Seventh Day Adventist, White Shop, Clarendon


IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaWS01 ANNON Leonard 2010s
ClaWS16 CARNEGIE Agatha Verona 1970s
ClaWS13 CARNEGIE Errol 1990s
ClaWS21 CARNEGIE Estella 1980s
ClaWS09 CARNEGIE Gwendaline 1980s
ClaWS14 CARNEGIE Irene Albertha 2000s
ClaWS19 CARNEGIE John A 1950s
ClaWS20 CARNEGIE Thomas 1950s
ClaWS02 GABBIDON Linda 1980s
ClaWS08 LETTSOME Veelet Thomas 2000s
ClaWS07 MILLER Molly 2000s
ClaWS17 MILLS Clementina, Mrs 1970s
ClaWS18 MILLS Theophilus 1960s
ClaWS23 PARCHMENT Ena 1990s
ClaWS06 PARCHMENT Thomas 1990s
ClaWS03 RICHARDS Bernard 1970s
ClaWS04 ROBERTS Wilburn 1980s
ClaWS22 SCOTT Titus G 1960s
ClaWS12 SIMMS Barbara J 1980s
ClaWS10 THOMAS Mavis Agatha 2000s
ClaWS11 THOMAS Neville R 2010s
ClaWS15 THOMAS Oriel Omala 1990s
ClaWS05 WONG Dwight 1990s


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