Content Moravian, New Roads, Westmoreland

Content Moravian

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
WesCM27 BAILEY L. H. 1940s
WesCM28 BAILEY Lawrence Horatio 1940s
WesCM16 CAMPBELL Wilhelmina 1960s
WesCM03 CHAMBERS Clarence 1980s
WesCM05 CHAMBERS Na Mae 2000s
WesCM04 CHAMBERS Zipporah 1990s
WesCM31 CHEN Tathlyn Agatha C. 1920s
WesCM42 COOKE Ida 1990s
WesCM34 DALY George Edward 1920s
WesCM35 DALY Sarah Jane 1910s
WesCM01 DENNIS Pearlene 2000s
WesCM26 FINLAY Ruth Emelin 1920s
WesCM38 FORD Cora 1910s
WesCM37 FORDE Eugenie D. 1940s
WesCM36 FORDE George Alman 1950s
WesCM33 FREEBURN Icylin, Mrs 1990s
WesCM24 HESSING Zephaniah 1960s
WesCM11 JORDINE Constantine 1980s
WesCM29 JORDINE Elsie Ann 1940s
WesCM30 JORDINE Hubert N. 1930s
WesCM32 LODENQUAI Albert 1910s
WesCM14 MAIR Harold 1970s
WesCM15 MAIR Louise Elizabeth 1990s
WesCM41 McFARLANE Gladys 1980s
WesCM06 MENDEZ Inez 2000s
WesCM07 MENDEZ Methford Luther 1990s
WesCM23 MILLER Emma 1950s
WesCM13 MILLER Ethlyn M., Mrs 1980s
WesCM08 MITCHELL David N. 1980s
WesCM39 REID Ellen Emma Edith 1910s
WesCM40 REID George Henry 1920s
WesCM09 SCOTT Doris May 1980s
WesCM10 SCOTT Stanley 2000s
WesCM20 THOMPSON Beriah A. 1970s
WesCM22 THOMPSON Ida, Mrs 1980s
WesCM21 THOMPSON Lester 1990s
WesCM18 WAKELAND Ernest William 1990s
WesCM17 WAKELAND Georgiana Hettie 2000s
WesCM19 WAKELAND Gertrude Henrita 2000s
WesCM02 WEST Alice Maud Eliza 2000s
WesCM12 WIGGAN Lydia S., Mrs 1990s
WesCM25 WILLIAMS Joseph 1960s


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