Christ Church Anglican, Port Antonio, Portland

Christ Church, Portland 1

Christ Church, Portland 2

LAT: 18°10’37.37″N     LONG: 76°26’59.59″W

Christ Church, Portland 3

Christ Church, the Portland Parish Church, was designed in the neo-Romanesque style by English architect Annesley Voysey, and was completed around 1840. Voysey, who arrived in the island in 1837, died on August 5, 1839, before construction was completed.

The church stands on land which was presented for that purpose to the Rt. Rev. Christopher Lipscomb, Lord Bishop of Jamaica and Rev Griffiths, Clerk Rector of Portland, on September 3, 1836, by John Dean and Jane Brown on behalf of the residents of the parish.

Severely damaged in a 1903 hurricane, Christ Church was restored around 1911. [A project of the Jamaica National Heritage Trust & The Digicel Foundation]


IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died
PorCC05 BLACK Ella Louise 1950s
PorCC14 BRYAN Charles, Esq. 1810s
PorCC07 BRYMER Jane Margaret 1840s
PorCC10 BUCKLEY Charles Herbert Bartholomew 1960s
PorCC10 BUCKLEY Elfreda Loretta 1960s
PorCC11 BURKE Henrici 1820s
PorCC08 ESCOFFERY Alexander 1880s
PorCC02 FABIEN Charlotte Ann 1840s
PorCC06 FRANCIS Walter B. 1940s
PorCC12 JENSEN Chresten Marinus 1920s
PorCC12 JENSEN Frances Louisa 1910s
PorCC16 MOSELEY Charles Albert 1930s
PorCC15 MOSELEY John Grimson 1940s
PorCC13 PASSLEY Clementina Grant 1810s
PorCC17 PASSLEY George 1830s
PorCC18 PASSLEY Henry James 1830s
PorCC02 PERKINS Ann Elizabeth 1850s
PorCC01 PILLON Mary 1870s
PorCC03 PLANT William Henry, Major 1930s
PorCC09 PRINCE Elizabeth, Mrs. 1790s
PorCC02 RICHARDS Ann 1850s
PorCC04 VOYSEY Annesley, Esq. 1830s