Brixton Hill United, Brixton Hill, Clarendon

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaBH059 ALLEN Verene 1990s
ClaBH061 ALLISON Mazie 2000s
ClaBH012 ALLISON Sarah 1970s
ClaBH045 ALVES Luna 1990s
ClaBH026 ASHLEY Elizabeth Ivy, Mrs. 1980s
ClaBH040 ASHLEY Frederick 1980s
ClaBH041 ASHLEY Gertrude 1990s
ClaBH006 ASHLEY Herbert F. 2000s
ClaBH005 ASHLEY Myrtelyn 2000s
ClaBH081 BAKER C. H., Rev. 1910s
ClaBH004 BOOTH Azariah C. 2000s
ClaBH027 BOOTH Esther B. 1990s
ClaBH003 BOOTH Viola J., Mrs 1980s
ClaBH056 BROWN Adassa W. 1960s
ClaBH066 BROWN James Lennon 1990s
ClaBH028 BURRELL Shefeta Manning 1980s
ClaBH048 CAMPBELL Sarah Jane 2000s
ClaBH013 CHRISTIE Flossie 2000s
ClaBH018 CHRISTIE Marian 1960s
ClaBH014 CHRISTIE Walter C. 1990s
ClaBH001 DRUMMOND Heather June 1980s
ClaBH077 EASTWOOD Henry 2000s
ClaBH002 EASTWOOD Iris Sylvia 1980s
ClaBH062 ELLIS Letetia Veronica, Mrs 2000s
ClaBH060 FEARON Rizpah Maude 2000s
ClaBH016 FRANCIS Bernard 1950s
ClaBH017 FRANCIS Maria 1940s
ClaBH051 GAYLE Arthur Shamrock 2000s
ClaBH071 GAYLE Asbert Moody 1990s
ClaBH029 GAYLE Athlin Josephine 1980s
ClaBH068 GAYLE Eliza Agatha 2000s
ClaBH049 GAYLE Gilbert Emmanuel 2000s
ClaBH034 GAYLE James 2000s
ClaBH046 GAYLE Johnathan 1990s
ClaBH047 GAYLE Lillia Matilda 2000s
ClaBH050 GAYLE Mavis 2000s
ClaBH070 GAYLE Ruth Knight 2000s
ClaBH033 GAYLE Viola 2000s
ClaBH069 GERMAN Ephraim 2000s
ClaBH055 GRANDISON Burchelle 1990s
ClaBH054 GRANDISON Louise E. 2000s
ClaBH019 HENRY Albert 1970s
ClaBH020 HENRY Ann Rhoda 1990s
ClaBH073 HENRY Kingsley George 2000s
ClaBH058 HENRY Lyndon C. 1990s
ClaBH009 JAMES C. F. 1970s
ClaBH064 JAMES Carmen S. 2000s
ClaBH010 JAMES H. M., Deacon 1950s
ClaBH057 JAMES Herman Cephas 1990s
ClaBH063 LEWIN Doreen Rosetta 2000s
ClaBH072 LLOYD Cleveland Washington 2000s
ClaBH079 LLOYD Gideon, Deacon 1990s
ClaBH079 LLOYD Rachel 1970s
ClaBH038 MANNING Alphanso Boysie 1990s
ClaBH037 MANNING Ruby, Mrs. 2000s
ClaBH011 MANNING Zilpha B. 1970s
ClaBH076 MORGAN Marcia Yvette 2000s
ClaBH080 NATION Charles, Deacon 1970s
ClaBH080 NATION Rebecca 1970s
ClaBH015 PITTER Frederick Morgan 1960s
ClaBH031 REID Dudley 1980s
ClaBH030 REID Luency
ClaBH032 RICHARDS Ceita 1990s
ClaBH007 RICHARDS Daisy Albertha 2000s
ClaBH008 RICHARDS Henry W. 1980s
ClaBH039 RICHARDS Jascent May 1990s
ClaBH053 RICHARDS Vioris 2000s
ClaBH075 SHORTER Vinette 2000s
ClaBH078 SIMPSON Agnes L. 1960s
ClaBH043 SIMPSON Retilda 1990s
ClaBH042 SIMPSON Richard 1980s
ClaBH021 SMALL Frank 1980s
ClaBH052 SMITH Brennetta 2000s
ClaBH025 SMITH Iris 1990s
ClaBH023 SMITH Lillian, Mrs. 1980s
ClaBH024 SMITH Marjorie 1980s
ClaBH074 SMITH Melvina 2000s
ClaBH022 SMITH Samuel 1990s
ClaBH080 THOMAS Celeste, Deaconess 1960s
ClaBH036 THOMAS Ethlyn 2000s
ClaBH035 THOMAS Moses 2000s
ClaBH067 THOMAS William 2000s
ClaBH065 THOMPSON William A. A. 1990s
ClaBH062 WILLIAMS Leonard Emanuel 2000s
ClaBH044 WILLIAMS Lucille, Mrs 1980s
ClaBH082 WILLIS M. L., Rev 2000s
ClaBH082 WILLIS T. C. 1990s


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