St Barnabas Anglican, Trelawny

St Barnabas, Warsop

In times past, this is where they would “Tally mi Banana”

Banana Tally, Warsop

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
TreSB62 ALLEN Celesten 1990s
TreSB63 ALLEN Martin 1980s
TreSB26 BAILEY Dolice 1990s
TreSB58 BAILEY Iona Adina 2000s
TreSB56 BAILEY Jean 1990s
TreSB27 BAYNE Edith 1970s
TreSB38 BRISSETT Frances I. 1950s
TreSB20 BRISSETT S. Nathan 1960s
TreSB35 CAIN Rebecca 1940s
TreSB31 CARTER Balkan 1970s
TreSB30 CARTER Doris, Mrs 1980s
TreSB47 CARTER Mary Jane 1970s
TreSB33 CARTER Wellington 1980s
TreSB44 DAVIS Bertram L. 1970s
TreSB29 DAVIS Ena 1960s
TreSB21 DAVIS Percival 1960s
TreSB22 DAVIS Sybil 2000s
TreSB45 DAWSON Ernest A. H. 1960s
TreSB24 DIXON Alice, Mrs 1960s
TreSB19 DIXON Carmen 1950s
TreSB13 DIXON Egbert 1970s
TreSB23 DIXON Ignatius 1960s
TreSB11 DIXON Imogene 1970s
TreSB12 DIXON Ira 1970s
TreSB04 DIXON Laura 1980s
TreSB14 DIXON Lena Mae 1980s
TreSB07 DIXON Lillian 1980s
TreSB42 FACEY Ida Lillian 1970s
TreSB48 FACEY Ivan 1990s
TreSB53 FACEY Loretta F. 1980s
TreSB17 FERGUSON Ann 1980s
TreSB18 FERGUSON Ernest 1970s
TreSB02 FERGUSON Luel (Luther) 2000s
TreSB61 GREEN Amy 1980s
TreSB60 GREEN Arnold 1980s
TreSB41 GUY Stanley E. 1980s
TreSB10 HENLON Irving 1970s
TreSB50 KELLY Charles 1980s
TreSB49 KELLY Rebecca 1990s
TreSB28 LAWRENCE Harold H. 1960s
TreSB52 LEWIS Etta 1990s
TreSB51 LEWIS Stanford 1970s
TreSB01 LONGMORE Biridie 2000s
TreSB54 McKAYLE Harold 1990s
TreSB55 McKAYLE U Sella 1990s
TreSB25 McNISH Adrian 1960s
TreSB15 MENDEZ Emeline, Mrs 1970s
TreSB06 MILFORD Florence M. 2000s
TreSB05 MILFORD Ivan 1970s
TreSB09 MULLINGS Kirk Anthony 1990s
TreSB08 MULLINGS Roxel O. 2000s
TreSB03 MURRAY Lovina 2000s
TreSB57 PEART Kenneth Ashman 2000s
TreSB16 PLUMMER Gertrude 1980s
TreSB36 RUTTY Evette 1990s
TreSB37 RUTTY Theobald 1980s
TreSB34 SMITH Francis
TreSB59 SPENCER Eleazer A. 1980s
TreSB43 WALLACE Ethel M. 1960s
TreSB40 WHITE James 1940s
TreSB32 WHITELY Norma 1970s
TreSB39 WHYTE F. 1970s
TreSB46 WILSHIRE Doris 1950s


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