Lichfield Baptist, Trelawny

Lichfield Baptist

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
TreLB080 ANDERSON Lillian Agatha 1960s
TreLB027 ANDERSON Romayne Anette Elaine 1980s
TreLB001 ASHMAN David 1990s
TreLB100 BAILEY Alfred 1970s
TreLB075 BAILEY Esther, Mrs 1970s
TreLB034 BAILEY Eugent 1990s
TreLB008 BAILEY Harry 1980s
TreLB041 BARNETT Eda Maud 2000s
TreLB064 BARNETT Emely 1960s
TreLB049 BLAKE Cecil 1970s
TreLB036 BLAKE Georgiana 1930s
TreLB038 BLAKE Jeremiah E. 2000s
TreLB037 BROWN Charlotte, Mrs 1930s
TreLB020 BROWN Milton B. 1980s
TreLB079 BROWN Muriel 1970s
TreLB111 BRYAN Joel Anthony 2000s
TreLB062 BUCKLE Alberga V. 1960s
TreLB107 BUCKLE Derrick 2000s
TreLB050 BUCKLE Emanuel 1970s
TreLB054 BUCKLE Emma, Mrs 1960s
TreLB071 BUCKLE Ewart 1980s
TreLB052 BUCKLE Jassette Pearl 2000s
TreLB088 BUCKLE Jotham 1950s
TreLB106 BUCKLE May 2000s
TreLB053 BUCKLE Robert Benjamin 1950s
TreLB051 BUCKLE Ruth Gil 1980s
TreLB011 CARNEGIE Ethel 1990s
TreLB005 CARNEGIE Rachel 1980s
TreLB057 CARTER Isoline 1980s
TreLB073 CARTER Josephene 1970s
TreLB035 CHUNG Alfred 2000s
TreLB058 CLARKE Rebertha 1940s
TreLB083 CLARKE Richard 1940s
TreLB002 CUNNINGHAM Vinnetta 1990s
TreLB032 DAVY Enid 1990s
TreLB028 DAVY Violet L. 1990s
TreLB055 DAWKINS Margaret 1960s
TreLB056 DAWKINS Samuel 1950s
TreLB043 EDWARDS Miriam Clementina 1980s
TreLB102 ENNIS Elizabeth 1980s
TreLB109 ENNIS Hannah Vera 2000s
TreLB099 ENNIS Robert 1960s
TreLB016 FAIRCLOUGH Myrtell 1990s
TreLB096 FAIRCLOUGH Susan 1970s
TreLB003 FERGUSON Deslyn R. 2000s
TreLB101 FERGUSON Edith 1980s
TreLB065 FERGUSON Ethlyn Louise 1970s
TreLB017 FERGUSON Eugenie Hyacinth 2000s
TreLB018 FERGUSON Frazer C. 1990s
TreLB087 FERGUSON Nathaniel E. 1950s
TreLB103 FERGUSON Vincent 2000s
TreLB072 FRATER Wilbert 1980s
TreLB094 GRANT Mrs Louisa 1970s
TreLB007 HALL Eric 1980s
TreLB042 HALL Lynda Agatha 2000s
TreLB082 HANSON Cornelius 1960s
TreLB104 HARVEY Clifford 2000s
TreLB021 HINES Easton 1980s
TreLB039 HUTCHINSON Adrianna 2000s
TreLB063 HUTCHINSON Melvina 1970s
TreLB031 HUTCHINSON Norma 2000s
TreLB025 JAMES Hannah Mullings 2000s
TreLB110 LEWIS Durdina 2000s
TreLB006 LEWIS Ercella, Mrs 1980s
TreLB081 LINTON Maud, Mrs 1960s
TreLB070 McLEAN Millicent 1980s
TreLB024 McLEAN Veronica, Mrs 1990s
TreLB023 McLEAN Vidal 1990s
TreLB014 MENDEZ Ina 1980s
TreLB059 MENDEZ Josiah 1940s
TreLB022 MENDEZ Lilla 1980s
TreLB046 MENDEZ Melvina 2000s
TreLB068 MENDEZ Ronald S. 1980s
TreLB095 MILLER Mary 1940s
TreLB105 MULLINGS Linneth Cecelia 2000s
TreLB048 MULLINGS Robertha 1980s
TreLB077 MULLINGS Vida 1970s
TreLB097 MURRAY Nazerine 2000s
TreLB098 MURRAY Uton 1970s
TreLB033 NATION Isoline Mabel 1990s
TreLB004 PEART Naomi A. 1990s
TreLB085 POWELL Cecilia, Mrs 1960s
TreLB086 POWELL Julia 1960s
TreLB040 POWELL Knoll Uriah 2000s
TreLB093 POWELL Myrtle, Mrs 1970s
TreLB089 POWELL Stephen A. 1930s
TreLB078 POWELL Vera, Mrs 1970s
TreLB067 RICHARDS Adina 1970s
TreLB092 RICHARDS Amelia, Mrs 1970s
TreLB074 RICHARDS Doris 1970s
TreLB066 RICHARDS Samuel 1970s
TreLB061 ROBINSON Beatrice 1960s
TreLB084 ROWE E., Miss 1930s
TreLB076 ROWE Julia, Mrs 1960s
TreLB108 ROWE Winsome 2000s
TreLB069 SMITH Eliza 1980s
TreLB013 SMITH Rosella 1980s
TreLB045 SWABY Myrtle M. 2000s
TreLB029 TAYLOR Clarice, Mrs 1980s
TreLB010 THOMPSON Clarence 1990s
TreLB090 VERNON Julia 1930s
TreLB091 WALLACE Eldred 1970s
TreLB015 WHITE Audley 1990s
TreLB044 WHITE Elsie 1980s
TreLB047 WHITE Ethlyn 1980s
TreLB026 WHITE Joselyn 1990s
TreLB019 WHITE Noel 1990s
TreLB012 WILLIAMS Claude 2000s
TreLB009 WILLIAMS Trecia Fiona 2000s
TreLB030 WRIGHT Lillies 1990s
TreLB060 YOUNG Eugena 1960s


BUCKLE -  Feature Family~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


4 Responses to Lichfield Baptist, Trelawny

  1. Nicholas Ferguson says:

    My name is Nicholas Ferguson, I am simply put tracing my lineage. I am searcing for information on a Uriah Ferguson and a Clementina Ferguson. I came across this site upon searching Clementina Ferguson. If you have any information regarding this family please feel free to contact me, my email is attached.

  2. Debon Panton says:

    My maternal grandmother the late Mrs Maud Linton nee Fairclough was born on 25 March 1897 and who died 24 September 1962 is buried in this cemetery.

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