Happy Grove United, St Elizabeth

Happy Grove United

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ElzHG02 ALLEN Egbert 1980s
ElzHG01 ALLEN Williams 1990s
ElzHG48 BARRETT Florence 1950s
ElzHG37 BECKFORD George 1990s
ElzHG39 BECKFORD Henrietta 1980s
ElzHG30 BECKFORD Julia 1970s
ElzHG18 BECKFORD Lucille 2000s
ElzHG38 BECKFORD Maud 1980s
ElzHG04 BUNELLA Olivia 1930s
ElzHG26 CAMPBELL Samuel 1970s
ElzHG35 CLARKE Inez 1970s
ElzHG40 DICON Dorett Pauline 1980s
ElzHG32 GILLIES Mary Henderson 1940s
ElzHG15 GRAHAM Austin Adolphus 1980s
ElzHG36 GREEN Percival George 1980s
ElzHG34 HOUZEN Hannah 1970s
ElzHG41 JOHNSON Mary 1990s
ElzHG19 KING-WALTERS V. N. 2000s
ElzHG43 LANSDELL Margaret 1920S
ElzHG03 LATON Charles Constantine 1930s
ElzHG12 LEWIS Kathleen 2000s
ElzHG20 LEWIS R. C. 1980s
ElzHG29 LITTLE Isabel Miranda 1950s
ElzHG28 LITTLE Nathan Henry 1960s
ElzHG09 McKENZIE Ida Maud 2000s
ElzHG33 McTEAR Hugh S. 1940s
ElzHG27 PHILIPS Daphne 1950s
ElzHG25 PORTER-CAMPBELL Martha 1970s
ElzHG17 SAMMS Ezrie Agustus 1990s
ElzHG10 SAMMS Medora 1940s
ElzHG05 SINCLAIR Lilian, Mrs 1960s
ElzHG06 SLACK Edward Atkin 1960s
ElzHG08 SLACK Madeline Agatha 1970s
ElzHG07 SLACK Winston Wendell 1970s
ElzHG13 SMITH Cornelius 1990s
ElzHG14 SMITH Ettie M. 1980s
ElzHG11 SPENCER-SAMMS Gwendolyn Louise 1980s
ElzHG45 SULLIVAN Catherine 1930s
ElzHG47 SULLIVAN Charlotte 1960s
ElzHG46 SULLIVAN Emma L. 1970s
ElzHG42 SULLIVAN Evelyn Agnes 1930s
ElzHG49 SULLIVAN Sarah Jane 1940s
ElzHG44 SULLIVAN William K. 1920S
ElzHG50 VACCIANNA Claris Adina 1990s
ElzHG23 WALKER Amos Albert 1970s
ElzHG16 WALKER Gwendolyn Ionie 2000s
ElzHG22 WALKER Henrietta Alfreda 1980s
ElzHG21 WALKER Leon Stanley 1960s
ElzHG24 WALKER Martha Amanda 1960s



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