Castleton Burial Ground, St Elizabeth

Castleton Burial Ground

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ElzCC08 BLAKE James Adalphus 1990s
ElzCC11 BLEARY Harold A. 2000s
ElzCC29 BROWN George Redvers 2000s
ElzCC27 BROWN Glovis Rosalie 2000s
ElzCC30 BROWN Lucille A. 1990s
ElzCC28 BROWN Samuel A. 2000s
ElzCC36 CAMPBELL Myrtle I. 2000s
ElzCC07 CLARKE Garfield Everton 2000s
ElzCC16 COKE Vincent 1990s
ElzCC09 COLLINS Gerrol A. 2000s
ElzCC13 DIXON Mervis Cynthia 1990s
ElzCC24 FAULKNOR Isreal 2000s
ElzCC23 FORRESTER Lorrican Cecil 2000s
ElzCC34 GORDON Collin Cornel 1990s
ElzCC33 GORDON Raymond A. 2000s
ElzCC03 JOHNSON Manola 2000s
ElzCC05 KHALEEL Ahmed Ibrahim 1980s
ElzCC22 KHALEEL David Zackie 1990s
ElzCC12 LONGMORE Roy Cecil Charles 2000s
ElzCC14 McDONALD Eula Evadney 1990s
ElzCC02 McLEISH Roy 2000s
ElzCC17 McLEISH Simeon 1990s
ElzCC20 MILLER Levi 1990s
ElzCC25 MORALES Shirley 2000s
ElzCC18 NESBETH Princella 1990s
ElzCC19 O’CONNER Wilhel 1990s
ElzCC01 REYNOLDS Kenneth 1990s
ElzCC35 RILEY Donald Charles 2000s
ElzCC21 ROBINSON George H. 1990s
ElzCC15 ROBINSON Ivy Gibbs 2000s
ElzCC31 SALMON George Ralph 2000s
ElzCC06 SALMON Melina 2000s
ElzCC10 SIMPSON Andre 2000s
ElzCC38 SMITH Georgiana, Mrs 1940s
ElzCC39 SMITH Zachariah 1950s
ElzCC04 TAYLOR Ida 1990s
ElzCC37 THOMAS David Edward 1990s
ElzCC32 WATSON Princess Lameta 2000s
ElzCC26 WHITE Ena Louise 2000s


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