St Michael Anglican, Trelawny

St Michael, Clarks Town

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
TreCT133 ALLEN Catherine Elizabeth 1990s
TreCT132 ALLEN James Augustus 2000s
TreCT024 ANDERSON Clinton C.H. 1960s
TreCT122 ANDERSON Eva Florence 1990s
TreCT054 ARCHER Amy Maud 1970s
TreCT011 ARMSTRONG James 1870s
TreCT143 BARNETT Josiah Theodore 1980s
TreCT142 BARNETT Retenella, Mrs 1970s
TreCT081 BARRETT Amelo 1940s
TreCT078 BARRETT Edward 1990s
TreCT149 BARTLETT Eva Florence 1960s
TreCT127 BENNETT Clifford 1990s
TreCT126 BENNETT Lillian 1990s
TreCT093 BLACK Marion 2000s
TreCT112 BLAKE Berill M. 1990s
TreCT113 BLAKE Joseph A. 1990s
TreCT085 BOWERS May, Miss 1970s
TreCT087 BROWN Daniel A. 2000s
TreCT140 BROWN Hazel Scott 1990s
TreCT115 BUCHANAN Eugene Agatha, Mrs 1980s
TreCT114 BUCHANAN Victor Thompson 1990s
TreCT049 CAPSTICK Herbert 1950s
TreCT049 CAPSTICK Herbert Edward 1960s
TreCT050 CAPSTICK Margaret Kathleen 1960s
TreCT012 CASE Mrs Sarah 1950s
TreCT006 CHRYSTIE Thomas Nevin 1920s
TreCT102 CLARK Anetta Anderson 2000s
TreCT052 CROWTHER Thomas Somerville 1870s
TreCT090 DALRYMPLE Henry Alexander 1990s
TreCT088 DALRYMPLE Monica Leonie 2000s
TreCT089 DALRYMPLE Sidney M. 1980s
TreCT104 DAVIS Cyril L. 1970s
TreCT105 DAVIS Emma 1960s
TreCT156 DAY Daniel Anderson 1880s
TreCT159 DEWAR Campbell Tulloch 1930s
TreCT046 DEWAR Clare J. 1940s
TreCT161 DEWAR Esme 1980s
TreCT042 DEWAR George Plummer 1940s
TreCT044 DEWAR Gordon 1950s
TreCT043 DEWAR Ida Gertrude 1930s
TreCT066 DEWAR Margaret Grace 1890s
TreCT092 EARLE Lola Monica 2000s
TreCT108 EASY C. W. 1990s
TreCT146 ECCLESTON Dabney 2000s
TreCT144 ECCLESTON Doris Maud 1990s
TreCT016 EDWARDS Colin George 1940s
TreCT118 FERGUSON Jane Catherine 1990s
TreCT070 FERGUSON Maud 1960s
TreCT070 FERGUSON Nehemiah 1960s
TreCT094 FEURTADO Edna Kate 2000s
TreCT100 FIELDINGS Orlando Gareth 1990s
TreCT047 FISHER Isabella 1890s
TreCT048 FISHER Wauchope 1900s
TreCT018 FRANKLIN John Henry 1920s
TreCT101 FRANKLYN Caroline Esmilda 2000s
TreCT170 FRASER Elizabeth 1850s
TreCT165 GABAY Ann Maria, Mrs 2000s
TreCT164 GABAY Eric 1990s
TreCT163 GABAY Norman W. L. 1990s
TreCT040 GALLOWAY David 1870s
TreCT172 GALLOWAY Margaret 1870s
TreCT080 GARDENER Clementina 2000s
TreCT072 GAYLE Ruth Agatha 1960s
TreCT158 GRAHAM Clare Louise 1970s
TreCT079 GRANT Louise Maud 1970s
TreCT123 GRANT Sarah 1940s
TreCT135 GREEN Arthur Walter 1990s
TreCT131 GREEN Aston W. 1990s
TreCT138 GREEN Bertina 1990s
TreCT056 GREGG Monica 1930s
TreCT136 HAMILTON Hepzibah 1990s
TreCT032 HARMAN Edward Vernon 1850s
TreCT021 HARRISON Lewis 1960s
TreCT103 HEMMINGS Astley 2000s
TreCT001 HINE Daniel Davis 1850s
TreCT145 HO SANG Arthur George 2000s
TreCT045 HOSKINS Margaret Frances 1900s
TreCT057 HOUCHEN Archibald Cunningham 1910s
TreCT153 HUDSON Elfreda 1980s
TreCT157 IVE Henry Stanley 1920s
TreCT058 JACKSON Anthony Ray 1910s
TreCT139 JENKINS Victor Marvick 1980s
TreCT073 JOHNSON Dennis 1970s
TreCT106 JOHNSON Estriana 1980s
TreCT091 KERR Icilda Winnifred 1990s
TreCT128 LEWIS Henrietta Eliza 1870s
TreCT166 LINTON Adrian 2000s
TreCT141 LINTON Norman 1970s
TreCT134 LITTLE Zena Maud 1990s
TreCT155 MAHONY David, Dr. 1850s
TreCT167 MATHESON Lascelles Langley 1980s
TreCT168 MATHESON Lillieth M. 1960s
TreCT074 McFARLANE Albert 1970s
TreCT077 McINTYRE Amorel, Mrs 1980s
TreCT015 McINTYRE John Aston 1960s
TreCT069 McLAREN Edwin 1970s
TreCT068 McLAREN Ruth I 2000s
TreCT027 MILLINER Agusta Mary 1920s
TreCT028 MILLINER Annie Isabelle Augusta 1950s
TreCT150 MILLINER Eva 1990s
TreCT029 MILLINER H.R. 1960s
TreCT151 MILLINER Katie Frances 1980s
TreCT151 MILLINER Thomas Russell 1990s
TreCT035 MIRANDER Mary Louise 1920s
TreCT084 MITCHELL Jeneita 2000s
TreCT083 MITCHELL Josephine Elma 1980s
TreCT082 MOODY Arabella 1940s
TreCT109 MORRISON Eunice E. 1990s
TreCT019 MURRAY Elizabeth 1970s
TreCT055 MUSCHETT Arnold Ethelbert 1960s
TreCT076 NASH Mary Elizabeth 1960s
TreCT067 NASH Mary Elizabeth 1960s
TreCT020 NELSON Luella S. 1990s
TreCT053 NOBLE Beatrice Noeline Sewell 1960s
TreCT053 NOBLE Richmond Samuel Howe 1940s
TreCT071 PALMER Fay M. 1960s
TreCT110 PARENT Mary Jane 1890s
TreCT098 PARKINSON Andres Aristotle 2000s
TreCT033 PARSON Henry 1860s
TreCT033 PARSON William Lowe 1860s
TreCT014 PETERKIN Alice, Mrs 1970s
TreCT111 PHILLIPS Irene 1990s
TreCT041 POCOCK George Shiel 1970s
TreCT060 PURCHAS Doctor F. A. G. 1930s
TreCT059 PURCHAS James A.G. 1920s
TreCT022 REID Elizabeth 1950s
TreCT023 REID Emma V. 1930s
TreCT107 REID Gladys, Mrs 1970s
TreCT129 REID Julia 1910s
TreCT121 REID L. 1940s
TreCT129 REID Richard 1950s
TreCT023 REID William S. 1930s
TreCT025 REID Zenas 1980s
TreCT169 RERRIE Edith maud 1970s
TreCT174 ROBERTSTON George 1860s
TreCT174 ROBERTSTON John 1860s
TreCT117 ROSETTA Ellen Maude 2000s
TreCT116 ROSETTA William Alexander 1990s
TreCT034 RUTTY Elizabeth 1920s
TreCT075 SAVARIAU Violet 1970s
TreCT037 SEWELL Harry Percy 1930s
TreCT038 SEWELL Henry 1900s
TreCT039 SEWELL William 1870s
TreCT065 SHARP Iris Edna 1920s
TreCT064 SHARP Lawrence Wil: 1920s
TreCT160 SHARP William Thomas 1890s
TreCT173 SHEARER Patrick William 1870s
TreCT096 SHIRLEY Adolph 1990s
TreCT095 SHIRLEY Estella Bernice 1970s
TreCT009 SHIRLEY Henry 1840s
TreCT007 SHIRLEY Leicester Colville 1910s
TreCT097 SHIRLEY Lemuel Shirley 1970s
TreCT008 SHIRLEY Reginald Barnett 1960s
TreCT099 SHIRLEY Victor Gordon 2000s
TreCT119 SMART Kenneth M. 1980s
TreCT120 SMART Roslyn A. 1990s
TreCT154 SMITH Egbert 1980s
TreCT147 SMITH Elvie 1980s
TreCT030 SMITH Arabella 1970s
TreCT031 SPENCE Reginald K. 2000s
TreCT086 STEPHENSON Aubrey D. 1940s
TreCT152 STEVENSON Essie 1960s
TreCT010 SYMONS William Wilberforce 1850s
TreCT002 TAYLOR George Stephenson Hewan 1930s
TreCT003 TAYLOR Henrietta Elizabeth 1940s
TreCT137 THOMAS Vileta 1980s
TreCT036 THOMSON Simon 1880s
TreCT063 TODD Ida Utten 1960s
TreCT062 TODD Utten Thomas 1950s
TreCT061 TODD Jnr Utten Thomas 1940s
TreCT017 TUCKER David Alexander 1910s
TreCT013 TYRRELL William C, 1950s
TreCT130 VACIANNA Matilda 1970s
TreCT005 VANZIE Flora 1930s
TreCT171 WALCOTT Josephine M. 1910s
TreCT004 WARBURTON Ernest 1950s
TreCT051 WATSON William Bryce 1870s
TreCT125 WAUGH Claude 1950s
TreCT162 WEEKES Derek Andrew 1960s
TreCT148 WHITELY Lollita 1970s
TreCT124 WHITESMAN Anne 1950s


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