Beulah Missionary, Ritchies, Clarendon

Beulah MissionaryLAT:  18° 8’38.46″N         LONG:  77°26’7.68″W

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaBM06 ANDERSON John Samuel 1980s
ClaBM15 BRYAN Matilda, Mrs. 1970s
ClaBM16 BURROWES Sarah A. 1970s
ClaBM01 BUTLER Gloria Beverly 2000s
ClaBM08 COOPER Lavinia 1970s
ClaBM05 DAVEY Icema 1970s
ClaBM03 GREEN Flossie A. 1980s
ClaBM02 GREEN Thomas 1980s
ClaBM10 HENRY Donald David 1990s
ClaBM09 HYMAN Basil N. 1970s
ClaBM23 MARSHALL Dennis 2000s
ClaBM21 McNAMEE Ambrozine 1960s
ClaBM20 McNAMEE Charles A. 1930s
ClaBM12 MORGAN Clarence 2000s
ClaBM11 REID George Samuel 2000s
ClaBM07 REYNOLDS Allan 1960s
ClaBM04 ROSE William James 1940s
ClaBM18 WILLIAMS Clementina 1980s
ClaBM22 WILLIAMS Idalyn 2000s
ClaBM14 WILLIAMS John 1980s
ClaBM17 WILLIAMS Joseph 1950s
ClaBM13 WILLIAMS Louise Advira 1990s
ClaBM19 WILLIAMS Margaret 1940s


2 Responses to Beulah Missionary, Ritchies, Clarendon

  1. Shirley Abel says:

    Clarence Morgan and basil hyman they were my cousins
    And now I am looking brother Norris Abel

  2. Lauren kinlocke (sister of Pastor kirby) says:

    Joseph williams and clementina williams were my great grand parents.

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