St Saviour’s Anglican, Milk River, Clarendon

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaSS47 ALLEN Mary Elizabeth 2000s
ClaSS07 ARONS Frank 1960s
ClaSS29 BARNETT Elsie Monica 2000s
ClaSS60 BARRETT Glen Astor 1990s
ClaSS15 BARRETT Thomas Hamilton 1980s
ClaSS01 BARRETT Urcella Merita 1990s
ClaSS14 BARRETT Ursella Rosanna 1950s
ClaSS31 BARTLEY Casey Agatha 2010s
ClaSS32 BARTLEY Donoreen Quida 2000s
ClaSS09 BARTLEY Gloria May 1950s
ClaSS40 BROOMFIELD Margaret 1960s
ClaSS65 BROOMFIELD Seymour 1990s
ClaSS58 CAMPBELL Franklyn R. 1980s
ClaSS57 CAMPBELL Rebertha A. 1980s
ClaSS25 CHARLTON Barbar Lillibell 1970s
ClaSS67 CLARKE Cecelia 1990s
ClaSS21 CLOUGH George William 1880s
ClaSS20 FARQUHAR Rachel 1890s
ClaSS11 FENTON Henry George 1930s
ClaSS10 FENTON Hubert Claude 2000s
ClaSS59 FOSTER Adina 1970s
ClaSS64 GAYLE Simeon 1990s
ClaSS03 GOODEN Candace M. 1980s
ClaSS55 GREGORY Cecelia Ann 1960s
ClaSS43 HENDERSON Linzel 1990s
ClaSS44 HOWITT Ethlyn 1970s
ClaSS28 HUDSON Maulene Leonie 1990s
ClaSS05 JOHNSON Douglas Ludford 1970s
ClaSS18 JOHNSON John Noel, Rev 1900s
ClaSS02 JOHNSON Monica M., Mrs 1980s
ClaSS38 LINTON Jane 1970s
ClaSS61 McCORMACK Christopher 1990s
ClaSS62 McCORMACK Myrtle 2000s
ClaSS34 McINTOSH Marilyn E. 2000s
ClaSS56 McLEAN Francella Isadora 1970s
ClaSS42 McLEOD Joanna 1960s
ClaSS26 MEARS John Emeric 1980s
ClaSS33 MIGNOTT Dollie 2010s
ClaSS53 MIGNOTT Frederick 1990s
ClaSS54 MIGNOTT Winslont Loyde Denesford 1960s
ClaSS46 MORGAN Clarabell 1960s
ClaSS12 MORGAN Levi James 1940s
ClaSS08 MORRISON Dudley George 1980s
ClaSS06 MURDOCK Eric Lloyd 1980s
ClaSS49 MURDOCK Howard Alexander 2010s
ClaSS04 MURDOCK Leslie A. 1970s
ClaSS17 PATTERSON H., Mrs 1890s
ClaSS35 PENCIL Agatha Lidda 2000s
ClaSS50 REID Aneita 2010s
ClaSS66 REID Trevor Henry 1990s
ClaSS19 ROWE John George 1900s
ClaSS16 SANFORD Robert Delaphena 1890s
ClaSS45 SCOTT Gladis 1970s
ClaSS13 SCULLY Clarissa, Mrs 1910s
ClaSS48 SHAKESPEARE Meralda 2000s
ClaSS24 SHAKESPEARE Murielda Isadora 1990s
ClaSS22 SMITH Amy A. 1980s
ClaSS23 SMITH Egerton Leonard 1970s
ClaSS37 TAYLOR Aldron B. 1980s
ClaSS27 TAYLOR Florence M. 1990s
ClaSS30 TAYLOR Joseph A. 2000s
ClaSS36 TAYLOR Vera Gwendolyn 2000s
ClaSS51 THOMAS Ivy May 1990s
ClaSS63 THOMAS Neville 2000s
ClaSS52 THOMAS Sydney Reginald 1990s
ClaSS41 THOMPSON Ellen 1960s
ClaSS39 WATSON Warren 1980s


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