Kilsyth Baptist, Frankfield, Clarendon

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaKB54 ANDERSON Beryl 2000s
ClaKB37 ANDERSON Hilda, Mrs. 1990s
ClaKB17 ANDERSON Jay Mar 2000s
ClaKB40 ANDERSON Josephine, Mrs 1970s
ClaKB38 ANDERSON Samuel C. 2000s
ClaKB55 ANDERSON Tass 1980s
ClaKB03 BAILEY Samuel Rueben 2000s
ClaKB08 BAXTER Imogene 1990s
ClaKB09 BAXTER Leonard Samuel 1980s
ClaKB05 BRISCOE Richard 1990s
ClaKB14 DONALDSON Harold 1970s
ClaKB56 FAGAN Esther Jane 1990s
ClaKB26 FOSTER Herbert Edward 1980s
ClaKB39 FOSTER Hilda, Mrs. 1970s
ClaKB27 FOSTER Irene 1990s
ClaKB28 FOSTER Josephine 2000s
ClaKB01 FULLERTON Granett 2000s
ClaKB06 GILLISPIE Cecil George 1990s
ClaKB57 GOFFE Mary Jane 1980s
ClaKB59 GOFFE Roland A. 1980s
ClaKB58 HAMILTON Gladys 2000s
ClaKB04 JAMES Olive E. 1990s
ClaKB02 JOHNSON Elfreda 2000s
ClaKB49 JOHNSON Linda 2000s
ClaKB50 JOHNSON Ralph Albert 1980s
ClaKB11 LEWINSON Albert 1980s
ClaKB10 LEWINSON Idalee 2000s
ClaKB20 LEWIS Euphemia 1990s
ClaKB41 LEWIS Noami, Miss 1970s
ClaKB12 McKAIN Louise 1970s
ClaKB13 McKAIN Timothy 1960s
ClaKB33 MORGAN Percival 1970s
ClaKB21 MORRIS Allisa (twin) 1980s
ClaKB21 MORRIS Mellisa (twin) 1980s
ClaKB36 MUNDLE Ruthilda Epsader 1990s
ClaKB25 PAGE Eliza M. 2000s
ClaKB29 PAGE James 1980s
ClaKB31 PAGE Myrtle Pauline 2000s
ClaKB30 PAGE Tydia 1990s
ClaKB24 PAGE Virol A. 1980s
ClaKB23 SMIKLE Aubrey 1980s
ClaKB22 SMIKLE Elgeta 2000s
ClaKB35 SMITH Lawrence Joseph 1980s
ClaKB42 STERN Iris Mae 1980s
ClaKB47 STERN Llewellyn John 1980s
ClaKB43 STERN Wilbert N. 1990s
ClaKB48 STERN Winnifred 2000s
ClaKB19 THOMAS Antoline 1990s
ClaKB07 THOMAS Isemehda 1990s
ClaKB18 THOMAS-PALMER Leanora 1990s
ClaKB16 THOMPSON Altimond 2000s
ClaKB51 THOMPSON Charles D. 1970s
ClaKB53 THOMPSON Eunice 1990s
ClaKB52 THOMPSON John G. 1980s
ClaKB15 THOMPSON Vivolin 2000s
ClaKB45 WILLIAMS Catherine, Miss 1980s
ClaKB32 WILLIAMS Ethel, Mrs. 1970s
ClaKB46 WILLIAMSON Aston Leopold 1990s
ClaKB44 WILLIAMSON Maudline Isabel 2000s


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