Decade Year span
1850s 1850-1859
1860s 1860-1869
1870s 1870-1879
1880s 1880-1889

and so on…….

Decade Year span
1980s 1980-1989
1990s 1990-1999
2000s 2000-to present

Please bear in mind that tombstones are exposed to the elements, so not all inscriptions are easily read.  I will provide a transcription, if required, free of cost.  In some cases I have had to take more than one photograph in order to include the entire inscription. You will receive all taken but charged only for one. Tombstones that are  illegible are not included here. If you find two names with the same image number at the same location, it means that two names are inscribed on the tombstone. You will only be charged for one (1) image.

These photos are taken with a Canon 14.1 and a Nikon 18.1 mega pixel camera.  The images that you will receive are in JPEG format.

An example of the size and quality of the images you will be purchasing




Whilst searching, you will probably find a number of your Ancestors buried at the same location.  A more cost effective package  has been designed with this in mind.

# of IMAGES Each
One (1) or Two (2) £4.00
Three (3) to Four (4) £3.00
Five (5) to Nine (9) £2.00
Ten (10) or more £1.50

In order to benefit, you need to order the images in one purchase.  You will not qualify for  the discount  if you order three (3) images one day and another (2) on a different day. Ordering five (5) images means you now pay £10.00 as against £20.00 previously.

The image you are purchasing is of the tombstone itself, not of the entire grave.

When placing your order, please include Name of PARISH, Name of LOCATION, IMAGE # and NAME of PERSON. Failure to do this may result in delays and/or receiving the incorrect image.

After submitting your order, an invoice will be sent within 24 hours. Once payment has been received, the image will be stored in Google Drive and a “link” via email will be sent to you. The image will be stored for seven (7) days after which it will be deleted.

Thank you for your patronage.

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