Jewish Cemetery, Manchester

Jewish Cemetery

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ManJEW07 BRAVO Dinah 1830s
ManJEW06 DaCOSTA Adelle 1860s
ManJEW02 DaCOSTA Sarah 1890s
ManJEW15 DaCOSTA Solomon Elvina Malvern 1870s
ManJEW18 DaCOSTA Solomon Rodrigues 1880s
ManJEW17 DeLEON Eustace Percival 1880s
ManJEW01 MORAIS Julia M. 1870s
ManJEW08 SAMPSON Aaron 1820s
ManJEW16 SAMPSON David 1880s
ManJEW11 SAMPSON Ellis Lucius 1860s
ManJEW03 SAMPSON Evelyn Augusta 1850s
ManJEW13 SAMPSON Evelyn Augusta 1870s
ManJEW19 SAMPSON Karl Deveril 1890s
ManJEW04 SAMPSON Lyndon Evelyn 1850s
ManJEW05 SAMPSON Minnie Geraldine 1860s
ManJEW09 SAMPSON Rachael 1850s
ManJEW12 SOLOMON Abraham 1840s
ManJEW10 SOLOMON Deborah 1840s
ManJEW14 VAZ Lilian Gertrude 1870s


2 Responses to Jewish Cemetery, Manchester

  1. andre wisdom says:

    where in manchester is the jewish cemetery

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