St Paul’s Anglican, Mocho, Clarendon

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaSPM082 ALLISON Alma Agatha 2000s
ClaSPM001 ALLISON Charles Alexander 2000s
ClaSPM017 ALLISON Gwendolyn 2000s
ClaSPM061 ALLISON Hubert A. 1970s
ClaSPM060 ALLISON Ionie M. 1970s
ClaSPM058 ALLISON Nora 1960s
ClaSPM062 ALLISON Vinnette 1990s
ClaSPM059 ALLISON Violet 1970s
ClaSPM054 ALLISON Walter 1950s
ClaSPM071 ALLISON Wilbert C. 1990s
ClaSPM024 ALVES Brenton Alexander 1990s
ClaSPM074 ANDERSON Andrew 1970s
ClaSPM072 ANDERSON Deloris B. 2000s
ClaSPM073 ANDERSON Enos S. 1990s
ClaSPM052 ANDERSON Herbert 1960s
ClaSPM028 ASHLEY Heide 1990s
ClaSPM055 ASHLEY Talbert 1960s
ClaSPM034 AUSTIN Annie A. 1970s
ClaSPM035 AUSTIN Herbert L. 1950s
ClaSPM033 AUSTIN Kathleen A. 1990s
ClaSPM084 BAUGH Reginald O. 1990s
ClaSPM049 BLACK Clive Noel 2000s
ClaSPM038 BLOOMFIELD Esmie Joyce 1980s
ClaSPM022 BLOOMFIELD Loise 1980s
ClaSPM025 BROOMFIELD Roderick Theophilus 2000s
ClaSPM004 CAMPBELL Nancy 1950s
ClaSPM026 CARTY Jestina 2000s
ClaSPM030 CLARKE Phyllis 1980s
ClaSPM023 COPELAND Florence
ClaSPM018 DAWKINS Noel 2000s
ClaSPM006 DRUMMOND Adrian A. 1990s
ClaSPM007 DRUMMOND Claris May 2000s
ClaSPM076 DRUMMOND Henry 1960s
ClaSPM068 DRUMMOND Isaac 1950s
ClaSPM086 DUNKLEY Enos Nuttal 1950s
ClaSPM087 DUNKLEY H. G. 1950s
ClaSPM027 DYER Alvin A. 1990s
ClaSPM029 DYER Lillah May 2000s
ClaSPM066 DYER-ROSE Mary Jane 2000s
ClaSPM083 FRANCIS Simroy F. 1970s
ClaSPM010 GALBRAITH E. Randall 1980s
ClaSPM011 GALBRAITH Evelyn Adelaide 1990s
ClaSPM021 GALBRAITH Winston 2000s
ClaSPM002 HARRIS Rubena Vindelelia 2000s
ClaSPM005 HENRY Herbert 2000s
ClaSPM019 HOO Oscar George 1990s
ClaSPM075 KERR Ermine Constantia 1980s
ClaSPM079 KERR Michael 1970s
ClaSPM046 LAIDLAW Roselle 1990s
ClaSPM047 LAIDLAW Walter George 1970s
ClaSPM053 LANGLEY Icilda Lennon 2000s
ClaSPM051 LANGLEY Jacob Henry 1960s
ClaSPM064 LAWRENCE Amanda, Mrs 1970s
ClaSPM065 LAWRENCE Harold 1980s
ClaSPM040 LAWRENCE Ruth Rosalind 2000s
ClaSPM041 LAWRENCE Vincent H. 1980s
ClaSPM050 LAWSON Daphne E. 1980s
ClaSPM048 LAWSON Herbert A. 1960s
ClaSPM057 LENNON L. A., Archdeacon 1960s
ClaSPM057 LENNON Margaret 1950s
ClaSPM056 LENNON Vinnette, Mrs. 1990s
ClaSPM085 LEVY Elvis C. 2000s
ClaSPM078 LLOYD Benjamin H. 1940s
ClaSPM042 LLOYD-LAWRENCE Lucy-Ann 1970s
ClaSPM020 McKENZIE Ivan 1980s
ClaSPM012 MILES Alphanso F. 1980s
ClaSPM013 MILES Gertrude 1980s
ClaSPM032 MORALES Henry 1960s
ClaSPM031 MORALES Zereta Matilda 1950s
ClaSPM016 MORRISON Thessan 1970s
ClaSPM009 REEVES Roslyn F. 2000s
ClaSPM037 REID Edel B. 1960s
ClaSPM067 ROSE Eldon A. 1990s
ClaSPM003 ROSE Gladys Maud 2000s
ClaSPM070 SCOTT Harold Percival 2000s
ClaSPM069 SCOTT Ima Belle 2000s
ClaSPM063 SCOTT Leslie Lozan 2000s
ClaSPM080 SHORTER Florence 1970s
ClaSPM081 SHORTER Richard 1970s
ClaSPM044 SIMPSON Ena Viola 1990s
ClaSPM015 SIMPSON Eva Albertha 2000s
ClaSPM014 SIMPSON Hibbert Anthony 2000s
ClaSPM043 SIMPSON Ralph Sidney 1990s
ClaSPM036 SMALL Hubert
ClaSPM008 SMALL Hubert Frederick 2000s
ClaSPM045 WATT Stanley James 1970s
ClaSPM077 WILLIAMS Vincent 1970s
ClaSPM039 WILLIAMSON Dorothea Binger 1980s


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