Bethabara Moravian, Knockpatrick, Manchester

Bethabara Moravian

A – F

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ManBMB199 ALEXANDER Ida May Louise 1930s
ManBMA017 ALEXANDER Mary Jane 1950s
ManBMA018 ALEXANDER Stephen J. 1970s
ManBMA012 ALLEN James 1970s
ManBMB307 ANDERSON Edith Rebertha
ManBMB216 ANDERSON Hilda E. 1960s
ManBMB171 ANDERSON Stanford E. 1960s
ManBMB156 ANDERSON William 1950s
ManBMA026 ARTHURS Kenneth E. B. 1980s
ManBMA087 ASHMAN Julia Elizabeth 1940s
ManBMA003 ASHMAN Rudolph V. 1980s
ManBMB146 ASHMAN Samuel H. 1930s
ManBMA082 BAKER Alfred Benjamin 2000s
ManBMA093 BAKER Frances Elizabeth 1930s
ManBMB213 BAKER Hubert A. 1970s
ManBMA094 BAKER Joseph Benjamin 1940s
ManBMB268 BAKER Reita 1990s
ManBMB183 BARRANT George E. 1970s
ManBMB276 BARRETT Eric Frederick 1990s
ManBMB250 BARRETT Leonard T. 1960s
ManBMB305 BARRETT Maud Estella 2000s
ManBMB275 BARRETT Monica 1990s
ManBMB135 BARTLETT David T. 1930s
ManBMB148 BARTLETT Georgiana L. 1970s
ManBMB136 BARTLETT Gladys 1960s
ManBMA123 BECKFORD Georgiana 1950s
ManBMB155 BLACKWOOD David 1950s
ManBMB142 BLACKWOOD Frances C. 1890s
ManBMA028 BLIDGEN Edna Clothilda 1970s
ManBMA052 BLIDGEN Elvelina 1960s
ManBMB206 BRANDFORD Ann, Miss 1960s
ManBMB152 BRICE Gerald G. 1940s
ManBMB151 BRICE Rena R. 1980s
ManBMA053 BROOKS Aneita, Mrs 1960s
ManBMB222 BROWN Enid 1960s
ManBMB283 BRYAN Annie Petorna 2000s
ManBMB277 CAMPBELL Cyril 1990s
ManBMA055 CAMPBELL Hubert Horatio 2000s
ManBMA006 CAMPBELL Matthias Adolphus 1880s
ManBMB273 CAMPBELL Vera May 2000s
ManBMB246 CERFE Jane 1960s
ManBMB200 CERFE Morah V. 1930s
ManBMB254 CERFE Rebecca 1990s
ManBMB195 CHAMBERS Leanora 2000s
ManBMA111 CHRISTOPHER Leslie W. 1990s
ManBMA112 CHRISTOPHER Mavis Elizabeth 1970s
ManBMA072 CLARKE Archibald 1910s
ManBMA062 CLARKE Jane Caroline 1900s
ManBMA092 COGLE Anna Eliza 1930s
ManBMA071 COGLE Elizabeth 1910s
ManBMA008 COKE Infant son 1920s
ManBMA070 CORK Jean 1920s
ManBMB192 CRAWFORD Ethel Eloise 1920s
ManBMB187 CRAWFORD Ezeikel Gladston 1970s
ManBMA121 CRAWFORD Walter David 1910s
ManBMB253 CURFE Elkaneh 1980s
ManBMA047 CUTHBERT Charles T. 1950s
ManBMA046 CUTHBERT Horace Theodore, Rev 1970s
ManBMA045 CUTHBERT Robert W. M., Rev. Dr. 1980s
ManBMA049 CUTHBERT Una Aspacia 1990s
ManBMB126 DALEY Headly A. 1920s
ManBMB184 DALEY Isadora 1980s
ManBMB175 DALEY James Salmon 1960s
ManBMB176 DALEY Rodella 1970s
ManBMB259 DALEY Victor Earl 1990s
ManBMB185 DALEY Williams S. 1960s
ManBMB290 DAVEY David Augustus 2000s
ManBMB289 DAVEY Lucille Maud 2000s
ManBMB145 DAVEY Sylvia 2000s
ManBMB282 DAVIS Hubert 2000s
ManBMA044 DAVIS Philip Augustus 1950s
ManBMA038 DAWES Agnes Rebecca 1990s
ManBMB225 DAWKINS Arnold 1980s
ManBMB302 DAWKINS J. L., Mrs.
ManBMB260 DAWKINS Mabel Isabel 2000s
ManBMA002 DEMPSTER George A. 2000s
ManBMB265 DEMPSTER Urcella 1970s
ManBMB154 DIXON Hugh T. 1950s
ManBMB258 DIXON Rose Agatha 1990s
ManBMB193 DOUGLAS Josephine 1920s
ManBMA064 EDWARDS Edith Cirket 1930s
ManBMA101 FINLAYSON Clayton A. 1970s
ManBMA100 FINLAYSON Lily Violet 2000s
ManBMA076 FISHER Ada W. 1930s
ManBMA036 FLEMING Marie Augusta 1970s
ManBMA037 FLEMING Roderick J., Rev. 1950s
ManBMA030 FLETCHER Enid L. 1990s
ManBMA110 FLETCHER Margaret R. 2000s
ManBMA029 FLETCHER Phillip S. 1990s
ManBMA025 FOSTER Pauline Cynthia 2000s
ManBMA091 FRASER Mary 1950s

G – M

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ManBMA115 GEDDES Mary 1950s
ManBMA069 GIRLING Martha 1930s
ManBMA068 GIRLING William Stanton 1970s
ManBMA067 GIRLING Wm. W. 1930s
ManBMA083 GODDEN Allan V. 1990s
ManBMA108 GODDEN Emeline E. 1980s
ManBMA109 GODDEN Letford A. 1980s
ManBMA117 GODDEN Samuel 1930s
ManBMA103 GORDON Audrey Ionie 2000s
ManBMB304 GORDON Clarebell, Mrs 1970s
ManBMA107 GRAY Lyndon Samuel 1970s
ManBMB162 GREEN Johanna Aneita 1920s
ManBMB236 GREEN Mary, Mrs 1970s
ManBMA113 GREY Lydia Unice 1950s
ManBMB169 GRIFFITHS Clifford Adolphus 2000s
ManBMB203 GRIFFITHS Edna 2000s
ManBMB190 GRIFFITHS Linda 1950s
ManBMB212 GRIFFITHS Victor 1980s
ManBMB285 HALL Ivy Jane Stewart 2000s
ManBMB211 HARRISON D. A. 1970s
ManBMB301 HARRISON Diana Elizabeth 1930s
ManBMB197 HARRISON Frances 1920s
ManBMB198 HARRISON Frances A. 1950s
ManBMA120 HARRISON John Augustus 1900s
ManBMB153 HARRISON Nomi 1960s
ManBMB132 HARRISON Robert Augustus 1890s
ManBMA021 HASTINGS Irene Pansy 2000s
ManBMA020 HASTINGS Selvin Uriah, The Rt. Rev. Dr. 1990s
ManBMB295 HERON Amy Adina
ManBMA125 HERON Maurice Leopold 2000s
ManBMA102 HOLNESS Vinnete Pearl 1980s
ManBMB130 HOWARD Jas: 1880s
ManBMB227 HYMAN Mavis 1990s
ManBMB228 HYMAN Reginald 2000s
ManBMB288 HYNES Evelyn Ann 2000s
ManBMA057 ILGNER Caroline Marie 1880s
ManBMA056 ILGNER Friedrich Th. I. 1890s
ManBMA106 IRWIN Iris M. 1980s
ManBMA105 IRWIN Sydney L. 1970s
ManBMB170 IRWIN Terrence Ivor 1990s
ManBMB255 JOHNSON Gertell 1980s
ManBMB180 JONES Bernice 2000s
ManBMA019 JONES Iris Genevieve 1980s
ManBMA096 JONES Iris Genevieve 1980s
ManBMB241 JONES Jemmima 1970s
ManBMB251 KNIGHT Amos 1970s
ManBMA065 LAMB Hyacinth Maryann 1990s
ManBMA066 LAMB Norman Henry 1990s
ManBMB292 LARMOND William Cephas 1870s
ManBMB242 LEA Donald I. Geddes 1970s
ManBMB243 LEA Sybil Doris 1970s
ManBMB264 LEACH Iris Constance 1980s
ManBMB235 LEDFORD Ester, Mrs 1980s
ManBMA095 LEWIS Clementina 1950s
ManBMB293 LEWIS Hazel
ManBMA007 LEWIS Kedesha Antoinette 1980s
ManBMA048 LEWIS Norman F. 1950s
ManBMA031 LEWIS Sybil D. 2000s
ManBMA090 LEWISON Ethelind E. 1930s
ManBMA089 LEWISON John H. 1930s
ManBMA061 LIND Elizabeth 1900s
ManBMA074 LIND Jane 1910s
ManBMA073 LIND Margaret 1910s
ManBMA075 LIND Olivia 1920s
ManBMA122 LOGAN Basil Claude 1950s
ManBMA097 LOGAN Ellen 1980s
ManBMA098 LOGAN James McPherson 1990s
ManBMB129 LOGAN Sarah Evelyn 1930s
ManBMA035 LOWE Eric St. Aubyn 1980s
ManBMB297 MAITLAND Frances 1880s
ManBMB131 MALCOLM Chester 1890s
ManBMA034 MARSHALL Ivy Jane 1950s
ManBMB262 MARTIN Harry J. 1980s
ManBMB252 MARTIN Ivy Alexander 1980s
ManBMB257 MASTERS Veronica 1990s
ManBMA086 McGREGOR Lynette B. 1940s
ManBMB281 MEIKLE Cerline Agatha 2000s
ManBMB266 MEIKLE Frank 2000s
ManBMB182 MINNIFEE Una May 1970s
ManBMB306 MITCHELL Ada T. 1980s
ManBMB256 MITCHELL Olga R. 1990s
ManBMB244 MONTGOMERY Gloria Dorathy 1980s
ManBMB207 MORGAN Adina, Mrs 1960s
ManBMB202 MORGAN DaCosta L. 1960s
ManBMB177 MORGAN David 1960s
ManBMB247 MORGAN Dorcas A. 1970s
ManBMB181 MORGAN Edith Lurline 2000s
ManBMB270 MORGAN Ferdinand 1990s
ManBMA084 MORGAN George Henry 1950s
ManBMB210 MORGAN Ina O. 1980s
ManBMB127 MORGAN Israel 2000s
ManBMB208 MORGAN James Uriah 2000s
ManBMB177 MORGAN Katie 1970s
ManBMB248 MORGAN Margaret 1970s
ManBMB204 MORGAN Martha Eliza, Mrs 1980s
ManBMB287 MORGAN Moses John 1990s
ManBMB209 MORGAN Rosa Henrieta 1980s
ManBMA085 MORGAN Rose E. 1940s
ManBMB201 MORGAN Roslyn 1990s
ManBMB138 MORGAN William A. 1900s
ManBMB249 MORRIS Anna 2000s
ManBMA004 MORRISH Edith Mary 1860s
ManBMB245 MORRISON Ena 1970s
ManBMA050 MORRISON James E. 1960s
ManBMA033 MORRISON Linney Joyce 1990s
ManBMB272 MORRISON Ronald David 2000s
ManBMB271 MORRISON Ruby Isilda 1990s
ManBMA079 MOSES Abraham H. 1940s
ManBMA078 MOSES Gladys Isolene 1930s
ManBMA077 MOSES Rachel 1930s
ManBMB221 MURRAY Loretta 1990s

N – W

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ManBMA023 NEIL Barbara Sheila 2000s
ManBMA022 NEIL Neville Sylvester, Rt. Rev. 2000s
ManBMB223 NEUEVILLE Icelin, Mrs 1960s
ManBMA014 PALMER Christine Adina 1990s
ManBMA010 PALMER Cornelius 1950s
ManBMA011 PALMER Edith 1960s
ManBMA054 PALMER Lena S. 2000s
ManBMA013 PALMER Philip 1970s
ManBMB269 PARKER Vern Agatha 1990s
ManBMB261 PARKINS Wilhelmina 1980s
ManBMB218 PATTERSON Petagaye R. 2000s
ManBMB220 PEART Easton 1990s
ManBMB188 PEART Evelyn Gibson 1960s
ManBMB133 PEART George 1900s
ManBMB219 PEART Laura 1950s
ManBMB160 PEART Lena 1980s
ManBMB161 PEART Margareth A., Mrs 1950s
ManBMB191 PEART Margarite 1940s
ManBMB174 PEART Newton 1960s
ManBMB300 PEART Simion 1950s
ManBMB299 PITTER Allan
ManBMA104 PITTER Levi Wilberforce 1980s
ManBMB186 PITTER Lilian, Mrs 1970s
ManBMA032 PITTER Osmond Chester, Dr. 1960s
ManBMB274 PRYCE Agatha 2000s
ManBMB189 REID Hubert N. 1970s
ManBMA005 REINKE Beatus 1850s
ManBMB167 RHODEN Gladys, Mrs 1950s
ManBMB128 RICHARDS Amos 2000s
ManBMB141 RICHARDS Julia 1930s
ManBMA114 ROBINSON-ANGELL Catherine 1950s
ManBMB140 RODNEY James 1880s
ManBMB137 RUDD Charles, Snr. 1900s
ManBMB168 RUDD Lilian 1900s
ManBMB217 SALMON Ethel 1970s
ManBMB224 SALMON Florence Amy 1970s
ManBMB166 SAMUELS Sarah V. 1910s
ManBMA024 SCONCE Hulit O. 1990s
ManBMA059 SEILER Charlotte Christiana Friederika 1890s
ManBMA060 SEILER John Jacob 1900s
ManBMA081 SHARPE Margaret Rose 1980s
ManBMB230 SIMPSON Archibald 2000s
ManBMB229 SIMPSON Damion U. 2000s
ManBMB231 SIMPSON Myrtle Agatha 2000s
ManBMB178 SINCLAIR Ellen Maria 1970s
ManBMB179 SINCLAIR Harris Alexander 1980s
ManBMA080 SMART Catherine 1950s
ManBMB296 SMITH Susan 1900s
ManBMB196 SOLAS Desmond Kenneth 1990s
ManBMA058 SPENCE James 1850s
ManBMB164 STEWART Bertha Evangeline 1900s
ManBMB279 STEWART Clarice Imogene 2000s
ManBMB309 STEWART Edith Elouise 1990s
ManBMB165 STEWART Florence Arabell 1900s
ManBMB291 STEWART Frank 2000s
ManBMA116 STEWART Paul 1910s
ManBMB237 STULTZ Michael M. 2000s
ManBMB163 SWABY Edith A. 1930s
ManBMA118 SWABY Elizabeth 1930s
ManBMB280 SWABY Ernest James 2000s
ManBMB263 SWABY Jane , Mrs 1980s
ManBMA119 SWABY Lewis 1890s
ManBMA039 SWABY S. J., Rev. 1960s
ManBMB205 SWABY Simeon G. 1960s
ManBMB238 THOMPSON Charles R. 2000s
ManBMB134 THOMPSON Charles R. A. 1930s
ManBMA009 THOMPSON Deborah 1990s
ManBMB139 THOMPSON George 1890s
ManBMB233 THOMPSON Gerald Theophilus 1980s
ManBMA041 THOMPSON Isolyn Agatha 2000s
ManBMA040 THOMPSON Luther Alexander 1990s
ManBMA124 THOMPSON Michell Patrice 1990s
ManBMB157 TOMLINSON Cyril 1950s
ManBMB158 TOMLINSON Ellen 1950s
ManBMA088 TOMLINSON George F. 1940s
ManBMB144 TOMLINSON Jacob 1940s
ManBMB143 TOMLINSON Sarah Louise 1990s
ManBMB159 TOMLINSON Vera 1970s
ManBMB298 TOMLINSON Victoria 1920s
ManBMB240 TOMLINSON Jane E., Mrs 1970s
ManBMA001 TURNER Joseph K. 1970s
ManBMA099 WAUGH Mabel Louise 2000s
ManBMA015 WEATHERS Jane M., Mrs 1970s
ManBMA016 WEATHERS Maxwell 1960s
ManBMB294 WELSH Jestina
ManBMB284 WHEATLY-MORGAN Evelyn A. 2000s
ManBMA043 WILDE Frank P., Rev. 1930s
ManBMA063 WILDE Helen Eugenia 1900s
ManBMA042 WILDE Mary Eugenia 1940s
ManBMB214 WILLIAMS Frances E. 1970s
ManBMB267 WILLIAMS Gladstone 2000s
ManBMB172 WILLIAMS Harold 1960s
ManBMB308 WILLIAMS Kaal C. 2000s
ManBMB173 WILLIAMS Leon L. 1950s
ManBMB286 WILLIAMS Michael S. 2000s
ManBMB215 WILLIAMS Pearl A. 1970s
ManBMB232 WILLIAMSON Clifford 1990s
ManBMB194 WILLIAMSON Joyce 2000s
ManBMB234 WILLIAMSON Kenneth George 1980s
ManBMB239 WILLIAMSON Lynford 2000s
ManBMB147 WILSON Alex J. 1930s
ManBMB150 WILSON Alice Rosa 1950s
ManBMB149 WILSON Cynthia 1960s
ManBMA051 WITTER Lyndon B. 1960s
ManBMB278 WOOD Iris May 2000s
ManBMB226 WOOD Ivan 1980s
ManBMA027 WOODBURN Stephen 1960s


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