Balaclava Baptist, St Elizabeth

Balaclava BaptistFOUNDED 1852

Peeping through a window,  I saw this sign…

“God is calling you,

but not on your cell phone.

Please turn it off.”

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ElzBB25 BROWN Annie Joyce 2000s
ElzBB05 BROWN Emma 1960s
ElzBB24 BROWN Hilda E. 1990s
ElzBB10 BROWN Mary Jane 1990s
ElzBB06 CAMPBELL Gwendolyn 1970s
ElzBB23 CLACKEN Sarah Lydia 1960s
ElzBB37 COKE Guida G. 2000s
ElzBB37 COKE William H., Deacon 2000s
ElzBB21 CUFFE Wilhelmina F. 1950s
ElzBB26 DALEY Linda 1990s
ElzBB26 DALEY Samuel 2000s
ElzBB12 EDWARDS Elfreda 2000s
ElzBB04 FISHER John G. 1970s
ElzBB01 JOHNSON Ellen 1970s
ElzBB02 JOHNSON Ferdinand 1970s
ElzBB19 LALOR Catherine 1950s
ElzBB29 LALOR Ecern Clinton 1990s
ElzBB30 LALOR Hugh I. 1980s
ElzBB15 LALOR James William 1920s
ElzBB18 LALOR Jane Ann 1940s
ElzBB28 LALOR Jane Louise 1980s
ElzBB20 LALOR Joslyn 1990s
ElzBB16 LALOR Solomon 1930s
ElzBB20 LALOR Sophia 2000s
ElzBB13 LALOR Susan 1940s
ElzBB14 LALOR William, Snr. 1930s
ElzBB27 LECKY Desmond C. 2000s
ElzBB08 LONGMORE Lucas E. 1940s
ElzBB09 MAPP Harold George 1950s
ElzBB03 McLEISH Delisa 1970s
ElzBB35 NEIL Blanche Muriel 1960s
ElzBB07 NEIL Mrs Anna L. 1970s
ElzBB31 REID Elias 1970s
ElzBB32 ROBERTSON Lydia Nerissa 1980s
ElzBB36 ROBERTSON Nigel Donat 1960s
ElzBB33 SALKEY Frank J. 1970s
ElzBB34 SALKEY Millicent M. 1960s
ElzBB11 SAUNCHES Rachel Louise 1990s
ElzBB22 SIBLEY Rev.Charles
ElzBB17 STAMPP Gloria Lee 2000s


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