Sawyers Methodist, Sawyers Market, Trelawny

Sawyers Methodist

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
TreSW16 AITKEN Joseph C. 1980s
TreSW11 ANDERSON Leslie M. 1980s
TreSW03 BRADY Isabella 1970s
TreSW13 BROWN Princess R. 1980s
TreSW17 DALE Linda M., Mrs 1970s
TreSW09 HUIE Adassa 1990s
TreSW10 KNIGHT Cleveland 1990s
TreSW05 LEWIS Clarabell 1980s
TreSW08 MELBOURNE Gerald 1970s
TreSW12 MELBOURNE Ida 1980s
TreSW02 SCOTT Alice Jane 1970s
TreSW01 SCOTT David Josiah 1950s
TreSW06 SCOTT Dinsdale Jellico 1980s
TreSW07 SCOTT Josephine E. 1970s
TreSW06 SCOTT Theda Louise 2000S
TreSW20 SIMPSON Hugo 1990s
TreSW19 STONEY Herbert Benjamin 1990s
TreSW14 STONEY Nina V. 1970s
TreSW18 STONEY Olga Elizabeth 1980s
TreSW15 STONEY Owen M. 1970s
TreSW04 TYRELL Lillian 1980s



17 Responses to Sawyers Methodist, Sawyers Market, Trelawny

  1. Marlon Case, JP says:

    My father Lenworth Case is related to Deryck Tyrell

    • Davy Scott says:

      I am Davy Scott son of Dinsdale Scott & Theda Hylton. I knew your father when I was a little boy and went to the house next to the Brown’s (Bertel Brown) in Burke many times. We are related and would like to properly establish the link on our family tree which you can access at password: Trelawny

      • Janet Nation says:

        My father is Lascelles Scott. Your father Dinsdale is my Grand Uncle. Perry Wilson Scott was my Grandfather, which I never met. My father Lascelles Scott is Perry Wilson’s son. Lascelles has three children to add to the tree: Janet Scott-Nation, Derrick Scott and Natasha Scott. I would love to get to know my family. I currently reside in Long Island New York.

    • Davy Scott says:

      On the family tree Deryck is spelt Deric. If you are in touch with him please get the correct spelling of his name.

  2. Marlon Case, JP says:

    My father’s family is from Sawyers..My Grandfather was Enos Howard Bolton Case 1909 – 1976, his wife was Keren Elizabeth Brown-Case. she died in 1978.

  3. Davy Scott says:

    I am Aundre Scott (Davy) the son of Dinsdale Scott & Theda Hylton. You can visit the Scott, Tyrell & Melboune family tree by going this site: the password is Trelawny.
    Do not hesitate to contact me if you are related to anyone on the family tree. I will be happy to add you and give you access to the Monthly Newsletter. Contact me at

  4. Marlon Case says:

    Greetings. I am son of Lenworth Case (1943-2015) from Sawyers. His father was Enos Case (1909-1976) , Grandfather Theodore Case (1870 – 1970), Great Grandfather William Case. My father’s brothers were Fitzroy Case (1933-2005) & Barrington Case (1934 – present). My father is related to the Walcotts, Tyrells and Browns. Deric Tyrell is very close to us and was my father’s bestman at 2 of his 3 weddings. You may email me at I have 5 siblings. Colin Case, Ricardo Case, Brian Case, Stephen Case & Trudi Ann Case.

  5. Janet Nation says:

    Any decedent from David Josiah Scott, I would love to get to know you. He was my Great Grandfather. Perry Wilson Scott (one of his sons) is my Grandfather. Perry’s sons Lascelles Scott (my father) and his brother Levi are still alive today. We are all in the States.

  6. Marlon Case says:

    Dear Aundre.

    You may not remember me, but I remember you. I was a cadet at Wolmers while you were a cadet at JC. I started in 1980 and left as WO2 in 1988 and have been a Cadet Officer since 1988… Major since Feb 2000.

    I remember Mass Bertel well.. my grandparents lived 2 doors up from the Bar in Sawyers. My great grandmother is a Walcott..I will send you her name later. I grew up calling Deric Tyrell..Uncle Deric.. .

    My father and Deric were very close.. I met Paul Walcott at Wolmers.. Dad introduced his father to me in 6th form. About 1986. Capt Chris Douglas (JDF AW) is also my cousin.

    I have copied my older cousin Michael Case (Retired Master Sgt US Army) who knows a great deal of the family history. He lives in Florida as well…


    Major Marlon M.C. Case, JP

  7. Marlon Case says:

    Mammy was Mary CASE (nee Walcott) married to Theodore Case…. Our Great Grandfather.

    I have attached the following documents

    Mary Eliza Walcott’s Birth Certificate
    Marriage Certficate – Theodore Case and Mary Walcott
    Birth Certificate – Enos Case (our Grandfather)

    Cheers !

    Marlon M.C. Case, JP MBA

    Skype : majorcase

    From: Colin Case
    Sent: Tuesday, July 4, 2017 11:49 AM
    To: Michael Case; Aundre Scott
    Cc: Ricardo Case; Brian Case; Stephen Case

    Yeah Colin here, Knew the Scott’s and Browns very well. They played a big role in my development as a young lad, Bertel like a Grandfather and Mrs Scott my tutor and teacher.
    Brings back very good memories.

    Colin Case
    Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the Rogers network.
    From: Michael Case
    Sent: Tuesday, July 4, 2017 10:38 AM
    To: Aundre Scott
    Cc: Ricardo Case; Brian Case; Stephen Case; Colin Case

    Ironically just drove through Clermont this morning on the way back from Haines City, just now in Ocala. Hit me up on 954__________. Very interesting discovery here, just can’t text and drive. My minivan is too large.

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

    On Tue, Jul 4, 2017 at 10:28 AM, Michael Case
    Aundre, I know exactly who Dins Scott is , and grew up knowing Mas Bertel, Colin should know them both very well. Uncle Hugo lived with his father Uncle Teamon in the Sawyers square. Uncle Teamon was the brother of our Great Grand Mother who we all affectionately knew as Mammy.

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  8. Richard Linton says:

    I love this blessed church so much, I remember when it’s time for harvest and rally at sawyers Methodist my grandmother who’s now deceased Mrs. Imogene Fisher would make sure I’m on the program, Minister Polack was the pastor at the time, I remember Mass Burtel and Clive brown, I love the good old Sawyer. I’m Richard Linton and I now reside in Austin Texas.

  9. Judith Peart says:

    I am Judith Peart from Sawyers. Princess Brown and Austin Bartley were Siblings to my grand- father John Bartley. My grand – uncle Leslie Anderson was the brother of Ena Arscott. I am also related to the Walcotts. I have had some great time at the Church when I was a child, especially harvest time. My firstborn was christened at this Church.
    Clive Brown is my cousin.

  10. Kwane says:

    Good day all, I am Rev’d Kwane Russell. I am the current minister at the Sawyers Methodist Church (Duncans Methodist Circuit). Next year we will be celebrating our 190th Anniversary. You are invited to share in this grand homecoming and celebrations. You may contact me or you may pass on the contact. My telephone number 1876-390-9849 and my email address There is a group currently participating in the restoration of this historic edifice. It would appear from research that this church is the oldest Methodist church in the parish of Trelawny (I stand corrected if there is other information to dispute my research). So feel free to kindly contact me through either mediums. Thanks, every blessing.

  11. Junior parke says:

    Am from trelawny I now live in London .I also went to school with Clive plus knew his mom and dad.

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