Spice Grove, Manchester

Spice Grove

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ManSG24 BRISCOE Inez 2000s
ManSG10 COHALL Bernice Erica 1980s
ManSG06 COHALL Medora Gammon 1970s
ManSG07 HAMMOND Joan Elaine 2000s
ManSG09 McDONALD Robert G. 1990s
ManSG19 NEWMAN Albert George 1990s
ManSG11 NEWMAN Annie L. 1930s
ManSG15 NEWMAN Aubrey George 1980s
ManSG16 NEWMAN Dorothy Eugenia 2000s
ManSG05 NEWMAN Edward R. 1970s
ManSG17 NEWMAN Elva Rupert 2000s
ManSG22 NEWMAN Leslie John 1980s
ManSG18 NEWMAN Mildey Clare 2000s
ManSG14 NEWMAN-KELLYMAN Eva Rose 1980s
ManSG03 PEART Robert 1790s
ManSG27 POWELL Myrtle 1990s
ManSG01 ROBINSON Alfred Peart John
ManSG23 ROBINSON Herbert R. 1970s
ManSG13 ROBINSON Hilda Mae 1990s
ManSG08 ROBINSON Hyacinth Erica 2000s
ManSG02 ROBINSON John 1810s
ManSG21 ROBINSON Lilly May 1980s
ManSG20 ROBINSON Linnette Iris 1980s
ManSG29 ROBINSON Viola Eunice 2000s
ManSG28 ROUMELL Baxter 2000s
ManSG25 ROUMELL Norma H. 2000s
ManSG26 ROUMELL R. B. 2000s
ManSG04 THELWELL John Leslie 2000s
ManSG12 THELWELL Philip Andrew 2000s


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