Salem United, Chapleton, Clarendon

Salem United

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaSU73 ANDERSON Arlene Delories 2000s
ClaSU32 ANDERSON Clare Madrina 1980s
ClaSU07 ANDERSON Francis 1990s
ClaSU70 ANDERSON Lovena 2000s
ClaSU63 AUSTIN Gilbert 2000s
ClaSU67 BAILEY Inez May 2000s
ClaSU06 BAKER Altamont 1970s
ClaSU30 BEDASSE Dervent Constantine 1970s
ClaSU50 BEDASSE Lucille D 1990s
ClaSU17 BLAIR Henry George 1970s
ClaSU66 BROWN Ada Elizabeth 2000s
ClaSU19 BROWN Ina M 1980s
ClaSU20 BROWN Louise 1970s
ClaSU22 CAMERON Marrie V., Mrs 1980s
ClaSU05 CAMERON Reginald 1970s
ClaSU45 CAMPBELL Adina, Mrs 1980s
ClaSU74 CAMPBELL Aneita 2000s
ClaSU39 CARTY Albert Edward 1990s
ClaSU53 CATO Lilian Bernice 2000s
ClaSU41 CHIN Chung Sue 1980s
ClaSU16 CHIN Kenneth G 1980s
ClaSU59 CUNNINGHAM Alice C 1990s
ClaSU01 DALGLIESH Henrietta Dick 1860s
ClaSU33 DIXON Fredrick 1980s
ClaSU37 DOUGLAS Coralita 1990s
ClaSU26 DOUGLAS Irene, Mrs 1970s
ClaSU51 EDWARDS Ruby M 1990s
ClaSU35 FOSTER Hugh A 1980s
ClaSU52 GIVANS Elsie Marde 1990s
ClaSU48 GORDON Henry L 1990s
ClaSU49 HUMPHREYS Wilburt Emmanuel 1990s
ClaSU68 HUTCHINSON Norman Sylvester 2000s
ClaSU12 HYLTON MIriam 1990s
ClaSU29 JACKSON Edgar Carl 1970s
ClaSU28 JACKSON Evadne Melita 2000s
ClaSU09 JACKSON Evan Nathaniel 2000s
ClaSU08 JACKSON Vilin K 1990s
ClaSU80 JACKSON Vivian 1980s
ClaSU61 JACOBS Linda M 2000s
ClaSU46 JOHNSON Neville 1980s
ClaSU55 JOHNSON Ralph A 1980s
ClaSU24 JONES Joanna 1970s
ClaSU65 LEE Mary Ann 2000s
ClaSU64 LEE Tom Sang 2000s
ClaSU42 MARSHALL Albert 1980s
ClaSU15 MARTIN Dorothy 1980s
ClaSU14 MARTIN Rudolph Lloyd 1990s
ClaSU54 McCARTHY Myra 2000s
ClaSU38 McCARTHY Thomas 1990s
ClaSU57 MILLER Francella 1980s
ClaSU60 MILLER John Nathaniel 2000s
ClaSU72 MILLER Ruby Eugenie 2000s
ClaSU27 MORGAN E., Mrs 1970s
ClaSU71 MUNROE Grace Althea Eugennie 2000s
ClaSU47 MUNROE James Burrell 1980s
ClaSU43 PERKINS Hilda 1980s
ClaSU40 PITTER Hensley A 1990s
ClaSU10 POWELL Alma, Mrs 1990s
ClaSU11 POWELL Bernard 1990s
ClaSU25 POWELL Ella Maud 2000s
ClaSU04 POWELL James 1970s
ClaSU23 REID Matilda 1970s
ClaSU18 ROBINSON Gezeta 1970s
ClaSU56 SAMUELS Louise B 1980s
ClaSU36 SINCLAIR Edith E 1980s
ClaSU62 SMITH Edith 2000s
ClaSU58 SMITH Henry 1980s
ClaSU69 SMITH Inez A. 2000s
ClaSU02 STEWART Z. 1970s
ClaSU03 TAYLOR Claris 1980s
ClaSU31 THOMAS Trevor A. 1990s
ClaSU34 THOMPSON Cecil 1980s
ClaSU21 THOMPSON Mary 1970s
ClaSU13 WILLIAMS Adassa 1990s
ClaSU44 WRIGHT Keturah 1980s


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