Barracks Tabernacle, Aenon Town, Clarendon

Barracks Tabernacle
The Jamaica Evangelistic Mission Inc. was founded in 1876. Barracks Tabernacle, Aenon Town was built in 1938. Barracks Corner stone

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaBT16 BAILEY Dougal S. 2000s
ClaBT20 BRADY Ronald 2000s
ClaBT19 BROWN Adina 2000s
ClaBT21 BROWN Ann 2000s
ClaBT18 BROWN Zibbeon 2000s
ClaBT17 CAMMOCK-DWYER Edith 2000s
ClaBT15 CHEN SHUE Ethlind 2000s
ClaBT12 CLAYTON Edwin 1990s
ClaBT13 CLAYTON Lydora 2000s
ClaBT03 FEARON Sylvia Maude 2000s
ClaBT02 FEARON Wilbert David 2000s
ClaBT09 FISHER Octavious S. 1970s
ClaBT08 FISHER Olga Victoria 2000s
ClaBT01 HENRY Junior Solomon, Pastor 2000s
ClaBT24 HENTON Daniel Altemond 1960s
ClaBT25 HENTON Jemima Irene 1960s
ClaBT26 JOHNSON Alford 1980s
ClaBT22 LAWRENCE Jethro 1970s
ClaBT10 LEWIS John Leslie 1970s
ClaBT11 LEWIS Mary Louise 2000s
ClaBT14 LEWIS Phillip Dacosta 2000s
ClaBT27 LISPCOME Rose 1990s
ClaBT29 LOVE Cecelia 2000s
ClaBT30 MILLS Wilbert 2000s
ClaBT23 SCOTT Albertina 1960s
ClaBT28 SMITH Ena 1990s
ClaBT32 TINGLE Leonard George 1980s
ClaBT31 TINGLE May 1990s
ClaBT04 WALLACE Theodora 2000s
ClaBT05 WALLACE William 1990s
ClaBT06 WILLIS Gwythle E. Marion 1980s
ClaBT07 WILLIS Leslie Haughton 1980s


8 Responses to Barracks Tabernacle, Aenon Town, Clarendon

  1. Tarsha says:

    Just a correction, Barrack Tabernacle is located in Aenon Town, Clarendon Jamaica, not St Ann. This is my grandmother’s church.

  2. Tahir Thompson says:

    My great grandmother and great grandfather were members of this church. They however were buried privately in a family plot to the rear of the family home which is a stone’s throw from the church. – Theodora and Robert Johnson.

    • Damian Fearon Sr. says:

      Hi Tahir I’m Damian Fearon grandson to David and Wilbert Fearon whom are both buried in the Barracks Tabernacle church lott. Your grandmother and my grandmother Sylvia Fearon and Victoria Johnson are sisters. I recognized your name from the family tree. Hope we can meet one day.

  3. Joseph brown says:

    My brother Ronald Brown was a member & also a Sunday school teacher there buried a little distance away by his home

  4. Linford Cole says:

    I grew up in Barracks tabernacle Sunday school, and even got to preach in its famous pulpit during the pastorate of Horace Forbes.I cherish dearly all my memories of my childhood home church.

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