New Hope Moravian, New Hope, Westmoreland

New Hope Moravian

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
WesNH17 BATTS Lucella A. 1940s
WesNH11 BECKFORD Sydney 2000s
WesNH10 BROWNE Gleynford Alexander 2000s
WesNH03 FARQUHARSON Ruby D. 1970s
WesNH15 FOSTER Cladius Agustus 1980s
WesNH16 LEWIS Tamer 1960s
WesNH14 MITCHELL Elie 1970s
WesNH13 MITCHELL Wilfred Nathaniel 1970s
WesNH15 PINNOCK-FOSTER Ann Louis Agatha 1980s
WesNH04 QUEST Ruby E. 1980s
WesNH05 REID Augustus 1950s
WesNH07 REID P., Mrs 1930s
WesNH09 REID Racheal Keziah 1960s
WesNH06 REID-CAMPBELL Cecilia Marie, Mrs 1960s
WesNH12 SPENCE Baldwin Norman 2000s
WesNH01 WEBSTER Alfred Benjamin 1980s
WesNH02 WEBSTER Perlie Emily 2000s
WesNH08 WILSON Maud R. 1970s


1 Response to New Hope Moravian, New Hope, Westmoreland

  1. Sonia Heath says:

    Thanks for preserving this record. Still searching for detailed history of New Hope Moravian Church. We are planning for its 185th anniversary celebration next year.

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