St George’s Anglican, Manchester

St George's Anglican

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
3080 AITKEN Basil Percival 1910s
3131 ANDERSON William 1900s
3110 BAYLEYE William Robert 1860s
3162 BECKWITH Beatrice 1960s
3049 BENNETT Martha 1960s
3100 BLAKE Gilbert Constantine 1970s
3092 BLAKE Kenneth 1990s
3092 BLAKE Louise 1990s
3064 BOSWELL Annie 1940s
3106 BRAMWELL Elizabeth 1920s
3071 BROWN Rebecca 1910s
3061 CAMPBELL Albertha 1980s
3157 CAMPBELL Ira M. 1960s
3089 CARNEGIE Cecil Solomon 1980s
3088 CARNEGIE Margaret Ann 1970s
3099 CARVALHO Herbert Lister 1970s
3124 CHANDLER W. C. R. 1940s
3098 CHARLTON William S. 1970s
3118 CHISHOLM John R. Revd. 1860s
3137 CLARK Arthur F. 1940s
3117 CLARK Jane S. 1860s
3116 CLARK John 1850s
3031 CLARKE Ann Elizabeth Emily 1920s
3032 CLARKE Reginald Edward 1920s
3037 COKE Ada Ellen 1930s
3038 COKE Edward Francis 1920s
3163 COLLINS Agatha 1980s
3010 DAVY James Lewis 1840s
3009 DAVY John 1860s
3063 DENTON James 1930s
3151 DIXON Eitel V. 1950s
3146 DIXON Eric Embden 1970s
3154 DIXON Nathaniel 1960s
3159 DIXON Rupert E. St. A. 1970s
3143 DWYER Douglas Burke 1980s
3013 DWYER Stephen N. 1960s
3133 EDWARDS Urcelana R. 1970s
3091 ELLIS Ivy L. 1980s
3123 FARQUHARSON Eliza Frances 1860s
3121 FORBES Myrtle 2000s
3074 FRACTUS Elma E. 1970s
3073 FRACTUS James E. 1950s
3015 FRACTUS James E. 1970s
3066 FRASER Millicent Louise 2000s
3120 FRECKLETON Rev. Washington Percy 1950s
3046 FULLER A. E. 1930s
3051 FULLER Ruth E. 1950s
3057 FULLER Willis B. 1960s
3078 GIBSON Caleb J. 1940s
3081 GIBSON John C. 1960s
3077 GIBSON Leanora 1940s
3011 GLANVILL J. S. T. 1870s
3119 GLANVILL James 1870s
3105 GLANVILLE Francella E. 1920s
3145 GLANVILLE Stephen T. 1940s
3109 GLANVILLE Thomas 1910s
3042 GLAVE Stephen Sharp 1870s
3043 GLAVE Stephen Woofe 1860s
3028 GORDON Anne D. 1910s
3101 GOULBOURNE Adassa 1970s
3062 GRIFFITHS Rufus 1960s
3067 GUY Caroline M. 1970s
3067 GUY Charles N. 1970s
3094 GUY Ethel Maud 1960s
3132 HALLIDAY Edward Vivian 1920s
3047 HICKS Samuel A. 1990s
3108 HOEMAN-BANG Paul 1930s
3036 HYLTON Clifford S. 1980s
3060 JAMES Simeon D. 1970s
3056 JAMES Vera A. 1970s
3014 KENNEDY Anne Katherine 1850s
3041 McKENZIE Timothy 1990s
3129 MEREDITH Arthur W., Rev. 1940s
3076 MITCHELL Milton Egbert 1950s
3024 MORGAN Michael Cuff 1880s
3053 MORRIS Laura D. 1950s
3054 MORRIS Thomas A. 1950s
3090 MULLINGS Clarice Isadora 1980s
3095 MULLINGS George Benjamin 1970s
3075 MULLINGS Lenora Mortimer 1980s
3086 MUMFORD Elizabeth Ann 1930s
3085 MUMFORD Thomas A. 1940s
3020 MYERS Josephine Cuff 1930s
3021 MYERS Marie L. Cuff 1930s
3022 MYERS Mary H. Cuff 1900s
3065 NEWMAN John S. 1970s
3069 NEWMAN Richard Reid 1910s
3135 O’GILVIE Hilda 1970s
3136 O’GILVIE Ronald Ralph 1990s
3134 PALMER Amy Kathleen 1960s
3153 PALMER Ina Louise 1960s
3087 PHILLIPS Ceslyn 1970s
3113 POWELL Elizabeth 1840s
3111 POWELL Elizth. Anne 1840s
3112 POWELL Thomas 1830s
3161 RANKINE Florence 1970s
3035 REID Marie Jane 1970s
3144 ROWE Elizabeth 1940s
3027 SAWERS Jane 1890s
3026 SAWERS John 1880s
3102 SENIOR Chrisanta F. 1980s
3158 SENIOR Edith 1950s
3103 SENIOR R. R. 1930s
3158 SENIOR Theodore 1940s
3034 SHIELDS Aubrey M. 1970s
3033 SHIELDS Ruby P. 1970s
3155 SIBBLES Caroline E. 1960s
3156 SIBBLES Charles A. 1960s
3093 SMITH Collin 2000s
3160 SWABY Agnes J. 1950s
3160 SWABY Thomas A. 1950s
3142 SYMONS David Augustus 1930s
3142 SYMONS Ursula Elizabeth Victoria 1930s
3082 THOMAS Anne Elizabeth 1920s
3083 THOMAS Peter 1930s
3029 THOMPSON Albert W. 1980s
3040 THOMPSON Audley Gardon 2000s
3030 THOMPSON Frances Elizabeth 2000s
3039 THOMPSON Rebertha Alfreda 1990s
3139 WEAR Lillian Kathleen 1940s
3138 WEAR Thomas Anderson 1930s
3097 WHITE Gurnie 1990s
3096 WHITE Lurline 1980s
3045 WILLIAMS Ann R. 1940s
3058 WILSON Alva George 1970s
3059 WILSON Gladys Louise 1990s
3016 WOOD John Stowe 1870s
3149 WOON Phillip 1950s


1 Response to St George’s Anglican, Manchester

  1. Rubena Guy says:

    Good going and very good records picked up my parents, grand mother and in-laws names. The Mullings, Ellis and Guys.
    – Rubena Guy

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