Stewart Town Methodist, Stewart Town, Trelawny

Stewart Town MethodistAt the moment I am going on the assumption that this is a Methodist Church.  There was no sign at the entrance and someone in the community referred to it as Methodist.  If anyone knows different, please let me know.

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
TreSM18 ALLEN Thomas N. 1970s
TreSM04 ATKINSON Sybil O. 1950s
TreSM21 BARNETT Ariel 1990s
TreSM19 BARNETT Caron V. 1980s
TreSM16 BARNETT Hugh Atlee 2000s
TreSM26 BELCHER Manley Joseph 1970s
TreSM15 BELCHER Minna A. 1990s
TreSM11 BLAKE Clarence Herman 1960s
TreSM06 CLARKE Amelia Whorell, Mrs 1950s
TreSM20 CLARKE Muriel 1980s
TreSM09 CLARKE Vendilitia 1970s
TreSM10 CLARKE William Egbert 1980s
TreSM02 GREAVES Alice Maud 1960s
TreSM01 GREAVES Daisy Lyn 1980s
TreSM03 GREAVES Hugh L. 1960s
TreSM05 GREAVES Robert E. 1960s
TreSM08 HALL Myrtle Euphemia 1960s
TreSM28 JOHNSON Matilda 1970s
TreSM27 JOHNSON Michael 1980s
TreSM24 LOWERS Carol F. 1980s
TreSM25 LOWERS Leonard H. 1990s
TreSM17 MATHESON Ethel May 1970s
TreSM22 MUSSINGTON Ouida 2000s
TreSM07 RATTRAY Matilda Eason, Mrs 1930s
TreSM13 SAMUELS Christine Joyce 2000s
TreSM14 SAMUELS Edna Mae 2000s
TreSM23 TULLOCH Wilhelmna 1970s
TreSM12 WALLACE Sydney Leopold 2000s


3 Responses to Stewart Town Methodist, Stewart Town, Trelawny

  1. Jen says:

    I can confirm that this is the Stewart Town Methodist Church
    I used to attend while as student of Westwood High school in the 70s

  2. Marva says:

    I used to attend this church.

  3. Kerri says:

    This is the Methodist church ,i grow up attending this church , and it one of the oldest church in the community

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