Moravia Moravian, Moravia, Clarendon

Moravia MoravianMoravia Moravian Plaque


IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaMM30 ALLEN Manala Reburta 1990s
ClaMM27 ASHLEY Arthur 2000s
ClaMM23 BAILEY Solomon 1970s
ClaMM26 BENT Edith 1990s
ClaMM22 BENT Fedrick 1970s
ClaMM13 BENT Martha Maria, Mrs 1950s
ClaMM33 BLACKWOOD Andrae A. 1990s
ClaMM17 BROOMFIELD Iva 1960s
ClaMM48 CAMPBELL Ethelyn 1980s
ClaMM81 COLLINGS Agnes 2000s
ClaMM82 COLLINGS Ivan 2000s
ClaMM57 DALEY Clarice Amanda 1990s
ClaMM65 DALEY Daniel 2000s
ClaMM77 DALEY Wilberforce 2000s
ClaMM64 DALEY Martha Elizabeth 1990s
ClaMM72 DAVY Advira 1990s
ClaMM43 DENTON Cleveland 1990s
ClaMM42 DENTON Vioris 1980s
ClaMM44 EDWARDS Cleveland A., Rev 2000s
ClaMM46 EDWARDS Hazel 1980s
ClaMM45 FORBS Rosa 1980s
ClaMM66 FOSTER Lessette 2000s
ClaMM63 GABBIDON Ivan 1990s
ClaMM41 GAYLE Zada 1980s
ClaMM84 HENRY Mabel 1940s
ClaMM35 HENRY Rubena 1980s
ClaMM80 JARRETT Winnifred 2000s
ClaMM47 JOHNSON Dottie 1990s
ClaMM78 LANDELL Tomlin M. 2000s
ClaMM76 LAWRENCE Violet 1990s
ClaMM79 LEVY Victor 2000s
ClaMM28 LEWIS Kathleen 1970s
ClaMM24 LINDSAY Jane 1970s
ClaMM32 MAITLAND John William 1950s
ClaMM31 MAITLAND Maud A. 1970s
ClaMM12 MASON Ezekiel 1950s
ClaMM74 MASON Vincent Samuel 2000s
ClaMM86 MORGAN Marian 1940s
ClaMM36 MORRIS Adina 1970s
ClaMM89 MORRIS Getrude Cornelia 1910s
ClaMM88 MORRIS William Robert, Rev 1930s
ClaMM69 MULLINGS Joyce 1990s
ClaMM02 PALMER Arabella, Mrs 1930s
ClaMM95 PALMER Charles 1940s
ClaMM67 PEART Iris Elizabeth 2000s
ClaMM11 PEART Shirley 1950s
ClaMM94 PENNANT Ana 1990s
ClaMM91 POWELL Cecil 1940s
ClaMM62 POWELL Curdell 1990s
ClaMM62 POWELL Vivian 1990s
ClaMM09 PRYCE Amanda 1980s
ClaMM21 PRYCE Loflin Samuel 1970s
ClaMM96 PRYCE Rebertha 1940s
ClaMM10 PRYCE Samuel A. 1960s
ClaMM87 RICHARDS Hezikiah 1940s
ClaMM59 ROWE Elizabeth 1990s
ClaMM58 ROWE Lawrence 1990s
ClaMM60 ROWE Reginald 1990s
ClaMM71 SAMUEL William G. 1990s
ClaMM20 SAMUELS Roslyn L., Mrs 1970s
ClaMM73 SAMUELS Voilet 2000s
ClaMM05 SERGEANT Anna 1940s
ClaMM52 SHAKESPARE June 1990s
ClaMM51 SHAKESPARE Septimus 1990s
ClaMM92 SHAKESPEARE Adolphus Alexander 1940s
ClaMM37 SHAKESPEARE Ferdinand 1970s
ClaMM61 SHAKESPEARE Irine Naomi 1990s
ClaMM07 SHAKESPEARE Jane 1960s
ClaMM06 SHAKESPEARE John 1950s
ClaMM93 SHAKESPEARE Sarah 1960s
ClaMM01 SHAKESPEARE Sydney Arthur 2000s
ClaMM04 SMART Edith 1950s
ClaMM90 SMITH Alfred 1940s
ClaMM34 SMITH Daniel Albert 1990s
ClaMM49 SMITH Josclyn Alexander 1980s
ClaMM68 SMITH Mable, Mrs 2000s
ClaMM50 SMITH Myra, Mrs 1990s
ClaMM29 SMITH Ruth, Mrs 1990s
ClaMM25 SOUTH Stanley 2000s
ClaMM14 STAPLE Godfrey 2000s
ClaMM38 STAPLE Grace Ann 1970s
ClaMM18 STAPLE Maud, Mrs 1960s
ClaMM53 STAPLE Violet Agatha 2000s
ClaMM03 STAPLES Richard 1930s
ClaMM16 STEPHENS Lydia Elizabeth 1970s
ClaMM75 SWINTON Ruel Emmanuel 2000s
ClaMM70 TAYLOR Vera 1990s
ClaMM19 THYNE Florance, Mrs 1960s
ClaMM56 WALLACE John S. 1990s
ClaMM54 WALLACE Nellie 1990s
ClaMM15 WALLACE Samuel A. 2000s
ClaMM08 WALLACE Wilfred 1960s
ClaMM55 WHEATLEY Martha 1990s
ClaMM40 WILSON Thalmeta 1990s
ClaMM39 WILSON Wilfred 1980s
ClaMM85 WRIGHT Abraham 1940s
ClaMM83 WRIGHT Mary, Mrs 1940s


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