Cokes View Methodist, Whithorn, Westmoreland

Cokes View Methodist

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
WesCV01 BENT Noel Gladstone 1970s
WesCV05 JAMES Agnes T. 1980s
WesCV06 JAMES Francis Medora 1970s
WesCV07 LESLIE-SMITH Ivy Mable 1990s
WesCV03 MYRIE Lowell James 2000s
WesCV11 SANGSTER Anna, Mrs 1990s
WesCV10 SANGSTER Astill 2000s
WesCV08 SMITH Norman Allenzy 1980s
WesCV09 THOMAS Ivy E. 1970s
WesCV02 WALTON Mary 1910s
WesCV04 WHEATLE Alice M. 1980s


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