“The Garrison”

Church of the Ascension

The first Chapel was destroyed in the 1907 earthquake.  The existing building was dedicated by the Most Rev. Enos Nuttall in 1912.

Inside The Garrison


The Chapel is built to accommodate 500 persons.






This fragment of mosaic formed part of the pavement of a Synagogue near Jericho Palestine dating about the Fourth Century A.D. It was unearthed by a turkish shell during the Great War 1914 – 1918.   It was preserved and presented to the Church by Captain A. M. Furber – The West India Regiment.




In memory of Major Hugh Dudley CARLETON D.S.O., of the West India Regiment.  Died 09 Aug 1906 age 40.


In the year 1914 the four windows now in the sanctuary of this Church were presented by Colonel Barchard and Officers (2nd Bn. West India Regiment) to replace that destroyed in the earthquake of 1907.


In memory of the Officers, Non Commissioned Officers and Men of the 2nd West India Regiment who were killed and died from the effects of wounds received in the Ashantee War of 1873-4.


In proud and loving memory of Arthur Worsley BLACKDEN, 2nd Lieutenant – Royal Field Artillery, eldest son of Brig. General Blackden.  He was killed in action at the battle of the Somme on the 28 Sept 1916, aged 18.



JDF/20947 PTE STEWART H. 1JR 18 Jun 1976
JDF/20293 PTE ROBINSON R. 1JR 17 Nov 1976
JDF/16474 PTE STEWART C. 3JR (NR) 30 Dec 1977
JDF/20945 PTE ROBERTSON H. 1JR 11 Jan 1978
JDF/15647 PTE KENNEDY E. 3JR (NR) 16 Apr 1978
JDF/17262 PTE WILLIAMS M. MG 3JR (NR) 23 Oct 1980
JDF/22096 PTE SAVAGE L. MG 2JR 04 Nov 1980
JDF/21739 PTE JONES P. 1JR 15 Jan 1981
JDF/21439 AB PETERKIN L. JDF CG 25 Jun 1983
JDF/22435 ORD GRAY S. JDF CG 01 Aug 1985
JCA/1277 CAPT H. WILSON JDF AW 22 Jul 1986
JCA/1315 LT D. POULTON JDF AW 22 Jul 1986
JCA/1286 CAPT D. R. CHIN JDF AW 21 May 1990
JDF/23190 CPL CHAMBERS G. 2JR 02 Mar 1991
JDF/22765 CPL SMITH A. 1JR 17 Oct 1991
JDF/21900 CPL WALKER C. HQ JDF Int 04 May 1995
JDF/23241 CPL GARDENER J. E. 1JR 22 Jan 1998
JDF/25854 PTE FERGUSON R. 2JR 24 Sept 1998
JDF/25471 PTE WHITE B 2JR 14 Jul 2000
JDF/26393 L. CPL LAWRENCE K. O. 1JR 07 Jul 2001
JDF/25561 ORD REID I. P. JDF CG 26 Mar 2004
JDF/27452 PTE BARNES T. E. 1JR 02 Jun 2005
JDF/28299 L. CPL. PINNOCK O. HQ JDF Int 26 May 2008
JDF/28783 PTE GREEN M. 1JR 24 May 2010


The Children’s Chapel is dedicated to the Greater Glory of God and to the memory of those Officers, Soldiers and Families who were lost at sea on 2nd February 1953 in Air trooper JA/20 while travelling from the United Kingdom to Jamaica in the Service of God and Country.


In memory of Phyllis CAWS.  Born 1899.  Died 04 Jan 1968.  An ardent worshipper and a faithful Superintendent of Sunday School in this Church for many years.


In memory of Captain Hugh Frederick WHITMORE and Lieutenant Walter John GOLDSMITH who died while serving with the 1st BN. The Manchester Regiment in Jamaica.


In memory of Corporal Russell Keith DAHMS;  Lance Corporal Victor Newton RICE; Fusilier John GOSSEN; Fusilier Arthur William BRADNAM; Fusilier Howard Leo VEZINA.    1st BN IRISH FUSILIERS (Vancouver Regiment) C.A.

Who died while on service in Jamaica 1943 – 1944


In memory of  Rifleman G. N. GOLDRIGHT; Rifleman J. F. JOHNSTON; Rifleman J. A. ZIP.  The Brockville Rifles (C.A.)

Who died while on service in Jamaica 1944 – 1946





PTE Brian METHERALL & PTE David PHILPOTT killed during keeping the Peace Operations and of the following who died –  PTE Charles BISHOP; PTE Trevor MILDENHALL


In memory of Private Samuel HODGE.  V.C.  the 4th WEST INDIA REGIMENT

The FIRST Non-European Soldier to receive the Victoria Cross.  The award was made for gallantry on the 30th June 1866 at the attack on Juabecolong, West Africa, when he volunteered to assist in hewing down a stockade under fire and so enabled our troops to enter the town.


In memory of Serjt. William James GORDON.  V.C.

The SECOND Non-European Soldier to receive the Victoria Cross.  The award was made for conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty on the 13th March 1892 at the attack on Tonitaba, West Africa when he was severely wounded in saving the life of his Commanding Officer.


This Tablet is Erected by Mr and Mrs Henry Ward of Forest Gate, England

In loving memory of their only son Sapper Robert J. WARD.,  R.E.  who lost his life from an electrick shock whilst on duty in the service of his country at Kingston, Jamaica on March 8th 1912


Earthquake Monument


OFFICERS – Maj. W. J. HARDYMAN age 42;   Lieut. J. LAMONT age 30

N.C.O’s and Men – Co. Sgt. Maj. J. N. SUGDEN age 40;  L/CPL A. BLENMAN age 24

PRIVATES  – J. BROWN, 26;  A. CUMMINGS – 27;  T. GRANT– 25;  J. LENNON – 25;  J. JOHNSON – 30;  C. MORGAN – 23;  I. NETHERSOLE – 22;  J. SPRINGER – 27;   J. SULLIVAN – 26;  E. ROBINSON – 22;  A. WAYSOME – 24;  P. WHITTER – 23;       J. WILLIAMS – 28;  A. TRANFIELD – 23;  I. WELLINGTON – 29

WOMEN and CHILDREN – Lilly Maud GUNE – 24;  Theesa SUGDEN – 36;  Beatrice V. LEVITT – 8;  Joseph V. GUNE – 3

To the Glory of God and in memory of the above mentioned Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, Men, Women and Children of the 2nd Battalion West India Regiment who were killed or died from injuries received in the earthquake of the 14th January 1907.  This memorial is erected by past and present Officers and W.O.’S., N. C. O.’S and men of the West India Regiment.


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