First Hill United, Jackson Town, Trelawny

First Hill United, Jackson Town

LAT: 18°24’34.33″N           LONG: 77°29’24.10″W

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
TreFH17 BAILEY Enid Theresa 1950s
TreFH18 BAILEY Samuel A. 1970s
TreFH28 BELFORD Letetia Elizabeth 1990s
TreFH29 BELFORD Zoe Bernice 1990s
TreFH09 BRADY Ladrick William 1980s
TreFH15 BROWN Emily 1970s
TreFH16 BUCHANAN Thomas 1960s
TreFH21 CHRISTIE Adassa Beatrice 2000s
TreFH20 CODNER Gladys Adina 1990s
TreFH20 CODNER Lawford Roman 1980s
TreFH08 DAWSON Gerald O. 1980s
TreFH25 DOWNER Ethlyn Maud Johnson 2000s
TreFH24 DOWNER John 2000s
TreFH22 HARTY William Copeland, Rev. 1890s
TreFH27 HAWTHORNE-CAMPBELL Rubena Constantine 2000s
TreFH23 HILL Vincent 1990s
TreFH07 JONES Emeline, Mrs. 2000s
TreFH14 LAMMIE Louise 1980s
TreFH31 LEA Mary Elizabeth 1940s
TreFH30 LEA William Scrivener 1940s
TreFH04 LILLY Beryl Louise 1990s
TreFH03 LILLY Neville Hubert 1990s
TreFH06 MARTIN Frances Eunice 2000s
TreFH05 MARTIN Harold L. 1990s
TreFH12 REID Tabitha 1990s
TreFH02 SOLOMON Ethline 2000s
TreFH01 SOLOMON Frederick 2000s
TreFH19 TAYLOR Maud L. 2000s
TreFH19 TAYLOR Wilfred R. 1980s
TreFH11 THOMAS Lawrence 1990s
TreFH10 THOMAS Susan, Mrs. 1990s
TreFH26 THOMPSON Edith Clemintina 1990s
TreFH13 TURNER Leopold Osbourne 2000s


4 Responses to First Hill United, Jackson Town, Trelawny

  1. Dennis Taylor says:

    TAYLOR Maud L. died in 2011. She was my mother. Thanks for the beautiful photo of the church. I was christened there grew up in it, rolled down the slope in front of it and even sang in the choir before I left Jackson Town in my teens. Thanks again for rekindling some of the memories of my home.

    • Randolph Turner says:

      Me too, christened, rolling down the slope singing on the choir. Many memories including stopping at Miss Maud.

  2. Vennessa Beason says:

    Edith Thompson was my grandmother. She would have been 104 years old. My mom still misses her like yesterday. Rest in heaven mama

  3. Ralford dawson says:

    Gerald Dawson – he wasn’t just a father and a husband, he was a man of integrity and humility. One who displayed kindness to everyone who he came across. He will forever be missed by many, especially his children. Continue to sleep in peace.

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