Denbigh Cemetery, Clarendon

Denbigh Cemetery

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaDC0041 ALLISON Hilda 2000s
ClaDC0047 ALLISON Hilda 2000s
ClaDC0065 ANDERSON Theodora 1970s
ClaDC0014 ATKINS Roland 1970s
ClaDC0013 AUSTIN Nathaniel
ClaDC0016 BAILEY Vera E. 1990s
ClaDC0020 BAILEY Vera E. 1990s
ClaDC0015 BAILEY Wilburn 1980s
ClaDC0026 BECKFORD Lenora 1970s
ClaDC0069 BENJAMIN Donnette Morjorie 1970s
ClaDC0030 BENNETT Agatha 2000s
ClaDC0029 BENNETT John 1970s
ClaDC0022 BROWN Edith, Mrs 1970s
ClaDC0033 BROWN Shonar L. 1980s
ClaDC0040 BROWN Eric E. 1970s
ClaDC0057 BRYAN Patrick P. 1970s
ClaDC0035 BURNETT Walcott G. 1970s
ClaDC0079 CAMERON Horace O. 1970s
ClaDC0071 CHAMBERS Harold A. 1970s
ClaDC0034 CHRISTIAN Julius A. 1970s
ClaDC0052 CHUTKAN John 1980s
ClaDC0058 COLE Zipporah 1970s
ClaDC0059 COLEMAN Felix 1970s
ClaDC0009 DYER Charles
ClaDC0023 EDWARDS Rosetta 1980s
ClaDC0051 ELLIOTT Norval G. 1980s
ClaDC0037 EVANS Cuthbert 1980s
ClaDC0067 FAGON Maria 1970s
ClaDC0075 FAGON Percival 1960s
ClaDC0038 FARQUHARSON Abraham 1970s
ClaDC0008 FINDLAY Clara
ClaDC0006 FINDLAY Harry
ClaDC0005 FINDLAY Mary
ClaDC0011 FISHER Ezekiel 1970s
ClaDC0064 GARCIA Raphael 1970s
ClaDC0060 GAYLE Paulett E. 1970s
ClaDC0070 GENTLES E., Mrs 1970s
ClaDC0028 GRAHAM Terrence 1970s
ClaDC0017 GRANT Deroy 2000s
ClaDC0031 HALL Flaribella, Mrs 1980s
ClaDC0045 HENNINGHAM Emeline 2000s
ClaDC0061 HEWITT Sylvenia 1970s
ClaDC0048 HIBBERT Emanuel 1980s
ClaDC0039 JOHNSON America 1970s
ClaDC0072 KHAN Reginald A. 1970s
ClaDC0003 LAWRENCE James Montague 1900s
ClaDC0024 LEWIS Joselyn Henry 1970s
ClaDC0021 LINTON N., Rev 1970s
ClaDC0053 LOCKE Clifford A. 1970s
ClaDC0077 McGILL Eretha A. M. 2000s
ClaDC0080 McKAY Percival 1970s
ClaDC0042 MITCHELL Harold 1970s
ClaDC0068 MORRISON Soloman 1970s
ClaDC0044 NICHOLSON Amanda Deborah 2000s
ClaDC0032 PARKIN Nathaniel J. 2000s
ClaDC0001 POWELL Randolph 2000s
ClaDC0019 RICKETTS Clarence B. 1970s
ClaDC0018 RICKETTS Oswald C. 1970s
ClaDC0082 ROBB Dave Donovan 2000s
ClaDC0046 ROBERTS Gilbert 1980s
ClaDC0055 ROBINSON Ezekiel 1970s
ClaDC0010 ROBINSON Joy 1970s
ClaDC0007 ROCHESTER Joseph
ClaDC0012 SAMUELS Jean
ClaDC0036 SMITH Miriam 1970s
ClaDC0043 TAYLOR Aaron Adolphus 2000s
ClaDC0081 THOMPSON Hilda 1970s
ClaDC0027 THOMPSON Julia 1970s
ClaDC0076 THOMPSON Neville George 2000s
ClaDC0066 TIMOL Louis Alexander 1970s
ClaDC0074 TIMOLL Joseph 1960s
ClaDC0078 TIMOLL William 1960s
ClaDC0062 WATSON Charles 1970s
ClaDC0025 WATT Jeremiah 1970s
ClaDC0050 WESTNEY Kathleen May 1970s
ClaDC0054 WILLIAMS Doris May 2000s
ClaDC0049 WILLIAMS Egbert A. 1970s
ClaDC0056 WILLIAMS Eustace Jack 1970s
ClaDC0063 WILLIAMS Miriam
ClaDC0073 WILLIAMS Sonia E. 1970s


1 Response to Denbigh Cemetery, Clarendon

  1. Denise Smith says:

    Looking for Paul Wilson who was laid to rest here 1977 or 1978

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