St Dorothy’s Anglican, Old Harbour, St Catherine

St Dorothy's, St Catherine

|A – G|
|H – M|
|N – W|

A – G

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died
CatSD247 ABDUL Corine Simone 1970s
CatSD271 ALLEN Angel 1980s
CatSD288 ALLWOOD-JOHNSON Ivy Delore 2000s
CatSD184 ANGLIN Stanley E. 1990s
CatSD253 ASHMEADE Chudleigh B. 1970s
CatSD287 AULD Arthur Norman 2000s
CatSD230 BAILEY Matthew V. N. 1980s
CatSD231 BAILEY Willel S. 1970s
CatSD113 BARRETT Thelma Elaine 1990s
CatSD313 BATTEN Linnett 2000s
CatSD296 BELL Emelia Mary Floyd 2000s
CatSD199 BENT Ivy Monica 1990s
CatSD203 BENT Julia 1980s
CatSD199 BENT Rupert Mortimer 1990s
CatSD284 BERRY Verona Elfreda 2000s
CatSD126 BILLINGSLEA Olive Huntly 1920s
CatSD087 BLANCHET Joseph N. 1910s
CatSD086 BLANCHET Luisa, Mrs 1900s
CatSD066 BODIER Ambrozine D. L. 1910s
CatSD111 BONYNGE Frances 1760s
CatSD111 BONYNGE George 1760s
CatSD111 BONYNGE Mary, Mrs 1760s
CatSD027 BRASS Emma Isabel 1900s
CatSD028 BRASS John Schouborg 1890s
CatSD029 BRASS Madeline 1890s
CatSD055 BRAVO Alexandre 1860s
CatSD055 BRAVO Sarah 1870s
CatSD041 BRAVO Sarah Catherine 1870s
CatSD103 BRENNAN Sarah 1880s
CatSD103 BRENNAN William Nicholas 1870s
CatSD265 BROWN Alice 1930s
CatSD216 BROWN Beatrice 1970s
CatSD217 BROWN Charles W. 1980s
CatSD252 BROWN Marie E. 1970s
CatSD322 BRYAN Fabian Dwayne 2000s
CatSD291 BRYAN Louise A. 2000s
CatSD149 BURKE James E. 1970s
CatSD246 BURTON Gwendolyn 1960s
CatSD330 BUTLER Gloria Hyacinth 2000s
CatSD158 CAIN Clemintina 1960s
CatSD303 CAMERON Marilyn R. Hylton 2000s
CatSD264 CAMPBELL Cislin Icena 2000s
CatSD314 CAMPBELL Clifton Lloyd, Snr 2000s
CatSD167 CAMPBELL Simeon 1970s
CatSD057 CAREY Francella 1960s
CatSD169 CARR Doreen Monica 2000s
CatSD176 CARR Michaela Addella 1980s
CatSD177 CARR Phillip Agustus 1970s
CatSD285 CASSELL Elton Emelin 2000s
CatSD275 CHRISTIAN Gertrude 2000s
CatSD257 CHUNG Wilbert 1980s
CatSD175 COLEY Martha, Mrs 1970s
CatSD321 COLLIER Junior 2000s
CatSD190 CONSTABLE Royston F. 1980s
CatSD032 CORINALDI Marjorie Joy 1900s
CatSD324 CUNNINGHAM Nevel 2000s
CatSD089 CURNOW Francisco Asencio 1890s
CatSD091 CURNOW John Mitchell 1870s
CatSD148 DALEY Adassa 1970s
CatSD241 DALEY Ronald E. 1950s
CatSD245 DANN Daphne Louise 2000s
CatSD267 DANN Eualie Albertha 2000s
CatSD132 DAVIS Charles 1880s
CatSD258 DAVIS Henry 1980s
CatSD237 DAWKINS Alexandria, Mrs 1970s
CatSD294 DAWKINS Hoshane Donovan 2000s
CatSD240 DAWKINS Lester G. 1990s
CatSD162 DAWKINS Oswald 2000s
CatSD239 DAWKINS Violet 1980s
CatSD130 DeLEON Drucilla 1960s
CatSD213 DeLEVANTE Olive Viola 1980s
CatSD142 DENNIS Ceceline, Mrs 1980s
CatSD141 DENNIS William N. 1960s
CatSD232 DIXON Calvin 2000s
CatSD278 DIXON Icilda 2000s
CatSD179 DIXON Lucille Eloise 1990s
CatSD178 DIXON Vincent DeCordova 1970s
CatSD065 D’LEON Joseph Rodriques 1890s
CatSD181 DOUGLAS Amanda 1980s
CatSD100 DOUGLAS Lyndon Dayle 1940s
CatSD188 DOUGLAS Ruth Estella 1990s
CatSD319 DUNKLEY Dwight Andrew 2000s
CatSD235 EDWARDS James Solomon 1980s
CatSD062 EDWARDS Shawna L. 1970s
CatSD282 ELLIS André Aton 2000s
CatSD228 ELLIS Daisy 1970s
CatSD229 ELLIS Samuel H. 1980s
CatSD268 ELLIS Shakira Alicia 2000s
CatSD302 FOGARTHY Urcel 2000s
CatSD039 FORBES Adelaide 1870s
CatSD320 FORBES Charlton George, Dr. 2000s
CatSD039 FORBES William 1860s
CatSD117 FORREST George 1980s
CatSD117 FORREST Reine E. 1970s
CatSD090 FORRESTER Sal H. 1860s
CatSD031 FULFORD Charles 1890s
CatSD207 FULFORD Dennison I. B. 1970s
CatSD030 FULFORD Edward Albert 1890s
CatSD021 FULFORD John Henry 1910s
CatSD191 GARDNER Esmada 1980s
CatSD326 GENTLES Lurlene Adora 2000s
CatSD201 GOLDING Enid Louise 2000s
CatSD218 GOLDING Etta Elouise 1990s
CatSD219 GOLDING Harvey Bolton 1980s
CatSD202 GOLDING Tacius N. 1990s
CatSD046 GONZALES Fanny Elizabeth 1950s
CatSD164 GORDON Catherine 1960s
CatSD311 GORDON Ena 2000s
CatSD143 GORDON Merrin Agatha 2000s
CatSD327 GOULBOURNE Leon Godfrey 2000s
CatSD170 GRANDISON Roderick L., Snr. 2000s
CatSD161 GREGORY Colin Hugh 2000s
CatSD263 GROSSETTE Lucille Maud 1980s
CatSD097 GUNTER William Henry 1880s

H – M

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died
CatSD129 HALL Carmen May 1970s
CatSD040 HALL Clarence 1860s
CatSD085 HAMELL Margaret McLeod 1900s
CatSD243 HAMILTON Ferdinand P. 2000s
CatSD214 HAMILTON Henrietta Rebecca 1980s
CatSD063 HANNAFORD Jane, Mrs 1830s
CatSD054 HARRIDON Harold 2000s
CatSD136 HARRIDON Violet 2000s
CatSD059 HARRIS Ivy 1960s
CatSD060 HARRIS Rupert Alexander 1980s
CatSD084 HARRISON Adelaide 1920s
CatSD005 HARRISON Elizabeth 1920s
CatSD160 HARRISON Ethelyne 1960s
CatSD008 HARRISON Isabella 1920s
CatSD329 HARVEY Phyliss Adassa 2000s
CatSD069 HECHAVARRIA Venancia Magdalena 1930s
CatSD070 HERDSMAN Susan I. 1950s
CatSD145 HIBBERT Anetta A. 1960s
CatSD215 HIBBERT Victor L. 1980s
CatSD026 HODELIN Leonie Eloise 1890s
CatSD276 HOILETT Edwin George 2000s
CatSD110 HOLT Elithia 1920s
CatSD151 HOSANG Vernal V., Snr 1990s
CatSD150 HOSANG-BURKE Edith 1990s
CatSD168 HOWELL Violet 1990s
CatSD272 HUDSON Mabel Maud 2000s
CatSD042 HUGHES Fanny, Mrs 1860s
CatSD256 HUNTER Frederick G. 1980s
CatSD025 HYLTON George 1880s
CatSD106 HYLTON James Rowland 1910s
CatSD106 HYLTON Mary 1920s
CatSD290 HYLTON-WARD Elet 2000s
CatSD109 ISAACS Edward 1910s
CatSD312 JACKSON Kenneth Albert 2000s
CatSD254 JACOBS Ada Maud 1980s
CatSD260 JENKINS Gwendolyn 1980s
CatSD300 JENNINGS Carmen Louisa 2000s
CatSD094 JEYES Thomas 1820s
CatSD301 JOHNSON Hazel 2000s
CatSD194 JONES Basil C., Canon 1980s
CatSD073 JONES Cynthia Iona 2000s
CatSD212 KELLY Brian Douglas 1970s
CatSD304 KELLY Lucilda Smith 2000s
CatSD206 KELLY Trixie 1970s
CatSD061 KING Daisy Elizabeth 1940s
CatSD058 KINGDON Arthur V. 1940s
CatSD205 KINGDON Ethel May 1970s
CatSD297 KNIGHT Novel Lester 2000s
CatSD234 LAIDLAW Kathleen Albertha 1980s
CatSD266 LEE Roy 2000s
CatSD120 LEEVAS Harold 1960s
CatSD120 LEEVAS Zoe 1990s
CatSD165 LEVIEN Kenneth 1970s
CatSD108 LEVIEN Rebecca 1930s
CatSD293 LEWIS Candy C. J. 2000s
CatSD189 LEWIS Roger Michael Antonio 2000s
CatSD286 LINDSAY Sydney
CatSD209 LORD Allan R. 1960s
CatSD022 LORD Charles George 1930s
CatSD023 LORD Eliza Fanny 1910s
CatSD204 LORD Eric 1980s
CatSD208 LORD H. Winifred 1990s
CatSD024 LORD Lionel C. C. 1930s
CatSD020 LORD Raymond 1890s
CatSD019 LORD Theckla Irene 1930s
CatSD133 LUDFORD Jos: 1880s
CatSD052 LULHING Maria E. 1950s
CatSD292 LYONS Gwendolyn May 2000s
CatSD004 MACKINNON Isabella Fulllarton 1890s
CatSD004 MACKINNON Louis Fullarton, Hon. 1870s
CatSD104 MARCH Arthur 1940s
CatSD153 MARCH Carl Raphael 1980s
CatSD155 MARCH Joslyn 1990s
CatSD156 MARCH Loren D. 1990s
CatSD152 MARCH Lurene Jennifer 1970s
CatSD154 MARCH Michael D. 1980s
CatSD273 MARCH Oswald Antonio 2000s
CatSD244 MARSDEN Altamont A. 1960s
CatSD050 MAXWELL Adelaide 1960s
CatSD093 McCOOK William Leith 1840s
CatSD172 McDOUGALL Vincent 2000s
CatSD316 McKAY Enna Jane 2000s
CatSD200 McLAUGHLIN Inez Mildred 2000s
CatSD056 McLENNAN Beryl Gladys 1970s
CatSD013 McLENNAN Edgar A. 1900s
CatSD011 McLENNAN Evan 1940s
CatSD010 McLENNAN Fannie Isabel 1950s
CatSD051 McLENNAN Gwendoline 1970s
CatSD012 McLENNAN Isabel 1920s
CatSD048 McLENNAN Zoe 1950s
CatSD068 McLEOD Richard 1930s
CatSD067 McLEOD Theresa 1970s
CatSD233 MEARS Alfred 1980s
CatSD038 MELHADO Bertie
CatSD049 MELHADO Elizabeth W. 1950s
CatSD033 MELHADO Henrietta R. 1940s
CatSD037 MELHADO Hubert George 1900s
CatSD015 MENDEZ Annie Beatrice 1930s
CatSD016 MENDEZ David H. 1900s
CatSD014 MENDEZ Randolph Churchill 1900s
CatSD195 MIGNOTT Cecil George 1980s
CatSD197 MIGNOTT Clevon George 1970s
CatSD196 MIGNOTT Iris Cicely 2000s
CatSD137 MILLER Elsada 1980s
CatSD281 MITCHELL Leila Joyce 2000s
CatSD331 MITCHELL Valentine St. George 2000s
CatSD006 MONAGHAN Isabella 1920s
CatSD180 MONCRIEFFE Amy 1980s
CatSD166 MONCRIEFFE Leonard A. 1970s
CatSD309 MOODIE Suzette Andrea 2000s
CatSD299 MUIRHEAD Maurice St. A. 2000s
CatSD017 MUSCHETT Charles Henry 1940s
CatSD018 MUSCHETT William Rhodes 1900s
CatSD036 MUSCHETTE Arthur Rupert 1880s
CatSD034 MUSCHETTE Edward F. 1900s
CatSD035 MUSCHETTE Ellen 1890s
CatSD119 MYRIE Iris May 1990s
CatSD187 MYTON Thomas 1970s

N – W

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died
CatSD259 NARINE Solomon 1980s
CatSD083 NEILSON Charles M. 1920s
CatSD007 NEILSON Claude 1920s
CatSD081 NEILSON Mary 1930s
CatSD082 NELSON Charles 1960s
CatSD163 NELSON Linnette Aleathea 2000s
CatSD220 NELSON Nathaniel 1970s
CatSD262 O’CONNOR Aubrey Fitzgerald 1990s
CatSD332 O’CONNOR Balvy 2000s
CatSD236 O’CONNOR Owen Orlando 1970s
CatSD261 O’CONNOR-CAMPBELL Ruby Mertilda 1980s
CatSD105 PARKER Sylvia 1990s
CatSD125 PECK Catherina A. 1940s
CatSD123 PECK Huntly 1930s
CatSD121 PECK Leonard Huntly 1970s
CatSD147 PERRY Alice McCalla 1980s
CatSD182 PERRY Allan 1980s
CatSD107 PERRY Charles A. 1910s
CatSD146 PERRY John I. R. 1960s
CatSD157 PHILLIPS Mable A. 1970s
CatSD328 PITTER Rudolph Emanuel 2000s
CatSD249 POWELL Lorenzo 1970s
CatSD098 PRICE Emily 1860s
CatSD092 RAMIE John 1830s
CatSD277 RANCEY Alvin 2000s
CatSD308 RANCEY Roney 2000s
CatSD305 REID Roston 2000s
CatSD124 REID-FAIRWEATHER Winnifred Mae 1990s
CatSD225 REYNOLDS Hugh S. 1960s
CatSD226 REYNOLDS John 1980s
CatSD227 REYNOLDS Vivian George 1970s
CatSD270 RHONE Hilda J. 1980s
CatSD224 RHONE Timothy A. 1960s
CatSD269 RHONE Vincent N. 1980s
CatSD298 RICHARDS Hilda May 2000s
CatSD077 RICHARDSON Cressada 1970s
CatSD251 RICHARDSON Gwen 1970s
CatSD251 RICHARDSON Oscar 1970s
CatSD076 RICHARDSON Patrick J. 1920s
CatSD075 RICHARDSON Rebecca 1940s
CatSD078 RICHARDSON Rhea R. L. 1990s
CatSD223 RICKETTS Alfred 1970s
CatSD242 RICKETTS Harold L. 2000s
CatSD238 RICKETTS Madge Veronica 2000s
CatSD222 RICKETTS Mary Magdalene 1990s
CatSD047 RICKMAN Eric Dudley 1950s
CatSD044 RICKMAN Lillian Evelyn 1950s
CatSD045 RICKMAN Ralph Etwall 1960s
CatSD095 ROBERTSON Eliza Jane 1870s
CatSD114 ROBERTSON Henry William Farquharson 1920s
CatSD198 ROSE Sophia Jean Gibson Williams 2000s
CatSD001 ROWE Eliza Matilda 1910s
CatSD307 ROWE Gloria Maude 2000s
CatSD002 ROWE Matilda 1880s
CatSD295 RYAN Manley M. 2000s
CatSD122 RYLEY Phylip Reginald 1930s
CatSD255 SAMUELS Eugenie E. 1980s
CatSD318 SCAFE Lynval Garnett 2000s
CatSD140 SCOTT Allan Melward 1960s
CatSD139 SCOTT Delzetha, Mrs 1980s
CatSD310 SERVICE Mary Joyce Elizabeth 2000s
CatSD079 SEWELL Clifford C. 1970s
CatSD186 SEWELL Elma Louise 1980s
CatSD080 SEWELL James Henry 1920s
CatSD127 SHERLOCK Harry Terence 1940s
CatSD128 SHERLOCK Ionie McPhail 1960s
CatSD003 SHRIMPTON Samuel Graham, Revd. 1890s
CatSD131 SMITH Alexander 1920s
CatSD280 SMITH Lettice, Mrs 2000s
CatSD283 SMITH Patrick D. 2000s
CatSD064 SMITH William, Dr. 1830s
CatSD115 SPENCE Egbert G. 1980s
CatSD118 SPENCE Joan Marie 2000s
CatSD116 SPENCE Linda Ann 1990s
CatSD192 SPENCER Roslyn 1990s
CatSD193 SPENCER Samuel 1980s
CatSD102 STEWART John 1840s
CatSD072 STULTZ Caroline E. 1970s
CatSD071 STULTZ Stanley Adolphus 1960s
CatSD043 SULLIVAN John Cox 1940s
CatSD315 SUTHERLAND Claris May 2000s
CatSD317 SUTHERLAND Evadney 2000s
CatSD250 THOMAS Earl 1970s
CatSD221 THOMAS Frederick Charles 1970s
CatSD009 THOMPSON S. C. 1910s
CatSD211 THURMAN-NEWELL Helen K. 1980s
CatSD248 TIMOL Gusford 1970s
CatSD138 TULLOCH Iris Maud 1970s
CatSD144 TULLOCH Richard Newton 1960s
CatSD101 VERLEY Leopold Charles Louis 1910s
CatSD183 VIRGO Florence 1980s
CatSD074 WALKER Mary 1930s
CatSD096 WALLIS Frances Margaret Usher 1810s
CatSD096 WALLIS Harriott
CatSD185 WALTERS Lauribelle 1970s
CatSD306 WALTON Gloria Mary 2000s
CatSD135 WARD Ethel, Mrs 1960s
CatSD325 WATKIS Cliff Anthony 2000s
CatSD274 WATSON Sibblone 2000s
CatSD159 WEBLEY Irene 1960s
CatSD088 WEIR Ann 1740s
CatSD088 WEIR James 1740s
CatSD088 WEIR William 1740s
CatSD134 WELLKENS Ann, Mrs 1730s
CatSD289 WHITE-HYLTON Monica M. 2000s
CatSD333 WILLIAMS Lucilda 2000s
CatSD174 WILSON Alice Mary 1950s
CatSD173 WILSON Edward L. P. 1960s
CatSD323 WILSON Estel Lucille 2000s
CatSD323 WILSON Oscar Vernal 2000s
CatSD279 WILSON Winston Albert 2000s
CatSD171 WINT Melbourne B. 2000s
CatSD096 WOODS Anne
CatSD096 WOODS Richard


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  1. So many friends and relatives on the lists.

  2. Tasia M says:

    Thank you, I can now access the list. I was given perrmission

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