May Pen Cemetery, Kingston – Section D


IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
MPC00900 ABRAHAMS Muriel Earncliffe 1910s
MPC00848 ANDERSON Ethelbert A. 1960s
MPC00942 BARNES Violet
MPC00883 BARRETT Garfield
MPC00935 BAXTER Pansy 1990s
MPC00884 BECKLES Mrs Iris
MPC00930 BENNETT Juliet 1980s
MPC00876 BICKNELL Charles Arbouin 1930s
MPC00937 BLAIR Paul Michael 1980s
MPC00908 BLAKE Doris May
MPC00852 BROWN Eustace A. 1960s
MPC00938 BUCHANNAN Michael 1990s
MPC00864 CEPHAS Jermaine Marlando 2000s
MPC00928 CLARKE Harold 1980s
MPC00907 CLEMENT Eric Augustus 2000s
MPC00905 CLUNIS Amy 1970s
MPC00889 CODNER Mabel 1960s
MPC00894 COKE Rebecca 1970s
MPC00868 DENNIS Taniel 2000s
MPC00934 DISTANT Caleb Amos 1980s
MPC00854 DIXON Gladys 1960s
MPC00839 DUNSTAN Susan 1920s
MPC00849 EDMEADE Venetia
MPC00865 EDWARDS Louise 2000s
MPC00860 EDWARDS Simeon 1960s
MPC00933 ELLIS Annmarie 2000s
MPC00891 FACEY Elizabeth E. 1950s
MPC00893 FACEY Stanhope O. 1920s
MPC00906 FAIRWEATHER Kathlene 1990s
MPC00837 FRANCIS Nyron Oniel 2000s
MPC00929 FRAY Estella, Mrs 1970s
MPC00897 GAYLE Maudline Maud 1990s
MPC00890 GORDON Norma 2000s
MPC00867 GRANT Harold 1960s
MPC00899 GREEN Thomas Benjamin 1960s
MPC00863 GRIZZLE Myrtle Elaine 1990s
MPC00863 HALL Florence Maud 1990s
MPC00947 HARDY Jane 1910s
MPC00920 HARDY Marian 1960s
MPC00879 HENRY Delford Rodcliffe 1990s
MPC00916 HENRY Elizabeth
MPC00831 HOLDER Mae Elaine
MPC00858 HOLDING Joan Isobel 1950s
MPC00835 HOYES Gwendolyn Isabel 1930s
MPC00943 JACKSON Theophilus 2000s
MPC00927 JOHNSON Louise Mabel 2000s
MPC00859 JOHNSON Susan Elizabeth 1950s
MPC00875 JOLLY Albertha 1950s
MPC00878 JOLLY Alfred Augustus 1920s
MPC00857 JOLLY Clifford Metcalfe 1950s
MPC00869 JOLLY Ivy A. 1980s
MPC00945 KARRAM Assad J. 1960s
MPC00843 KEATING Beryl May 2000s
MPC00924 KEATING Edith 1980s
MPC00898 KELLY Denzil 2000s
MPC00913 LAING Annie 1880s
MPC00901 LAKE Charles, Dr. 1880s
MPC00926 LASELVE Caroline Bernadine 1880s
MPC00870 LAWRENCE Aubrey Adolphus 1960s
MPC00936 LAWRENCE Myrtle Elsada 1990s
MPC00919 LEVY Augusta Lurline 1950s
MPC00877 LEVY Logan Rhodes 1930s
MPC00881 LEWIN Orville 2000s
MPC00931 LEWIS Emily, Mrs 1970s
MPC00880 LUDFORD Ada 1960s
MPC00903 MacKENZIE Egbert C. 1990s
MPC00844 MALABRE Aueita 1960s
MPC00882 MARAGH Sampat 1940s
MPC00862 McDERMOTT Corrie 1970s
MPC00940 McGIBBON Claudette 1990s
MPC00895 McKENZIE Albertha 2000s
MPC00939 MILLER Canute 1980s
MPC00944 MILLER Leanna 1990s
MPC00922 MORGAN Dorrett 1980s
MPC00853 MORGAN Sylvester 1980s
MPC00948 MUIR Marguerite Myrtilla 1910s
MPC00904 NEMBHARD Neville 2000s
MPC00834 PAGE Georgiana 1980s
MPC00841 PALACIO Barrington A. 1950s
MPC00856 PALMER Miriam 1940s
MPC00866 PARCHMENT Arthur 1990s
MPC00902 PARKINS George Timothy 1980s
MPC00846 PATTERSON Elma 1960s
MPC00932 PEARCE Arthur H. 1880s
MPC00861 POST Elsie F. 1960s
MPC00840 PRICE Henry, Mr 1950s
MPC00838 PRICE Theodora, Mrs 1950s
MPC00923 RAMDIAL Ethline 1960s
MPC00921 RAMDIAL Richard 1960s
MPC00941 REID Joslin 1980s
MPC00915 RICHARDS Inez 1980s
MPC00842 ROBINSON Nellie, Major 1940s
MPC00918 RUSSELL Sydney George 1970s
MPC00845 SAVAGE Doresha 2000s
MPC00912 SCOTLAND George, Dr. 1960s
MPC00914 SILVERA George 1880s
MPC00873 SIMMS Violet I. 1980s
MPC00926 SIMON Randolph Bernard 1880s
MPC00896 SIMPSON Elorine Gloria 1990s
MPC00892 SIMPSON Evelyn Maud 2000s
MPC00887 SMALL Amybell A. 1940s
MPC00885 SMALL Charlotte E. 1930s
MPC00888 SMALL Pauline A. 1960s
MPC00886 SMALL William A. 1920s
MPC00925 SMITH Hector Lloyd 2000s
MPC00832 STADDETH Geroldine 1960s
MPC00946 STEVENS Beverley V.
MPC00855 THOMPSON Ellen 1960s
MPC00917 TRUSTY Matilda
MPC00871 WATSON Elsie P. 1960s
MPC00850 WHEATLE Adelaide
MPC00833 WILLIAMS E. Z. 1950s
MPC00836 WILLIAMS Joseph 1990s
MPC00874 WILLIAMS Rosamin 1980s
MPC00851 WILLIAMS Simeon 1970s
MPC00872 WILSON Donna Ann 1980s
MPC00911 WILSON Jennifer D. 2000s
MPC00909 WILSON Richard A. 2000s
MPC00910 WILSON Richard Anthony 2000s


1 Response to May Pen Cemetery, Kingston – Section D

  1. Margaret Simms says:

    Hello, Does anyone know whether Violet Simms (deceased) is related to Esme Simms, Dudley Simms or Albert Fearon (deceased), please?

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