St George’s Memorial Park, Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland

St George's Memorial Pk

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|L – R|
|S – Y|

A – D

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
WesSG172 ALLEN Delman E. 2000s
WesSG411 ALLEN Ebenezer J. 1990s
WesSG201 ALMAN Leroy 2000s
WesSG228 ANDERSON Mavis 2000s
WesSG369 ANDERSON Pearl Louise 1990s
WesSG214 ANDERSON Prudence 2000s
WesSG242 ANDERSON Rebecca 2000s
WesSG105 ARNOTT Clementina 2000s
WesSG350 ASHMAN Harold 2000s
WesSG485 ATKINS Esther Louise 1990s
WesSG054 ATKINSON Carrol Mae Wallace 2000s
WesSG528 ATKINSON Felix 1990s
WesSG037 ATKINSON Hilma 2000s
WesSG429 AUNG Naw Lily 2000s
WesSG384 BAHADUR Lloyd G. 1990s
WesSG260 BAKER Josephine 2000s
WesSG034 BAKER Vendrys Isaac 2000s
WesSG238 BALDIE Alice Emily 2000s
WesSG516 BALDIE Elizabeth A. 2000s
WesSG418 BALDIE Vincent Henry 1990s
WesSG598 BANKS Ruby Blanche 1990s
WesSG186 BARNABY Alexander Sylvester 2000s
WesSG284 BARNABY Alvin 2000s
WesSG409 BARNES Inez 1990s
WesSG150 BARNES James 2000s
WesSG036 BARNETT Maxine Elaine Francis 2000s
WesSG038 BARRETT Clarrette Roache 2000s
WesSG341 BARRETT Winnifred, Ms 2000s
WesSG062 BECKFORD Estinea 2000s
WesSG261 BECKFORD Olive V. 2000s
WesSG189 BECKFORD William 2000s
WesSG315 BEDWARD Annique Montana 2000s
WesSG435 BENNETT Almondo 1990s
WesSG526 BENNETT Gilbert Anthony 1990s
WesSG525 BENNETT Wesley 1990s
WesSG133 BENT Everton 2000s
WesSG417 BENWELL Lemata 1990s
WesSG290 BERNARD Christopher C. 1980s
WesSG306 BLACKWOOD Beryl 1990s
WesSG258 BLISS Frank Albert 2000s
WesSG257 BLISS Lucille Ameina 2000s
WesSG310 BLYTHE Beatrice Eunice Brown 1990s
WesSG293 BOLAND Vincent 1990s
WesSG567 BOOKAL-WRIGHT Alice 1990s
WesSG442 BOOKAL-WRIGHT Zera 1990s
WesSG592 BOOTH Alexander 1990s
WesSG299 BOWLIN Theophelus 1990s
WesSG371 BOYD Kenneth E. 1990s
WesSG053 BOYD Olga Verona 2000s
WesSG185 BRAHAM Alvin George 2000s
WesSG493 BRAVO Gwendolyn Lousie 1990s
WesSG474 BRAVO Leila 2000s
WesSG494 BRAVO Lynford Headley 1990s
WesSG155 BRAVO Robert Montgomery 2000s
WesSG511 BRAVO Sydney Leopold 1990s
WesSG276 BROMLEY Reta 2000s
WesSG472 BROOKS Dalton M. 1990s
WesSG120 BROOKS Edwin Charles 2000s
WesSG422 BROOKS Hubert Alexander 1990s
WesSG372 BROOKS Patricia 1990s
WesSG263 BROOKS Sybil Elise 2000s
WesSG008 BROWN Agnes Maria 1980s
WesSG539 BROWN Agnes Robinson 1990s
WesSG145 BROWN Alfred 2000s
WesSG597 BROWN Caldel Una 1990s
WesSG160 BROWN David Adolphus 2000s
WesSG020 BROWN Dolton Alfred 2000s
WesSG387 BROWN Franklin Vincent 1990s
WesSG221 BROWN Henrietta 2000s
WesSG046 BROWN Joseph D. 2000s
WesSG273 BROWN Lady Edna Cricent 2000s
WesSG056 BROWN Norma A. 2000s
WesSG022 BROWN Pearline M. 2000s
WesSG119 BRYAN-HAYE Evang May 2000s
WesSG395 BUCHANAN Beryl Leonora 1990s
WesSG476 BUCHANAN Simeon N. 1990s
WesSG385 BUCKSAM Lucille Emily 1990s
WesSG044 BUDDINGTON Gertrude 2000s
WesSG045 BUDDINGTON Starrel 2000s
WesSG455 BURGESS Amy Louise 2000s
WesSG458 BURGESS Ronald Vernon 1990s
WesSG389 BURGHER Stanely Lincoln 1990s
WesSG340 CADOGAN Christopher Augustus 2000s
WesSG390 CAMERON Caswell K. 1990s
WesSG135 CAMPBELL Ancel Emanuel 2000s
WesSG603 CAMPBELL Andrea 1990s
WesSG057 CAMPBELL Beatrice Patricia 2000s
WesSG146 CAMPBELL Cecille Forrester 2000s
WesSG170 CAMPBELL Doriel 2000s
WesSG180 CAMPBELL Edgar Llewlyn
WesSG521 CAMPBELL Eunice 1990s
WesSG116 CAMPBELL Ina Estella 2000s
WesSG174 CAMPBELL Joan Elaine 2000s
WesSG502 CAMPBELL Mable A., Mrs 1990s
WesSG353 CAMPBELL Raphaelita Anita Boland 2000s
WesSG430 CARNEGIE Alfred Lind Depass 2000s
WesSG434 CHAMBERS Anita 1990s
WesSG487 CHAMBERS Cleveland 1990s
WesSG129 CHAMBERS Ivy Veronica 2000s
WesSG316 CHAMBERS Joyce L. 1990s
WesSG370 CHAMBERS Kingsley Roy 1990s
WesSG309 CHANDON Herman Gilbert 1990s
WesSG303 CHEDDESINGH Kathleen 1990s
WesSG468 CHEDDESINGH Keith O’Brien 1990s
WesSG302 CHEDDESINGH Stanley W. 1980s
WesSG301 CHONG Egbert 1980s
WesSG406 CHRISTMANN Joachim Heinz 1990s
WesSG552 CLARKE Anthony O. 1990s
WesSG179 CLARKE Prudence 2000s
WesSG048 CLARKE Ruth M. 2000s
WesSG407 CLARKE Steadman A. 1990s
WesSG483 CODNER Mevel McKenzie 1990s
WesSG029 COLDER Carmel Cynthia 2000s
WesSG021 COLLINS Joseph 2000s
WesSG312 CONELL Carl Lloyd 1990s
WesSG602 CONNELL Pansy Vaughn 2000s
WesSG456 COOTE Audley W. 1990s
WesSG491 COUTAIN Kyrain 1990s
WesSG490 COUTAIN Lina Eloise 2000s
WesSG428 COX Keith 1990s
WesSG148 CRICHTON Phillip George 2000s
WesSG518 CROOKS Egla Maud 1990s
WesSG262 CROOKS Eulalee 2000s
WesSG252 CROOKS Hilda Wilhelmina 2000s
WesSG478 CROWL Malachi 1990s
WesSG400 CUMMINGS Anetta 1990s
WesSG375 CUNNINGHAM-CROOKS Vita Joyce 1990s
WesSG398 DALEY Brigadier Gwendolyn 1990s
WesSG292 DALEY Luretta S. 1980s
WesSG268 DALEY Norizel E. 2000s
WesSG239 DALEY Ruby Dolores 2000s
WesSG191 DAVIDSON Robert Earl 2000s
WesSG142 DAVIS Edna Victoria 2000s
WesSG453 DAVIS Elliston George 1990s
WesSG176 DAVIS Iris Celeste 2000s
WesSG379 DAVIS Lana Palmer 2000s
WesSG200 DAWES Alpha Donavan 2000s
WesSG088 DAWES Carey A. 2000s
WesSG536 DAWES Esmeralda 1990s
WesSG432 DAWES Ivy Louise 1990s
WesSG470 DAWES Laurel B. 1990s
WesSG396 DAWKINS Claris Gertrude 2000s
WesSG023 DAWKINS Daphne M. 2000s
WesSG397 DAWKINS Gersham Balford 1990s
WesSG167 DELL Daphne 2000s
WesSG547 DELL Edith Gooden 1990s
WesSG541 DENNISON Daisy 1990s
WesSG086 DESPORT Castel Amanda 2000s
WesSG085 DESPORT Neal A. 2000s
WesSG003 DILLON Archibald 2000s
WesSG486 DILLON Errol W. 1990s
WesSG256 DIXON Adrian Leoglen 2000s
WesSG248 DIXON Clovet Leonie 2000s
WesSG011 DOBSON Milward T. 2000s
WesSG446 DOCTOR Violet Adinah 1990s
WesSG537 DODD Carlton Wellesley 1990s
WesSG578 DOUGLAS Ethlyn 1990s
WesSG325 DOYLEY Clara 1990s
WesSG558 DRUMMOND Eglon James 1990s
WesSG114 DUHANEY Charles 2000s
WesSG204 DWYER Albertine 2000s
WesSG203 DWYER Eugene Thomas 2000s

E – K

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
WesSG386 EARLE Clifton Adolphus 1990s
WesSG030 EDWARDS Hector 2000s
WesSG349 EDWARDS Ruby Elizabeth 2000s
WesSG477 EDWARDS Vira 1990s
WesSG356 ELLIS Cavell Elaine 2000s
WesSG524 ELLIS-GAYLE Adina F. 1990s
WesSG161 ELLISON Raphael Maitland 2000s
WesSG156 EWEN Solomon 2000s
WesSG131 FAGAN Herbert Leslie 2000s
WesSG319 FALCONER Oscar Wesley Evelyn 1990s
WesSG333 FALCONER Wilhel A. 1990s
WesSG157 FARQUHARSON Leroy Hugh 2000s
WesSG125 FINDLAY Prudence Lillia 2000s
WesSG337 FINLAYSON Sylvia 2000s
WesSG336 FINLAYSON Wesley Leopold 1990s
WesSG512 FLETCHER Myrtle Eulalee 1990s
WesSG275 FOOTE Euphemia 2000s
WesSG071 FOOTE Kenneth George 2000s
WesSG232 FORBES Adrian 2000s
WesSG255 FORCHIN Clothilda Fay 2000s
WesSG559 FORCHIN-ALLEN Sonia Marguerite 1990s
WesSG126 FORD Angella 2000s
WesSG031 FORD Conroy Emmanuel 2000s
WesSG025 FORRESTER Ronald Edward 2000s
WesSG210 FOSTER George Emanuel 2000s
WesSG209 FOSTER Lindel Naaman 2000s
WesSG267 FOSTER Patrick George 2000s
WesSG089 FOSTER Veta Elaine, Miss 2000s
WesSG424 FRANCIS Joan Rosemarie 1990s
WesSG181 FRANCIS Sylvia 2000s
WesSG219 FRAZER Doris Beatrice Matibell 2000s
WesSG033 FRITH Lester Lloyd 2000s
WesSG110 FULLWOOD Gladys 2000s
WesSG202 GAMMON Daphne Dorothy 2000s
WesSG354 GARDNER Hazel 2000s
WesSG355 GARDNER Willis 2000s
WesSG184 GAVIN Ray Anthony 2000s
WesSG352 GAYLE Estiana 2000s
WesSG282 GAYLE Exford Henry 2000s
WesSG082 GAYLE Leila Thelwell, Mrs 2000s
WesSG544 GAYLE Mabel 1990s
WesSG457 GAYLE Orville 1990s
WesSG141 GAYLE Viola N. 2000s
WesSG510 GAYLE Wilred 1990s
WesSG226 GIBBONS Iris Gunness 2000s
WesSG178 GIBBONS Lorrel Lorenzo 2000s
WesSG392 GOFFE Lilla Isabel Ottey 1990s
WesSG090 GOODEN Melita 2000s
WesSG253 GOODEN Nicholas Eustas 2000s
WesSG308 GOODIN Ida Melita 1990s
WesSG294 GOODIN Luther Dennis 1990s
WesSG351 GORDON Eulalee Mohala 2000s
WesSG451 GORDON Ira Stella 1990s
WesSG591 GOSLING Lloyd 1990s
WesSG139 GOULBOURNE Lloyd Victor 2000s
WesSG066 GRAHAM Isaiah 2000s
WesSG136 GRAHAM Linval Octavious 2000s
WesSG513 GRAHAM Walter Seymour 1990s
WesSG087 GRANT Alice 2000s
WesSG079 GRANT Cicely Mulvina 2000s
WesSG080 GRANT Dennis Gilbert 2000s
WesSG347 GRANT Eslyn Miller 2000s
WesSG013 GRANT Inez 2000s
WesSG032 GRANT Kennard Theodore 2000s
WesSG546 GRANT Lloyd Anthony 1990s
WesSG436 GRANT Louise J. 1990s
WesSG233 GRANT Verona Mineta 2000s
WesSG218 GRANT-DINHAM Lillian 2000s
WesSG580 GRAY Beatrice 1990s
WesSG374 GRAY Lloyd W. 1990s
WesSG540 GRAY Maudlyn 1990s
WesSG115 GRAY Oel David Fitz-Arnold 2000s
WesSG137 GRAY Sherwin Joseph Thomas 2000s
WesSG121 GREEN Stennett George, Rev 2000s
WesSG102 GREGORY Franklin Ethelbert 2000s
WesSG103 GREGORY Una K. 2000s
WesSG330 GREY Enid 1890s
WesSG047 GRIFFITH Clifford Osbourne 2000s
WesSG144 GROVES Elsadie 2000s
WesSG474 GROVES Irene 1990s
WesSG123 GUNNING Louise Sybil 2000s
WesSG070 HALDANE Ethel Medora 2000s
WesSG266 HALE D. F. Lind 2000s
WesSG055 HALL James D. 2000s
WesSG274 HALL-RANDALL Winnifred 2000s
WesSG403 HAMILTON Classidel 1990s
WesSG187 HARDING Hubert 2000s
WesSG039 HARRIS Sandra Nadine 2000s
WesSG335 HARRISINGH Linnet 2000s
WesSG153 HART Dwayne Anthony 2000s
WesSG509 HARVEY Hyacinth Hamilton 1990s
WesSG572 HARVEY Ida Mae 1990s
WesSG414 HASTINGS Frederick Williams 1990s
WesSG052 HASTINGS Olive Leonie 2000s
WesSG244 HAUGHTON Carlton 2000s
WesSG118 HAYE Leonard A. 2000s
WesSG459 HEAVEN Lillian 1990s
WesSG454 HEAVEN Wesley 2000s
WesSG236 HENDERSON Marvin 2000s
WesSG450 HENDRIKS Charles Edmond 1990s
WesSG073 HENDRIKS Donald St. Elmo 2000s
WesSG332 HESLOP Arthur Leopold 1990s
WesSG049 HIBBERT Donlevy O., Dr 2000s
WesSG081 HIBBERT Herbert George 2000s
WesSG288 HIBBERT Myrtle Esmelda 1980s
WesSG122 HIBBERT Thelma 2000s
WesSG250 HILL Verel Anita 2000s
WesSG140 HODGES Rupert Willesley 2000s
WesSG604 HOGART Charles 1990s
WesSG496 HUDSON Linneth Maud 1990s
WesSG568 HUDSON Winston 1990s
WesSG522 HUDSON-WALKER Millicent Cleopatra 1990s
WesSG440 HUGGAN Harold George 1990s
WesSG106 HUGGUPP Imogene Louise 2000s
WesSG326 HUGHES Michael George Leroy 1980s
WesSG285 HUNTER James 1980s
WesSG094 HYLTON Everton Alphanso, Dr 2000s
WesSG590 HYLTON Tracy Ann 1990s
WesSG015 IRVING George Barclay 2000s
WesSG001 IRVING Myrtle
WesSG305 JACKSON Hugh Sylvester 1990s
WesSG566 JACKSON Martha Louise 1990s
WesSG279 JACKSON Sherion Roy 2000s
WesSG249 JAMES Alfred Phillip 2000s
WesSG393 JAMES Gladys Louise 1990s
WesSG499 JAMES Mary Hutchinson 1990s
WesSG069 JAMES May Brown 2000s
WesSG405 JAMES Rudolph 1990s
WesSG297 JARRETT Kathleen 2000s
WesSG215 JARRETT Lyndhurst 2000s
WesSG473 JARRETT Patrick George 1990s
WesSG243 JARRETT Seymour N. 2000s
WesSG298 JARRETT Thomas T. 1990s
WesSG320 JENKINSON Aaron 2000s
WesSG321 JENKINSON Eulalee 1990s
WesSG504 JERVIS Bryay, Mr 1990s
WesSG014 JOHNSON Audrey Marie 2000s
WesSG111 JOHNSON Egla Gloria 2000s
WesSG005 JOHNSON Ivy 2000s
WesSG391 JOHNSON Junior Everrett 1990s
WesSG225 JOHNSON Linnette May 2000s
WesSG132 JONES Lilleth Hyacintha 2000s
WesSG213 JONES Noel Arlando 2000s
WesSG147 JONES Rupert Z. 2000s
WesSG269 KEDDO Hubert 2000s
WesSG270 KELLY Ethlyn 2000s
WesSG549 KELLY Ina Sarquharson 1990s
WesSG012 KERR George Roy 2000s
WesSG508 KERR Karl Anthony 1990s
WesSG338 KERR-FORRESTER Icilda M. 1990s
WesSG520 KNIGHT Mildred 1990s

L – R

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
WesSG388 LAING Mary Elaine 1990s
WesSG553 LAWRENCE Beresford C. 1990s
WesSG465 LAWSON Halford Stennett 1990s
WesSG028 LAWSON Melvin Augustus 2000s
WesSG194 LEEBERT Dorothy 2000s
WesSG555 LESTER Olive Evadney 1990s
WesSG535 LEWIS Alexandria A. 1990s
WesSG208 LEWIS Birdilyn Rosetta 2000s
WesSG410 LEWIS Claris A. 1990s
WesSG171 LEWIS Ethel, Mrs 2000s
WesSG433 LEWIS Ivy May 1990s
WesSG223 LEWIS Noel Keith 2000s
WesSG101 LEWIS Osra Maud 2000s
WesSG227 LEWIS Zeta A. 2000s
WesSG573 LINDSAY Hughton 1990s
WesSG481 LINTON Georgiana Violet 1990s
WesSG492 LOCKE Icyline Vioris 1990s
WesSG016 LOCKE Roslyn Rosetta 2000s
WesSG165 LYN George 1990s
WesSG164 LYN Ina 1990s
WesSG154 LYONS-ASHMAN Ariel Unice 2000s
WesSG018 MADDAN Harry Leroy 2000s
WesSG441 MADDAN-NEDRICK Beryl 1990s
WesSG538 MAGINLEY Lincoln David Harris 1990s
WesSG482 MALCOLM Hilda Rosetta 1990s
WesSG058 MALCOLM Quesac Barrington 2000s
WesSG206 MALCOLM Vinora 2000s
WesSG423 MANNINGS Talbert 1990s
WesSG383 MARKS Lloyd Dustin 1990s
WesSG152 MASON Keith 2000s
WesSG130 MASON Uriah George 2000s
WesSG108 MATTHEWS Donaldson Augustus 2000s
WesSG362 MAXAM Moses L. 2000s
WesSG467 McBEAN Ivan Joel 1990s
WesSG466 McBEAN Lilly Mae 2000s
WesSG448 McDONALD Denniston O’Brien 2000s
WesSG447 McDONALD Lytton Brown 1990s
WesSG449 McDONALD Patrick Fitzgerald 2000s
WesSG554 McDOWELL Celeste 2000s
WesSG463 McGERGOR Hazel Alberta 1990s
WesSG565 McINTOSH Dian Rose 2000s
WesSG096 McINTOSH Donald Oliver 2000s
WesSG168 McINTOSH Ellen Barnaby 2000s
WesSG092 McINTOSH Robert Lee 2000s
WesSG183 McINTOSH Veta Advira, Mrs 2000s
WesSG479 McINTOSH Winnifred, Ms 1990s
WesSG035 McINTOSH Winston 2000s
WesSG007 McKENZIE Bernice, Mrs 2000s
WesSG557 McKENZIE Irene 1990s
WesSG091 McKENZIE Jermaine Leon 2000s
WesSG380 McKENZIE Leon Errington Augustus 1990s
WesSG254 McKENZIE-COLLYMORE Roslyn 2000s
WesSG163 McLEOD Martel 2000s
WesSG529 McPHERSON Justin 1990s
WesSG550 MEDLEY Lynda Deloris 1990s
WesSG169 MERRITT Ionie Maud 2000s
WesSG222 MERRITT Jean 2000s
WesSG514 MEYLER John Anthony 1990s
WesSG127 MEYLER Tony 2000s
WesSG235 MILES Ideline 2000s
WesSG265 MILES Reginald Leopold 2000s
WesSG234 MILES Sefton Charles 2000s
WesSG124 MILLER Aian Huntley 2000s
WesSG104 MILLER Alice Maud 2000s
WesSG064 MILLER Daphne Josephine 2000s
WesSG251 MOODIE Joan Maxine 2000s
WesSG134 MOORE Doris May 2000s
WesSG287 MOORE George A. 1990s
WesSG286 MOORE Winnifred M. 1980s
WesSG230 MORGAN Godfrey George 2000s
WesSG415 MORGAN John Wayne, Jr. 1990s
WesSG065 MORGAN Sylvester Agustus 2000s
WesSG574 MORGAN Winsome May 1990s
WesSG247 MORRIS Ivy Agatha 2000s
WesSG551 MORRIS Lillian 1990s
WesSG246 MORRIS Rupert Samuel 2000s
WesSG515 MORRIS Mary 1990s
WesSG420 MORRISON Ethlyn 1990s
WesSG367 MORRISON Eunice 2000s
WesSG078 MULLINGS Audley Ralph 2000s
WesSG211 MULLINGS Monica Keturah 2000s
WesSG365 MULLINGS Sydney Reginald 2000s
WesSG280 MUNRO Caswald M. 2000s
WesSG484 MURRAY Clarence 1990s
WesSG412 MURRAY Ruby 1990s
WesSG077 MYRIE Chase Orlando 2000s
WesSG026 MYRIE Hugh 2000s
WesSG576 MYRIE Lawrence George 1990s
WesSG575 MYRIE Ruby Veronica 2000s
WesSG212 NATHAN Mavis Hibbert 2000s
WesSG363 NEALE Elisha 2000s
WesSG364 NEALE Olive May 2000s
WesSG334 NEMBHARD Clementina Adina 1990s
WesSG416 NEMBHARD Dayne Owen 1990s
WesSG107 NEPAUL Rebecca 2000s
WesSG173 NICHOLSON Winnifred
WesSG217 NOBLE Almena 2000s
WesSG041 NORMAN Alvarea 2000s
WesSG324 NUNES Sarah 1990s
WesSG359 NUNES Vincent 2000s
WesSG100 OTTEY Lola Myrtle 2000s
WesSG581 OTTEY Mabel 1990s
WesSG074 PALMER Icylin Christine 2000s
WesSG519 PALMER James Nathaniel 1990s
WesSG067 PARCHMENT Harold 2000s
WesSG004 PARKINSON Albertha Gloria 2000s
WesSG589 PEARCE Kenisha 1990s
WesSG295 PENNYCOOKE John Hill 1990s
WesSG587 PENNYCOOKE John Hill 1990s
WesSG162 PERRY Albert Lorenzo 2000s
WesSG464 PERRY Henry Copeland 1990s
WesSG207 PERRY Hubert Wellesly 2000s
WesSG220 PERRY Violet Mabel Maude 2000s
WesSG523 PESSOA Blanche I. 1990s
WesSG531 PEYNADO Sarah Anne 1990s
WesSG277 PHILP Selena 2000s
WesSG177 PINNOCK Maudlin Adella Foster 2000s
WesSG480 PORTER Andrea Marcia 1990s
WesSG582 PORTER Eric 1990s
WesSG231 PORTER Lloyd 2000s
WesSG501 PRINGLE Iris 1990s
WesSG159 PRINGLE Sadie M. 2000s
WesSG561 RAMSAY Lenworth Arnold 1990s
WesSG205 RANDALL Una Ruth Adina 2000s
WesSG569 RANKINE Etta M. 1990s
WesSG010 RAYMOND William 2000s
WesSG097 REDWOOD Paul Conrad Delano 2000s
WesSG381 REID Avis Elaine 1990s
WesSG098 REID Cyrus 2000s
WesSG271 REID Devon 2000s
WesSG382 REID Edward Adolphus 2000s
WesSG083 REID Esau Hugh 2000s
WesSG068 REID Hugh Henry 2000s
WesSG469 REID Lauriston St. Patrick 1990s
WesSG345 REID Lillian 2000s
WesSG272 REID Noel Aston 2000s
WesSG175 REID Norman V. 2000s
WesSG027 REID Roslyn Agatha 2000s
WesSG532 REID Shirley V. 1990s
WesSG408 REYNOLDS Delsie, Mrs 1990s
WesSG560 REYNOLDS Linford 1990s
WesSG503 RICHARDS Anitta M. 1990s
WesSG112 RICHARDS Evadnie Louise 2000s
WesSG113 RICHARDS Gerald Joseph 2000s
WesSG076 RICHARDS Leila Foxton, Mrs
WesSG413 RICKETTS Calbert A. 1990s
WesSG043 RIDDOCK Mavis Elfleda 2000s
WesSG245 RITCHIE Marcia D. 2000s
WesSG497 ROACH Amy Alberta 1990s
WesSG311 ROBINSON Ina 1990s
WesSG404 ROBINSON Jonathan 1990s
WesSG342 ROBINSON-DALEY Wennifred Rosetta 2000s
WesSG471 ROSE Princess Albertha 1990s
WesSG322 ROSE Birdie 1990s
WesSG197 ROSENTHAL Graham Weston 2000s
WesSG583 ROSEWELT Martha 1990s
WesSG421 RUSSELL Isaiah Joseph 1990s
WesSG063 RUSSELL Wilbur Joslyn 2000s

S – Y

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
WesSG009 SALMON Agnes Viola 2000s
WesSG377 SALMON Alvin Eugene 2000s
WesSG378 SALMON Nellie Naomi 2000s
WesSG571 SALTER Ferdinand 1990s
WesSG291 SAMMS Leonard V. 1980s
WesSG195 SAMUELS Edward Emmanuel 2000s
WesSG192 SAMUELS Ida May 2000s
WesSG117 SAMUELS Joan Clare Eileen 2000s
WesSG158 SAMUELS Mavis 2000s
WesSG357 SAMUELS Prudence Walker 1990s
WesSG198 SAULTER Dorothy
WesSG017 SAUNDERSON Adina 2000s
WesSG601 SCOTLAND Cynthia 1990s
WesSG577 SCOTT Clinton Reginald 1990s
WesSG199 SCOTT Osbourne William, Snr. 2000s
WesSG534 SCUDDER Brian Anthonio 1990s
WesSG307 SCUDDER Lucille M. 1990s
WesSG059 SHAND Kevin 2000s
WesSG061 SIMPSON Lloyd H. 2000s
WesSG138 SIMPSON Victoria 2000s
WesSG281 SINCLAIR Nadine 2000s
WesSG346 SITCHERON Elizabeth Agatha Amica 2000s
WesSG348 SKYERS Ida Mae 2000s
WesSG229 SLACK Ruby Elaine 2000s
WesSG507 SLACK Sislyn Beckford 1990s
WesSG317 SMITH Ernest Percival 1990s
WesSG304 SMITH Ethelda 1990s
WesSG002 SMITH Gwendolyn V. 2000s
WesSG562 SMITH Herman Owen 1990s
WesSG368 SMITH Ina 2000s
WesSG188 SMITH Ivy 2000s
WesSG259 SMITH Lynneth Evadney 2000s
WesSG300 SMITH Phyllis 1990s
WesSG579 SMITH Stanford 1990s
WesSG500 SMITH Violet Maud 1990s
WesSG498 SMITH Zithri 1990s
WesSG093 SNOW Reginald L. 2000s
WesSG585 SOLMON William 1990s
WesSG329 SPENCE Albert Samuel 1990s
WesSG438 SPENCE Arthur Horatio 2000s
WesSG376 SPENCE Artius 1990s
WesSG394 SPENCE Aston Adolphus 1990s
WesSG563 SPENCE Doris Eualee 1990s
WesSG443 SPENCE Frances 1990s
WesSG439 SPENCE Inez 1990s
WesSG564 SPENCE Lester Leonard 1990s
WesSG344 SPENCER Kathleen 2000s
WesSG006 SPENCE-THORPE Joyce 2000s
WesSG084 STEPHENS Dorothy Prescilla 2000s
WesSG109 STEWART Edith Monica 2000s
WesSG051 STEWART Egbert George 2000s
WesSG593 STONE Winnifred 1990s
WesSG060 STULTZ Joseph 2000s
WesSG488 SUBARAN Miriam Sylvester 2000s
WesSG556 SUBARAN Octavius Samuel 1990s
WesSG489 SUBARAN Wilmot Octavious 1990s
WesSG533 TATE Henry E. 1990s
WesSG495 TATE Stanley 1990s
WesSG505 TAVARES Edgar W. 1990s
WesSG506 TAVARES Monica E. 2000s
WesSG240 THARKUR Ansel Renford 2000s
WesSG099 THELWELL-MARKLAND Beatrice 2000s
WesSG586 THOMPSON Mavis 1990s
WesSG419 TITUS Ernest H. 1990s
WesSG019 TITUS Rosetta Verditta 2000s
WesSG358 TOMLINSON Beverley Faye Calder 2000s
WesSG600 TOMLINSON Clementina 1990s
WesSG095 TOUZALIN Hyacenth 2000s
WesSG241 TOWNSEND Ida May 2000s
WesSG216 TURNER Rebecca 2000s
WesSG040 VACCIANNA Ida 2000s
WesSG545 VANHORN-BROWN Joyce Mae 1990s
WesSG283 VANHORNE Elfreda Asburna 2000s
WesSG313 VANHORNE Hannah Albertha 1990s
WesSG314 VANHORNE Narcisse Salonge 1990s
WesSG431 VANHORNE Violet Lucille 1990s
WesSG527 VASSELL Margaret Elizabeth 1990s
WesSG361 VAUGHAN Charles H. 2000s
WesSG193 VAUGHAN Doris A. 2000s
WesSG072 VAUGHAN Earle 2000s
WesSG602 VAUGHN Icilda Bravo 2000s
WesSG584 VAUGHN Reginald 1990s
WesSG460 WAITE Tirrel S. 1990s
WesSG318 WALKER Avis Agatha 1990s
WesSG166 WALKER-WILLIAMS Ena Enet May 2000s
WesSG475 WALLACE Ainslie O. 1990s
WesSG190 WALLACE Ena 2000s
WesSG373 WALLACE Joseph 2000s
WesSG196 WALTERS Clifton Anthony 2000s
WesSG328 WALTERS Elsada 1990s
WesSG128 WATSON Mary 2000s
WesSG237 WEBSTER Justin Hezekiah 2000s
WesSG042 WEDDERBURN Clinton 2000s
WesSG182 WEDDERBURN Egbert 2000s
WesSG224 WEDDERBURN Violet Mabel Maude 2000s
WesSG143 WEST Zelora Forrester 2000s
WesSG548 WHITEHEAD Gladys Maud 1990s
WesSG462 WHITEHEAD Ina L. 1990s
WesSG331 WHITEHEAD Leslie 1980s
WesSG588 WHITEHEAD Leslie 1980s
WesSG264 WHITELOCKE Ruby May 2000s
WesSG426 WHYTE Mavis Louise 1990s
WesSG075 WHYTE Myrtle May 2000s
WesSG437 WILLIAMS Albert 1970s
WesSG427 WILLIAMS Ann-Marie 1990s
WesSG445 WILLIAMS Arnold A. W., Rev 2000s
WesSG542 WILLIAMS Arthur Horatio 1990s
WesSG289 WILLIAMS Charles N. 1980s
WesSG444 WILLIAMS Faye V. 1990s
WesSG323 WILLIAMS Fernandez Cynthia Costa 1990s
WesSG399 WILLIAMS George Henry 1990s
WesSG401 WILLIAMS Georgiana Rebecca 1990s
WesSG296 WILLIAMS Igol Casaire 2000s
WesSG596 WILLIAMS Iris 1990s
WesSG360 WILLIAMS Leonora Adina Forrest 2000s
WesSG599 WILLIAMS Louise 1990s
WesSG543 WILLIAMS Lue Shue 2000s
WesSG327 WILLIAMS Novell Icylyn 1990s
WesSG517 WILLIAMS Shane Chris Andrew 1990s
WesSG151 WILLIAMS Shanelle 2000s
WesSG149 WILLIAMS Vioris 2000s
WesSG366 WILLIAMS Warvil 2000s
WesSG402 WILLIAMSON Ira L. 1990s
WesSG343 WILLIE Hector Alvin 2000s
WesSG570 WILSON Christiana 1990s
WesSG595 WILSON Jane 1990s
WesSG339 WILSON Lindel 2000s
WesSG278 WILSON Millicent 2000s
WesSG425 WILSON Noming 1990s
WesSG594 WILSON Phillip 1990s
WesSG461 WITTER Minnie Mehalah 1990s
WesSG452 WITTER Norris Dudley 2000s
WesSG050 WOOLCOCK Lestin 2000s
WesSG024 WRIGHT Netta Maud 2000s
WesSG530 YOUNG Erdley Ashton 1990s



1 Response to St George’s Memorial Park, Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland

  1. Verona says:

    I am searching for relatives of William (Rose) ANDERSON. My mother was Aneita Anderson born in York in1923. Her mother was Marion Ricketts

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