St Thomas Anglican, Race Course, Clarendon

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaTR47 ALLEN Windell 1990s
ClaTR58 ATKINS Andrew 1980s
ClaTR21 BARTLEY Gloria G. 1990s
ClaTR24 BARTLEY Sydney 2000s
ClaTR10 BLACK Rosamond L. 1980s
ClaTR03 BROOKS Lowell Augustus 1970s
ClaTR19 BRYAN Beatrice E. 1970s
ClaTR56 CAMPBELL Austin Charles 2000s
ClaTR52 CAMPBELL Jerraddo Anthony 1970s
ClaTR06 DESOUZA Laura 1970s
ClaTR13 DeSOUZA Sydney 2000s
ClaTR33 EDWARDS Charlotte, Mrs 2000s
ClaTR38 EDWARDS Vivian Jeremiah 1990s
ClaTR45 FRANCIS Thomas 1970s
ClaTR15 FRASER Maud 1980s
ClaTR34 GAREL Gregory Analdo 2000s
ClaTR22 GOULBOURNE Esmena 1980s
ClaTR23 GOULBOURNE Malcolm 1980s
ClaTR51 HOWARD George A. 1970s
ClaTR11 HUSBAND Alice, Miss 1970s
ClaTR60 JAGASAR Michael Desaram 2000s
ClaTR41 JOHNSON Gilbert M. 2000s
ClaTR40 JOHNSON Herbert A. 1970s
ClaTR39 JOHNSON Hubert 1960s
ClaTR49 JOHNSON Rufus A. 2000s
ClaTR14 JOHNSON Simeon 1980s
ClaTR09 KENNEDY Elma Alberta 1970s
ClaTR35 KNIGHT Daisy 2000s
ClaTR32 KNIGHT Noel Gordon 2000s
ClaTR54 LEWIS Ivan 2000s
ClaTR50 MATTHEWS Henry James 1970s
ClaTR02 MATTHEWS Mavis I. M. 1990s
ClaTR01 MATTHEWS Ronald George 2000s
ClaTR53 McKENZIE Viola 1990s
ClaTR28 MESSAM Ella E. 1960s
ClaTR18 MINOTT Elma 1980s
ClaTR31 MINOTT Keziah 1990s
ClaTR61 MORGAN Edna Theodosia 1990s
ClaTR16 PALMER Violet C. 1980s
ClaTR30 PITTERSON Edna Whyte 2000s
ClaTR43 PLUMMER Myrtle 1990s
ClaTR44 PLUMMER Stanley 1990s
ClaTR07 RIGGS Lucille A. 1980s
ClaTR46 ROBERTS Lillian 1960s
ClaTR25 ROBINSON Alice M. 1980s
ClaTR27 ROBINSON Robert A. 1980s
ClaTR37 SEALY Vernon Augustus, Snr 2000s
ClaTR05 SIMMONDS Bernice Pearlina 1990s
ClaTR04 SIMMONDS Norman Clifford 1960s
ClaTR55 SMITH Elmena 2000s
ClaTR57 SMITH Wilbert Lambert 2000s
ClaTR36 THOMAS Jasmine E. 2000s
ClaTR29 THOMPSON Adina 1960s
ClaTR17 THOMPSON Alice Virginia
ClaTR12 THOMPSON Bertram Isaiah 1980s
ClaTR08 THOMPSON Icilda N. 1970s
ClaTR42 THOMPSON Leaford Henry 1960s
ClaTR20 WILLIAMS Imogine 1970s
ClaTR48 WILLIAMS Maxine A. 1990s
ClaTR26 WILLIAMS Percival 1980s
ClaTR59 WILLIAMS Raphael 2000s


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