All Souls Anglican, Brompton, St Elizabeth

All Souls, Brompton

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ElzAS27 BECKFORD Eric Alexander 2000s
ElzAS25 BLAIR Linda ChristinE 1980s
ElzAS08 BOOKAL Edgar E. 1990s
ElzAS07 BOOKAL Enid Daphne 2000s
ElzAS12 BRADEY Basil 2000s
ElzAS11 BRADEY Edna 2000s
ElzAS18 BROWN Charles A. 1960s
ElzAS19 BROWN Sarah Amanda 1980s
ElzAS26 BUCHANAN-THOMAS Hermin 1980s
ElzAS21 FRANKLIN Eustace A. 1940s
ElzAS23 GREEN Maud 2000s
ElzAS33 HENCKELL Edmund Warren 1800s
ElzAS05 HENRY Frederick R. 1980s
ElzAS06 HENRY Wilhel A. 1990s
ElzAS20 HILL Eliza Georgiana 1960s
ElzAS28 McHARGH Benjamin Stone 1950s
ElzAS29 McHARGH Darcus (Dorcas) 1940s
ElzAS24 McNEIL Valeria Elvita, Mrs 1990s
ElzAS32 RAMSON Amy Loetitia Claudette 1800s
ElzAS03 STEPHENS Adella 1990s
ElzAS02 STEPHENS Aubrey 1980s
ElzAS04 STEPHENS Samuel 1980s
ElzAS16 TENNANT Emily 1940s
ElzAS14 TENNANT Evelyn A. 1950s
ElzAS15 TENNANT James A. 1940s
ElzAS13 TENNANT Vidal Emily 1990s
ElzAS30 WARREN Margaret 1800s
ElzAS31 WARREN Thomas, Revd 1800s
ElzAS01 WATSON Violet Adina 1980s
ElzAS17 WELSH Carlton Earle, Snr 1990s
ElzAS09 WHITE Vera Annette 1990s
ElzAS10 WYNTER Alveria 2000s
ElzAS22 YOUNG Hugh 2000s


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