Orange Street Jewish Cemetery, Kingston

Orange St Cem

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
JewOS0108 ABRAHAMS Thomas McWhinnie 1920s
JewOS0010 ALBERGA Bertie 1970s
JewOS0011 ALBERGA Honora 1970s
JewOS0032 ALBERT Anita 1960s
JewOS0026 ALEXANDER Dudley C. 1960s
JewOS0013 ALEXANDER Florence 1960s
JewOS0087 ALEXANDER Hilda Deborah 1960s
JewOS0088 ALEXANDER Moses M. 1950s
JewOS0014 ALEXANDER Randolph 1960s
JewOS0064 ANDRADE Bertram Musgrave 1960s
JewOS0063 ANDRADE Esther M. 1970s
JewOS0016 ANDRADE Moses 1960s
JewOS0030 ANDRADE Paula Yvonne 1960s
JewOS0042 ARMSDEN Isabel 1960s
JewOS0080 ASHENHEIM Lady Leonie Vivienne 1980s
JewOS0094 ASHENHEIM Maria Hannah 1950s
JewOS0081 ASHENHEIM Sir Neville Noel 1980s
JewOS0091 BARHAM Adrian St. Clair 1950s
JewOS0020 BARHAM Zillah May 1960s
JewOS0037 BARROW Allan Dudley 1960s
JewOS0003 BARROW Claire Verdun 1970s
JewOS0002 BARROW Frank Norton 1980s
JewOS0036 BARROW Muriel 1970s
JewOS0057 BICKNELL M. J. 1990s
JewOS0097 BOGLE Lionel Solomon 1950s
JewOS0090 BRANDON Horace Musgrave 1950s
JewOS0047 CASTEL Matilde 1980s
JewOS0046 CASTEL Rebeca 1960s
JewOS0015 CASTEL Solomon 1960s
JewOS0021 DaCOSTA Aubrey Rodriquez 1960s
JewOS0019 DAVIDSON Myrtle 1960s
JewOS0100 de CORDOVA Judith 1960s
JewOS0101 de CORDOVA Michael 1950s
JewOS0082 De Sola PINTO Audrey 2000s
JewOS0085 De Sola PINTO Claude 1960s
JewOS0084 De Sola PINTO Sibyl Idalia 1980s
JewOS0076 deLEON Claude 1960s
JewOS0068 DeLEON Joseph 1960s
JewOS0039 DELGADO Alan Edgar 1960s
JewOS0029 DELGADO Altamont 1960s
JewOS0067 DELGADO Edwin 1960s
JewOS0038 DELGADO Hazel Lisa 1980s
JewOS0028 DELGADO Vera 1970s
JewOS0048 deSOUZA S. M. A.
JewOS0072 FERRO Lillian M. 1950s
JewOS0095 GAUNTLETT Ambrozine Miriam 1950s
JewOS0006 GIRLING Ruby 1980s
JewOS0110 GOMES-CASSERES Delia 1960s
JewOS0034 GRIFFIN Ruby 1960s
JewOS0070 GROSS Eugene 1950s
JewOS0078 HARRIS Eugene 1980s
JewOS0027 HART Kaestner W. 1960s
JewOS0104 HART Karl Wilford 1950s
JewOS0074 HASSAN Nessim 1960s
JewOS0103 HENRIQUES Barbara 1950s
JewOS0055 HENRIQUES Carina Genevieve 1990s
JewOS0031 HENRIQUES Dudley Roy Cohen 1960s
JewOS0051 HENRIQUES Edwin Cecil Cohen 1880s
JewOS0107 HENRIQUES Emanuel Everard Cohen 1950s
JewOS0102 HENRIQUES Fabian L. C. 2000s
JewOS0098 HENRIQUES Gwendolyn 1950s
JewOS0071 HENRIQUES Louis Victor Cohen 1950s
JewOS0058 HENRIQUES Maurice Karl Cohen 1960s
JewOS0001 HENRIQUES Nathaniel 1970s
JewOS0053 HENRIQUES Phyllis R. 1990s
JewOS0106 HENRIQUES Rebecca 1950s
JewOS0099 HENRIQUES Rudolph Daniel Cohen 1950s
JewOS0056 HENRIQUES Rudolph Donald Cohen 1970s
JewOS0055 HENRIQUES Samuel Phillip Cohen 1980s
JewOS0054 HENRIQUES Vernon S. C. 1990s
JewOS0045 JACOBSON Frederick William 1960s
JewOS0044 JACOBSON Lotte 1970s
JewOS0089 KLEIN Ludwig 1950s
JewOS0043 LAWTON Cedric E. 1960s
JewOS0092 LAWTON Eric 1950s
JewOS0109 LAWTON Lena Iris 1950s
JewOS0073 LEVY Maria 1960s
JewOS0079 LINDO Basil Anthony 1980s
JewOS0079 LINDO Kerry-Kay 1980s
JewOS0105 LINDO Solomon Clifford D’Aguilar 1950s
JewOS0007 LYON Pinny 1960s
JewOS0017 McCORMACK Myrtle E. 1970s
JewOS0018 McCORMACK Vincent Constantine 1960s
JewOS0083 McEWAN Doris 1970s
JewOS0052 MENDES Joseph Pereira 1850s
JewOS0059 MESSER Iris 1960s
JewOS0008 MORAIS Norah 1980s
JewOS0065 MORAIS Rachel 1960s
JewOS0059 MOTTA Stanley 1990s
JewOS0111 MYRIE Lloyd
JewOS0096 PHILLIPS Lena May 1950s
JewOS0040 POLACK Violet 1970s
JewOS0050 REUBEN Rose A. 1940s
JewOS0049 REUBEN Sol. R. 1920s
JewOS0009 ROSENBLATT Nathan Leo 1960s
JewOS0060 SALMON Edward Lucas 1960s
JewOS0093 SAMUEL Gus 1950s
JewOS0022 SAMUEL Hermine 1980s
JewOS0023 SAMUEL Jane 1970s
JewOS0086 SAMUELS Kenneth 1960s
JewOS0024 SAMUELS Victor 1960s
JewOS0075 SETTON Saul 1950s
JewOS0041 SHALOM Abraham 1960s
JewOS0025 SIMONS Geraldine 1960s
JewOS0066 SOLLAS Vera Gertrude 1960s
JewOS0061 SOLOMON Edith 1960s
JewOS0062 SOLOMON Granville 1960s
JewOS0035 TAVARES Clarence 1960s
JewOS0069 TAYLOR Michael 1980s
JewOS0033 VAZ Horace 1960s
JewOS0004 WEISZ Irene 1990s
JewOS0005 WEISZ Morris, Dr. 1960s
JewOS0012 ZINN Daniel Bertie 1960s


5 Responses to Orange Street Jewish Cemetery, Kingston

  1. ronnie bressler says:

    I’m searching for a tombstone for neuman tobias, died 1933 in Kingston, Jamaica. He was a jeweler,dentist and inventor. Also, a banana plantation owner there. Quite famous & well known.

    • ronnie bressler says:

      any info on neuman tobias 1933 or wife, maria tobias would be greatly appreciated. My

  2. ronnie bressler says:

    Anxious for any info on This great grandfather of mine.

  3. Erica Svenson says:

    I would like information on the DeMercado family. I was made aware that Orange Street is where my ancestors rested. I see many of the families that are married to my DeMercado relatives on the list provided with the article but none of the DeMercado line. Any information would be appreciated.

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