000s
611B BINNS Lucille 2000s
26A BLACKWOOD Francis 1850s
83A BLAKE Carlton 1970s
85A BLAKE Caroline Elizabeth 1940s
88A BLAKE Dudley Samuel 2000s
84A BLAKE Elsie I. 1970s
86A BLAKE Luther 1980s
65A BLAKE Sarah 1930s
94A BROOKS Stephen 1990s
16A BROWN Hazel A. 2000s
15A CAINE Edith Blanche 1980s
685B CAMPBELL Daisy 2000s
77A CASWELL Elizabeth 1860s
12A COHEN Wade 1970s
51A COLE Alice Maud [nee STEWART] 1980s
635B COWAN Mary 1910s
661B DaCOSTA George 2000s
660B DaCOSTA Verda 2000s
618B DAVEY Aneita S. 1990s
617B DAVEY Daniel H. 1990s
14A EBANKS Vindell Ionie 2000s
632B EVANS Adelza 1980s
690B FARQUAHRSON Francis Maud 1990s
59A FRASER Mrs J. E. 1930s
58A FRASER Reggie 1910s
57A FYFE Lyndon george 1900s
17A GAYLE Mrs Edna 2000s
614B GRAHAM Robert 1980s
37A GRAHAM Robert Theophilus 1890s
649B GREEN Bryan 1970s
31A HARRISON Naomi C. 1890s
72A HOLNESS Adrian Boysie 1990s
73A HOLNESS Eulalee May 2000s
620B IVES Olive 2000s
634B LEWIS Charles 1910s
81A LOCKYER Arthur Edmund 1930s
82A LOCKYER Edith 1980s
45A MAXWELL Clara 1960s
45A MAXWELL Frank 1960s
691B McFARLANE; Sylvia Adassa Rochester 1990s
61A MEREDITH Emily 1930s
62A MEREDITH Michael 1920s
653B MITCHELL Nerissa 2000s
652B MITCHELL Victor Joseph 2000s
659B MOORE Merline 2000s
18A MYERS Clovis C. E. 1970s
615B MYERS Euphemia 1980s
616B MYERS Gilbert 1980s
680B MYERS Gladys Gertrude 1980s
681B MYERS Joseph 1960s
613B MYERS Leroy 2000s
66A NASH Alice Elizabeth 1890s
70A NASH Bertha Muriel 1970s
67A NASH Ellen Liza 1880s
69A NASH Emma Mary 1950s
79A NASH George William 1870s
68A NASH Isabella Ann 1890s
78A NASH James Henry 1850s
71A NASH Septimus 1950s
631B NEHEMIAH Clyde G. 1980s
630B NEHEMIAH Joseph Percival 2000s
678B NELSON Blendoff Hubert 1990s
11A POWELL Ethel Rose 1990s
80A PRINCE Caroline Louisa 1840s
650B SIMPSON Medorah 1980s
664B SIMPSON Theresa 1990s
689B SIMPSON; Perkins Westanley 2000s
628B SINCLAIR Louise 1970s
41A SMITH Eslyn 2000s
621B SMITH Roy Clifford 2000s
629B SMITH Vernon C. 1980s
96A SPENCE Martha Clementina [nee BROOKS] 1990s
656B STEPHENSON George Lushington Fernando 2000s
92A STEPHENSON Ionie 2000s
657B STEPHENSON Jenny Bancroft 2000s
76A STEPHENSON Shirley Emmanuel 2000s
47A STEWART Annie W. 1930s
55A STEWART Catherine 1940s
53A STEWART Frances Sophia 1900s
52A STEWART William H. 1950s
25A STEWART Sylvester 1990s
24A STEWART-FAGAN Mazie Clementine 2000s
40A TURNER Gladys 1980s
49A TURNER Harvey Uriah 2000s
627B TURNER Adina 1980s
626B TURNER Elamy C. 2000s
658B TURNER Herma E. 2000s
625B TURNER Kathleen M. 1980s
624B TURNER Landley S. 2000s
662B VAUGHAN Iris May 1990s
663B VAUGHAN Robert Snr. 2000s
623B WALTERS Gwendolyn 1990s
622B WALTERS Sydney Moxie 2000s
666B WEBB Bausie 1970s
667B WEBB Catherine 1980s
648B WEBB Celestine Veroda 1990s
645B WEBB Christiana 1970s
665B WEBB Cyrus T. 2000s
668B WEBB David 1970s
646B WEBB Eric Salderman 1960s
644B WEBB Stanford 1960s
641B WELLINGTON Edward 1910s
636B WELLINGTON Sarah 1890s
38A WHITE Albert Dacosta 1970s
673B WHITE Alice M. 1920s
676B WHITE Arthur S. 1930s
674B WHITE C. E. 1920s
638B WHITE Eulalie A. 1970s
39A WHITE Florence Victoria 1990s
670B WHITE James 1950s
642B WHITE John 1910s
672B WHITE John A. 1930s
679B WHITE Mrs Beatrice 1940s
637B WHITE Newton Vincent 1930s
669B WHITE Sylvena M. 1960s
639B WILLINGTON Caroline 1980s
95A WITTER Vera 1970s



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