Lowe River United, Trelawny

Lowe River United

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
TreLR078 ADAMS Enon 1980s
TreLR092 ANDERSON Ida 1990s
TreLR024 ATKINSON John H. W. 1960s
TreLR023 ATKINSON Mary M. 1960s
TreLR045 BAILEY Mrs. C. 1960s
TreLR096 BANION Meldora 2000s
TreLR070 BECKFORD Adassa T. E. 1980s
TreLR100 BECKFORD Adina 2000s
TreLR002 BECKFORD Alfred Solomon 1970s
TreLR001 BECKFORD Edith Orinthea 1960s
TreLR068 BECKFORD Lynnette Johnson 1980s
TreLR069 BECKFORD Neville George 1990s
TreLR066 BECKFORD Reuben B. 1970s
TreLR047 BENBOW Flora E. 1970s
TreLR061 BERT Ezekiel William 1960s
TreLR060 BERT Mary E. 1970s
TreLR043 BLAKE Keturah 1970s
TreLR044 BROWN Joseph T. 1930s
TreLR009 BROWN Miriam 1960s
TreLR055 BROWN Ronald 1980s
TreLR088 CARTER Mrs. Evelyn M. 1990s
TreLR008 CARTER Nathaniel 1960s
TreLR053 CLARKE James Edward 1960s
TreLR094 COLEY Catherine McLaughlin 1980s
TreLR040 COLEY Ruth 1940s
TreLR063 COWAN Avril 1990s
TreLR016 DARBY Mrs. Catherine 1950s
TreLR064 DAVIS Wilhel Ruth 1970s
TreLR062 DAVY Ira H. 1990s
TreLR052 DAVY John U. 1960s
TreLR027 DAVY Margaret E. 1940s
TreLR054 DAVY Mrs. Mavis A. 1980s
TreLR074 DAWKINS Enid Muriel 1980s
TreLR075 DAWKINS Eustace 1980s
TreLR029 DERBY Capt. Thomas 1970s
TreLR017 DERBY David 1940s
TreLR076 DERBY Miriam 1980s
TreLR015 DERBY Rupert A. 1950s
TreLR050 ECCLESTON Rev. Elias 1980s
TreLR057 EDWARDS Faith Althea Marie 2000s
TreLR056 EDWARDS Gladoris Rossetti [nee WATSON] 1990s
TreLR084 FOSTER Ethel 1980s
TreLR099 GRANT Gladstone 1990s
TreLR098 GRANT Gladys Ena 2000s
TreLR077 HANSON Dadrich Cassandra 1970s
TreLR093 HANSON Josiah 2000s
TreLR091 HANSON Lurline 1980s
TreLR033 HEWITT Frances 1950s
TreLR026 JOHNSON Rose M. 1960s
TreLR019 LAWRENCE Mrs. O. 1960s
TreLR082 LAWRENCE Rebecca 1990s
TreLR051 LEWIS B. U. 1970s
TreLR007 LEWIS Elsie M. 1950s
TreLR013 LILLY Florence 1980s
TreLR041 McKENSIE Aubry 1960s
TreLR089 McKENZIE Jane 1990s
TreLR021 McKREITH Daphne Evadne 1960s
TreLR010 McLEAN Louisa 1960s
TreLR003 MENDEZ Icema 1980s
TreLR005 MENDEZ Joscelyn 1960s
TreLR080 MENDEZ Ramah 1970s
TreLR022 MENDEZ Rhina P. 1970s
TreLR006 MENDEZ Viona B. 1950s
TreLR046 MENDEZ Wilbern E. 1970s
TreLR049 MENDEZ Winston 1990s
TreLR036 MESSAM Eugena 1940s
TreLR073 PENNANT Francella 1980s
TreLR035 PITTER Mrs. F. 1930s
TreLR038 PITTER Walter U. 1970s
TreLR067 PITTERS Catherine Maud 1980s
TreLR097 PITTERS Melvina 2000s
TreLR034 PITTERS William S. 1950s
TreLR039 PITTERS Wycliffe 1950s
TreLR087 POWELL John 1990s
TreLR059 POWELL Samuel Adolphus 1970s
TreLR014 RILEY Mary I. 1980s
TreLR028 RILEY Robert S. 1940s
TreLR018 ROBINSON Martha 1940s
TreLR072 ROWE Mrs. Beatrice 1980s
TreLR011 ROWE Mrs. Iris 1950s
TreLR081 RUSSELL Oreta Eliza 1980s
TreLR085 SMITH Arthur J. 1980s
TreLR086 SMITH Ruth-Ann Lovina 2000s
TreLR095 STEDFORD Leah Nora 1980s
TreLR048 SWABY Olga Rebecca 1990s
TreLR020 WAITE Lattia Eugene 1960s
TreLR090 WAITE Victor A. 1990s
TreLR042 WALKER Cayne Ann 1990s
TreLR079 WALKER Ercella 1980s
TreLR065 WATSON Evelyn 1980s
TreLR058 WATSON Moses Isaiah 2000s
TreLR032 WILLIAMS Allan N. 1960s
TreLR037 WILLIAMS Brissett E. 1980s
TreLR031 WILLIAMS Francella 1950s
TreLR030 WILLIAMS Leopold 1950s
TreLR004 WILLIAMS Miss Lara Jane 1980s
TreLR025 WILLIAMS Mrs.Uriah 1940s
TreLR071 WILSON Emma R. 1970s
TreLR083 WISDOM Mary 1980s
TreLR012 WRIGHT Rachel 1950s


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