St Peter’s Anglican, Trelawny

St Peter's Anglican, Wait-A-Bit

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
TreSP026 AMOORE Kathleen Beckford 2000s
TreSP149 ANDERSON Anita 1970s
TreSP091 ANDERSON Didora 1960s
TreSP150 ANDERSON Sylvester 1990s
TreSP074 ARTHER Theophilus 1990s
TreSP006 BAKER Evelyn White 2000s
TreSP176 BAKER Violet [DUNKLEY] 1980s
TreSP057 BARCLAY Gary 1970s
TreSP025 BARCLAY Olive Viola 2000s
TreSP020 BARNETT Gilbert 1990s
TreSP038 BERNARD Claris
TreSP161 BROWN Augustus 1970s
TreSP098 BROWN Beresford G. 2000s
TreSP160 BROWN Doris 1980s
TreSP061 BROWN Frederick 1970s
TreSP097 BROWN Hugh A. 1990s
TreSP129 BROWN Luthan 1990s
TreSP060 BROWN Merene, Mrs 1960s
TreSP058 BRYAN Ida 1980s
TreSP023 BRYAN Joseph 1990s
TreSP048 CAMPBELL Calvin 2000s
TreSP152 CAMPBELL Hephzebah A. [ROWE] 1970s
TreSP159 CAMPBELL Rupert 1960s
TreSP083 CARTER Christine 1960s
TreSP033 CARTER Ethlyn, Mrs 1990s
TreSP181 CARTER Imogene, Mrs 1980s
TreSP037 CARTER Jecinth, Mrs 2000s
TreSP169 CLARKE Carolene, Mrs 1970s
TreSP111 COLEY Louise 1990s
TreSP030 CROSS Elfreda 2000s
TreSP113 CUNNINGHAM Agatha, Mrs 1990s
TreSP153 CUNNINGHAM Maudrina 1960s
TreSP014 DAVIS Samuel 1990s
TreSP137 DOBBS Uriah 1970s
TreSP100 DUNKLEY Albert 1970s
TreSP072 DUNKLEY Beatrice 1980s
TreSP164 DUNKLEY Estella 1980s
TreSP154 DUNKLEY Euphrasine
TreSP145 DUNKLEY Georgiana 1960s
TreSP034 DUNKLEY Madeline 2000s
TreSP163 DUNKLEY Renatus 1980s
TreSP155 DUNKLEY Richard
TreSP068 DYKE John McDonald 1950s
TreSP011 EDWARDS Evelyn Cynthia 2000s
TreSP012 EDWARDS Neville Joscelyn 2000s
TreSP080 FACEY Tyrone A. 1980s
TreSP062 FAGAN Eugena 1980s
TreSP127 FAGAN Stanley 1990s
TreSP115 FISHER Benjamin 1990s
TreSP015 FISHER Ethlyn B. 1990s
TreSP029 FORBES Mabel 2000s
TreSP001 FULLERTON Iris Brown 2000s
TreSP096 GAYLE Oswald 1970s
TreSP114 GETFIELD Lenard 1980s
TreSP112 GETFIELD Margaret 1980s
TreSP050 GRAHAM Inez 2000s
TreSP027 GRAHAM Kenneth A. 2000s
TreSP039 GRANDISON Duval 2000s
TreSP132 GREEN Admira 1990s
TreSP139 GREEN Advira 1990s
TreSP069 GREEN Arthur 1950s
TreSP065 GREEN Ethel, Mrs 1980s
TreSP135 GREEN Etta Henerita 1980s
TreSP070 GREEN Felix 1960s
TreSP008 GREEN Gilbert 2000s
TreSP110 GREEN Gladstone 1940s
TreSP066 GREEN Joseph 1960s
TreSP122 GREEN Kimally Watson 1990s
TreSP086 GREEN Maud, Mrs 1960s
TreSP136 GREEN Samuel Joseph 1990s
TreSP183 GREEN Wilhelmina 1970s
TreSP094 GREENE Reuben Benjamin 1980s
TreSP042 GREENWOOD Othniel 2000s
TreSP151 GRIFFITHS Madlyn 1990s
TreSP175 GUY Clara Jane 1970s
TreSP128 GUY Hepburn Houston 1990s
TreSP017 HANSON Agnes Reberta 1990s
TreSP040 HANSON Ida Victoria Carter 2000s
TreSP165 HENRY Beatrice 1990s
TreSP170 HENRY Catherine 1960s
TreSP117 HENRY Imogene 1990s
TreSP078 HENRY James 1950s
TreSP146 HENRY Margaret 1970s
TreSP119 HENRY Melvin 1990s
TreSP003 HEWITT Anthony George, Jnr 2000s
TreSP144 HINES Vincent Harold 1960s
TreSP009 JACKSON George 2000s
TreSP107 JACKSON Mariah 1940s
TreSP156 JACKSON Relda 1980s
TreSP092 JACKSON Ruth 1960s
TreSP064 JAMES Gertrude 1980s
TreSP049 KENTISH Rosetta 2000s
TreSP143 KNIGHT Howard
TreSP102 MALCOLM Elenora 1970s
TreSP043 MALCOLM Lloyd 2000s
TreSP182 MARTELLS Ida 1970s
TreSP125 MENDEZ Adolphus 1990s
TreSP126 MENDEZ Emily 1990s
TreSP180 MILLER Adelaide
TreSP138 MILLS Irvin 1990s
TreSP031 MONTAGUE Mabel 2000s
TreSP032 MYERS Lynette 2000s
TreSP148 MYERS Sylvester 1970s
TreSP174 MYERS Wallace Gordon 2000s
TreSP035 NOAD Lebert 2000s
TreSP104 PALMER Harold 1970s
TreSP052 PALMER Louisa 2000s
TreSP108 PATRICK Daisy Robertha 1980s
TreSP130 POWELL Cyrus 1990s
TreSP077 POWELL David 1940s
TreSP131 POWELL Edna May 1960s
TreSP063 POWELL Ezekiel A. 1960s
TreSP106 POWELL Hopeton 1950s
TreSP121 POWELL Iris 1990s
TreSP079 POWELL J. E. 1960s
TreSP005 POWELL Louise 2000s
TreSP087 POWELL Mary 1950s
TreSP099 POWELL Maud 1960s
TreSP120 POWELL Phillip 1990s
TreSP124 POWELL Ruth C. 1980s
TreSP007 PRYCE Ena Isabel 2000s
TreSP162 PRYCE Hubert 2000s
TreSP051 PRYCE Vashtine 2000s
TreSP059 PRYCE Wilhel 1980s
TreSP041 RANKINE Dautris Wellelmina 2000s
TreSP004 RANKINE Dudley 2000s
TreSP046 RANKINE Joyce 2000s
TreSP147 RICHARDS Irene 1990s
TreSP019 RICHARDSON Ethline Louise Sinclair 1990s
TreSP095 ROWE Arnold 1970s
TreSP090 ROWE Catherine 1960s
TreSP021 ROWE Estella E. 1990s
TreSP021 ROWE Vernal B. 1990s
TreSP105 SAMUDA Advira 1970s
TreSP168 SINCLAIR Agatha I. 1980s
TreSP056 SINCLAIR Josephine 1980s
TreSP018 SINCLAIR Ruth 2000s
TreSP167 SINCLAIR Stanford L. 1960s
TreSP142 SMITH Alfred 1970s
TreSP186 SMITH David Elijah 1930s
TreSP024 SMITH Eunice 2000s
TreSP184 SMITH Hannah R. 1950s
TreSP088 SMITH Lillia 1970s
TreSP173 SMITH Melba Maud 2000s
TreSP076 SMITH Sarah 1950s
TreSP177 STEPHENSON Florence 1980s
TreSP157 SWABY Aldith 1970s
TreSP158 SWABY Gladstone 1990s
TreSP103 SWABY Walder Luke 1980s
TreSP055 TAYLOR Elvelina 1980s
TreSP054 TAYLOR Lucal 1990s
TreSP013 THOMPSON Elfreda 2000s
TreSP101 THOMPSON Elvelena 1970s
TreSP185 UNKNOWN Euphemia 1930s
TreSP081 VERNALL John 1980s
TreSP082 VERNALL Viola, Mrs 1980s
TreSP089 VIRGO Allan S. 1990s
TreSP010 VIRGO David 2000s
TreSP002 VIRGO Desline 2000s
TreSP178 VIRGO Maliku 1980s
TreSP053 VIRGO Stephen 2000s
TreSP093 WHITE Ivy May 1980s
TreSP123 WHITE Laurine 1930s
TreSP109 WHITE Philip N. 1940s
TreSP047 WILLIAMS Ariel 2000s
TreSP028 WILLIAMS Arnold 2000s
TreSP133 WILLIAMS Beril 1990s
TreSP134 WILLIAMS Dillion Norman 1980s
TreSP116 WILLIAMS Edith 1990s
TreSP067 WILLIAMS Emma, Mrs 1950s
TreSP016 WILLIAMS Everett 1990s
TreSP179 WILLIAMS Everton 1990s
TreSP172 WILLIAMS Hubert 1980s
TreSP118 WILLIAMS Hyacinth 1990s
TreSP084 WILLIAMS Iris 1960s
TreSP022 WILLIAMS Iris 1990s
TreSP036 WILLIAMS Laurine 2000s
TreSP166 WILLIAMS Robert 1960s
TreSP085 WILLIAMS Robert V. 1960s
TreSP075 WILLIAMS Thomas 1990s
TreSP171 WILLIAMS Urcella, Mrs 1980s
TreSP045 WILLIAMS Vincent 2000s
TreSP073 WILLIAMS Walter 1980s
TreSP071 WILSON Joseph 1960s
TreSP044 WILSON Ruby 2000s
TreSP141 WOOLERY Clarence 1980s
TreSP140 WOOLERY Francella, Mrs 1980s


3 Responses to St Peter’s Anglican, Trelawny

  1. Pauline Richards says:

    Irene Richards was my grandmother and Ethlyn B her daughter was my dad’s sister.

  2. Nzinga Khafra says:

    Mrs. Ruth Powell (and her husband, “Mas Shorty”) raised me and my brother Noel until we migrated to the USA.

  3. Chloe says:

    Mr Dillion Norman Williams, is there any information as to who he may have been married to or any children? I think this may be my great-granddad!

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