Trinity Baptist, Manchester

Trinity Baptist

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
6186 ALEXANDER Solomon 1990s
6201 AUKLAND Kevin 1970s
6184 BLAKE Emily Adlin 1920s
6196 CHANCE Jane Leonora 1980s
6203 COLEMAN Cecil A. C 1960s
6190 DIXON May Constantine 2000s
6204 ELLINGTON Rintie Eugenia 1990s
6195 FIIRSON Walter 1990s
6214 GOLDING Gladys M. 2000s
6210 GOLDING Kenrick Brondon 1990s
6199 JOHNSON Austin 1970s
6205 JOHNSON Barbara [nee SINCLAIR] 1980s
6207 LAWSON Josephine 1990s
6211 LINTON Amy 1990s
6198 LINTON Mrs Ivy M. 1980s
6197 LINTON Samuel J. W. 1980s
6213 MITCHELL George 2000s
6193 MITCHELL Michael Augustus 2000s
6208 MORRIS Mary Elizabeth 1990s
6188 MURRAY Samuel A. 1990s
6187 MURRAY Victoria 1990s
6194 NELSON Daisy Gladys 2000s
6192 POWELL Mertela 2000s
6212 PRYCE Adina E. 1990s
6161 RATTARY Letitia 1970s
6162 RATTARY Richard A. 1940s
6206 ROACH Olive 1980s
6202 THOMAS Sgt. S. A. 1960s
6191 THOMPSON Clarice 2000s
6200 WALTERS Laura Stobart 1980s
6183 WASHINGTON Rev S.J. 1910s
6209 WILLIAMS Adolph George Samuel 1990s


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