Alligator Pond Cemetery, Manchester

Alligator Pond Cemetery

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ManAPC73 ALLEN Caneil Akeel 2000s
ManAPC25 BLACKWOOD Margaret 1970s
ManAPC23 BROMFIELD Caleb Nathaniel 1970s
ManAPC56 BROMFIELD Garfield Lance 1990s
ManAPC22 BROMFIELD Inez 1980s
ManAPC63 BROMFIELD Mrs Lena 1990s
ManAPC78 BROOMFIELD Ruper N. 1980s
ManAPC09 BROWN Ethel 1990s
ManAPC76 BROWN Hahnabell 1990s
ManAPC43 BROWN Noel W. 2000s
ManAPC68 BURTON-GARDNER Ancella Verita 2000s
ManAPC80 CASSELLS Alfred 1990s
ManAPC02 CHISTAIN Lenford George 2000s
ManAPC14 CHRISTIAN Allen Samuel 2000s
ManAPC36 CHRISTIAN Annita 1990s
ManAPC15 CHRISTIAN Ellen Adinah 2000s
ManAPC62 CHRISTIAN Georgiana Amanda 1990s
ManAPC12 CHRISTIAN Hanna Bell 2000s
ManAPC27 CHRISTIAN Marcia 1980s
ManAPC70 CHRISTIANS-SIMPSON Ethlyn Addassa 1990s
ManAPC41 CRAWFORD-GAYLE Monica 2000s
ManAPC59 DASSETT Myra 2000s
ManAPC52 DORSETT George 1970s
ManAPC53 DORSETT Viris 1990s
ManAPC13 ELLIOTT Lena Deloris [nee LINDSAY] 1980s
ManAPC01 ENNIS Henry Elkanah 2000s
ManAPC11 EUBANKS Clevan 2000s
ManAPC07 EUBANKS Victor 2000s
ManAPC32 EVANS Cyril 1980s
ManAPC06 EWERS Edger Alphanso 2000s
ManAPC26 EWERS Leonard 1970s
ManAPC42 FORBES Louisa Agatha 2000s
ManAPC24 FORD Collin 1990s
ManAPC67 GARDNER hubert Standford 2000s
ManAPC64 HEATH Sedley George 1990s
ManAPC82 HENRY Jamiylia A. 2000s
ManAPC75 JOHNSON Alphanso 2000s
ManAPC35 KING Sonia 2000s
ManAPC58 MARSHALL Isonette Hyacinth 2000s
ManAPC61 MARSHALL Liletha Adassa 2000s
ManAPC57 MARSHALL Mrs Voilet May 2000s
ManAPC71 McD Valrie 1980s
ManAPC18 McDONALD Dorishm 2000s
ManAPC74 McDONALD Ersielyn 1990s
ManAPC03 MORGAN Icilda 1980s
ManAPC38 MURPHY Alvin G. 2000s
ManAPC28 NARTIN Betsy Matilda 2000s
ManAPC19 NELSON Eric 2000s
ManAPC83 NELSON Eric 2000s
ManAPC10 OWENS Melvin 2000s
ManAPC66 PITTER Herbert Charles 2000s
ManAPC20 POWELL Esmie 1980s
ManAPC08 POWELL Eunice 2000s
ManAPC21 POWELL Loretta 1990s
ManAPC29 POWELL Ubert 1980s
ManAPC16 RICHARDS Mrs Annece 2000s
ManAPC79 RICHARDS Tony Richie 2000s
ManAPC48 ROACH Icilda Louise 1990s
ManAPC47 ROBINSON Edith Evadne 1910s
ManAPC39 ROMAN Raphael 1990s
ManAPC40 ROWE Agatha 2000s
ManAPC54 SAMPSON Edna May 1980s
ManAPC46 SAMPSON Emily Louise 1900s
ManAPC49 SAMPSON Joseph 1960s
ManAPC51 SAMPSON Raphael E. 1970s
ManAPC34 SAMUELS Gerald Emmanuel 1990s
ManAPC33 SAMUELS Muriel Elaine 2000s
ManAPC05 SIMPSON Clevan 1990s
ManAPC72 SIMPSON Louis 1990s
ManAPC81 SIMPSON Oral 2000s
ManAPC50 SINCLAIR Grace 1960s
ManAPC45 SINCLAIR Hilda May 2000s
ManAPC84 SMITH Doreen 1990s
ManAPC69 SPENCE Daswell 1980s
ManAPC37 STEWART Iris Adina 2000s
ManAPC17 WILSON Rebecca [nee MARSHALL] 1990s
ManAPC30 WITTER Octavious George 1990s


2 Responses to Alligator Pond Cemetery, Manchester

  1. chanid says:

    The list needs updating. This is so wonderful to have.

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