St Mark’s Anglican, Rio Bueno, Trelawny

St Mark's Anglican, Rio Bueno

St Mark's, Rio Bueno 2


IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
TreRB056 BLAGROVE Alice 1960s
TreRB057 BLAGROVE Peter, Captain 1960s
TreRB070 BOVELL E. R. 1980s
TreRB028 BUBBO Amy 1990s
TreRB063 CLARKE Cassia Bianca ?? 1980s
TreRB064 CLARKE Galdys Maud 2000s
TreRB066 CLARKE Leighton R. 1990s
TreRB029 CLARKE Madeline A., Mrs 1990s
TreRB031 COLLINS James 1980s
TreRB034 COLVILLE Archibald 1970s
TreRB071 COX Hope Hancel 2000s
TreRB088 CURTIS Robert
TreRB044 DALRYMPLE Alexander 1920s
TreRB042 DALRYMPLE Alexander 1950s
TreRB043 DALRYMPLE Eliza Jane 1900s
TreRB038 DALRYMPLE Ethlyn Naomi 1990s
TreRB037 DALRYMPLE Henry 1940s
TreRB090 DAVIS John
TreRB089 DAVIS Laura
TreRB021 DOUGALL J.A. 1920s
TreRB022 DOUGALL James Anthony 1920s
TreRB077 DOUGALL Lucy Agnes 1900s
TreRB036 DRINKALL Roger 1980s
TreRB014 DUNCANSON Arthur James 1970s
TreRB002 EVANS Mary Tracey 1960s
TreRB027 FRATER William, Hon. 1860s
TreRB026 GAYNER Julia A.D., Mrs 1930s
TreRB051 GAYNOR Constance Adele 1970s
TreRB060 GORDON Alexander William 1930s
TreRB010 GREEN Agatha, Mrs 1970s
TreRB048 GREEN James 1960s
TreRB011 GREEN John Winston 1990s
TreRB091 GREEN Percival 1960s
TreRB049 GROOM Anna Harriet 1970s
TreRB067 INCE Strachan 1960s
TreRB015 LANIGAN Charles Archibald 1970s
TreRB017 LANIGAN Else Amilie 1990s
TreRB017 LANIGAN John Leonard 1960s
TreRB059 LEWIS Gladstone 1990s
TreRB018 LINDO Leighton G. 1990s
TreRB039 LYNCH Marguerite 1990s
TreRB069 LYNCH Pauline Carol 2000s
TreRB041 LYNCH-RACKHAM Muriel 2000s
TreRB055 MACNEAL Lettice 1960s
TreRB052 McLEAN Sydney A. 1990s
TreRB058 MICHELIN Alfred Brian 2000s
TreRB054 MICHELIN Nina Gladys 2000s
TreRB054 MICHELIN Reginald Townend, Col. 1990s
TreRB009 MORRISON Claudius A. 1930s
TreRB007 MORRISON Ernest 1940s
TreRB005 MORRISON Martin 1980s
TreRB006 MORRISON Mary Ann 1960s
TreRB008 MORRISON Reita M. 1960s
TreRB004 MORRISON Emma 1990s
TreRB078 NATHAN Carolyn Todd 2000s
TreRB084 NELSON Johnnie 1960s
TreRB012 NURSE Henry Clement 1970s
TreRB013 OWEN Olive Muriel 1970s
TreRB061 PACKMAN Caroline A. 1880s
TreRB033 PARNELL Margaret B. 1980s
TreRB032 PARNELL Winston V., Hon. 1990s
TreRB035 PRONGER R.D., Canon 1990s
TreRB024 PURCHAS Harriett Utten 1910s
TreRB024 PURCHAS Henry Martin 1880s
TreRB024 PURCHASE Herbert Keble 1900s
TreRB040 RACKHAM Edward 1980s
TreRB003 REID Ernest Earl 2000s
TreRB053 REID Mavis Isabel 1980s
TreRB065 REID Vernon Burns 1980s
TreRB086 SAMUELS Ivy May 1990s
TreRB087 SAMUELS Solomon 1960s
TreRB092 SIMPSON Rebecca 1960s
TreRB072 SIMPSON Roslyn 1950s
TreRB030 SPEYER Hilda Catherine 1980s
TreRB076 STEPHENSON Ada E. 1890s
TreRB073 STEPHENSON Edmund Brown 1900s
TreRB074 STEPHENSON Harry Lloyd 1910s
TreRB083 STEPHENSON John 1960s
TreRB082 STEPHENSON Percy 1960s
TreRB075 STEWART Fanny 1940s
TreRB093 STEWART Jean, Mrs 1810s
TreRB046 STEWART Margaret 1880s
TreRB075 STEWART Sam 1920s
TreRB045 STEWART William 1880s
TreRB085 THOMPSON-CARLTON Geneva 2000s
TreRB020 TODD Carolyn Todd 2000s
TreRB019 TODD John Utten 1990s
TreRB023 TODD Mary Annette 1910s
TreRB081 TODD Richard 1910s
TreRB079 TODD Richard Eason Woodd 2000s
TreRB080 TODD Utten T. 1880s
TreRB025 TODD William Edward 1900s
TreRB050 VEIRA Emmie 1960s
TreRB062 WELLS C., Mrs 1940s
TreRB001 WHITE Jane Ann, Mrs 1930s
TreRB047 WHITING Ruby E., Mrs 1990s
TreRB068 WILLIAMS Edmond 1990s
TreRB016 WINAND Charles Paul 1990s
TreRB016 WINAND Eileen Norah 1970s

This tomb is located within the TODD Family plot at St Mark’s. Difficult to read but have been able to decipher some of it with the help of the Burial records for Trelawny

St Mark's, Rio Bueno - TODD family plotWilliam GREY Esq. – Died 27 Jan 1850 age 26

Sophia GREY, his wife – Died 01 May 1853 age 31

Mrs Mary-Anne VAUGHAN – Died 01 May 1853 age 31.  For the period of nine years she had resided in ? Todd’s family.  The respected and valued Governess of his children.

On the opposite side there is the name LOUISA and the names of two children.  Unable to make out the first name but the second is James UTTEN – children of Louisa.  The records show a James Utten who died 06 Feb 1854, 9 days old at the time of his death.


4 Responses to St Mark’s Anglican, Rio Bueno, Trelawny

  1. Rev Derek N. Stanworth (Minister of Edmondson, 1966-70) says:

    Thanks for restoring the St.Mark’s Rio Bueno site, I was trying to find Canon R D Pronger’s grave. He was the rector at Brown’s Town and gave us “Light for our Path” every Sunday.

  2. Rev Derek N. Stanworth (Minister of Edmondson, 1966-70) says:

    I stand corrected in that the famous program by Canon Pronger was:-
    “Great Christian Hymns and the stories behind them.”

  3. jennifer hart says:

    louisa todd was loisa lamont she married thomas utten todd 1801-1886

  4. Christine Smith Gonsalves says:

    It was wonderful to see my family’s names. My mother was Eva Morrison.

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