Alston Cemetery, Alston, Clarendon

Alston Cemetery, ClarendonLAT:  18°10’42.60″N       LONG: 77°26’4.94″W

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaASC13 ANDERSON Daphne 2000s
ClaASC01 BAILEY Albert 1950s
ClaASC01 BAILEY Ethel 1990s
ClaASC85 BAILEY Minnette 1970s
ClaASC49 BISASOR Sonia Mae 1970s
ClaASC84 BROOKS Eustace 1950s
ClaASC84 BROOKS Jane 1960s
ClaASC40 BROOMFIELD Ethel 1970s
ClaASC72 BROWN Cebert J. U. 2000s
ClaASC50 BROWN Florence 1970s
ClaASC62 BROWN Florence May 1970s
ClaASC54 BRUCE Elisha 1980s
ClaASC41 BRUCE Linnett 2000s
ClaASC34 CAMERON Florence 2000s
ClaASC73 CAMPBELL Alfred 1990s
ClaASC39 CAMPBELL Ida, Mrs 1960s
ClaASC38 CAMPBELL Stephen 1980s
ClaASC16 CAMPBELL Vivalyn 1980s
ClaASC35 CHANG Hazel A. 2000s
ClaASC36 CHANG Robert A. 2000s
ClaASC74 CLARKE Evadney 2000s
ClaASC52 COLEY Clementina 1990s
ClaASC51 COLEY Zachariah 1970s
ClaASC61 COWAN Solomon 1990s
ClaASC57 FAGAN Margaret 1980s
ClaASC83 FEARON Adella 1970s
ClaASC64 GORDON Roslyn 1990s
ClaASC15 GRAHAM Annie 1970s
ClaASC11 GRAVENEY Samuel J. 1980s
ClaASC17 HINDS Marrie M. 1980s
ClaASC71 JAMES Herbert S. 1990s
ClaASC29 JOHNSON Adeline 2000s
ClaASC59 JOHNSON Adella 1980s
ClaASC28 JOHNSON Andrew Samuel 1970s
ClaASC19 JOHNSON Milton Lawrence 2000s
ClaASC18 JOHNSON Neville Earle 1990s
ClaASC08 JOHNSON William R. 1980s
ClaASC55 JONES Charles 1960s
ClaASC80 KING Wilfred 1990s
ClaASC25 LAWRENCE Bernice Ruth Louise 2000s
ClaASC56 LAWRENCE Violet, Mrs 1960s
ClaASC37 LOVELACE Neita 1970s
ClaASC46 MALCOLM A. I. 1970s
ClaASC53 MALCOLM Donovan 1990s
ClaASC45 MALCOLM Lillian U. 1980s
ClaASC03 McFEE David 1920s
ClaASC03 McFEE Ida 1970s
ClaASC02 McFEE Tenah 1990s
ClaASC70 McKENZIE Cyril 1990s
ClaASC67 McKENZIE Deloris 1970s
ClaASC58 MILLER Jane 1970s
ClaASC04 MORRIS Evan 1990s
ClaASC81 MORRIS Francella 1970s
ClaASC33 MORRIS Lydia T. 1990s
ClaASC12 MULLINGS Harry Samuel 2000s
ClaASC63 MULLINGS Standford 1970s
ClaASC78 NELSON Esmie 2000s
ClaASC77 NELSON Vernal 2000s
ClaASC76 PUSEY Daisy Hyacinth 2000s
ClaASC48 RICHARDS Lovina 1990s
ClaASC07 ROBERTSON Arthur F. 1980s
ClaASC23 ROBERTSON Basil 1980s
ClaASC05 ROBERTSON Lionel L. 1980s
ClaASC24 ROBERTSON Lupert L. 1980s
ClaASC06 ROBERTSON Rose-Ann 1990s
ClaASC60 ROBINSON Johnny 1980s
ClaASC44 ROSE Catherine E. 1970s
ClaASC44 ROSE Evered C. 1970s
ClaASC87 ROWE Lesma 2000s
ClaASC21 SHAW Anita 1980s
ClaASC20 SHAW Leslie Rudolph 1980s
ClaASC32 SHAW Myron Adrian
ClaASC66 SMITH Arnold E. 1980s
ClaASC79 SMITH Kirkpatrick D. 2010s
ClaASC75 SMITH Susan 2000s
ClaASC69 STEDFORD Casilda Adina 2000s
ClaASC09 THOMAS Eunice 1990s
ClaASC14 THOMAS Lucius Herbert 2000s
ClaASC10 THOMAS Urich 1980s
ClaASC68 WALTERS Dirce Icema 1970s
ClaASC86 WALTERS Hilda 1970s
ClaASC82 WATSON Alfred 1970s
ClaASC30 WATSON John C. 1980s
ClaASC31 WATSON Violet 1960s
ClaASC65 WILLIAMSON Daniel 1980s
ClaASC42 WILLIAMSON Eva Vera 2000s
ClaASC47 WILLIAMSON George Alexander 1990s
ClaASC43 WILLIAMSON Neville C. 2000s
ClaASC27 WRAY Dorcas 1970s
ClaASC26 WRAY Ezekiel 1970s
ClaASC22 WRAY Virginia Elizabeth 2000s



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