St Andrew’s Anglican, St Elizabeth

St Andrew's Anglican


IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
988 ANSON Altimont G. 1990s
929 BARNES Dorothy L. 1980s
930 BARNES Sydney C. 1980s
993 BARRETT Guy A. 1980s
972 BARRETT Hilda, Mrs 1960s
946 BARTLEY Mavis I. 2000s
945 BARTLEY Vincent 1980s
891 BEADLE Beatrice 1970s
890 BEADLE Edward T. 1960s
892 BEADLE-THOMAS Lauretta 2000s
903 BENNETT Kenneth Vivian 1990s
955 BINNS Emma 1970s
960 BINNS Inez 1970s
885 BINNS Vera Bellrose 1990s
967 BIRTHWRIGHT Benjamin A. 1910s
968 BIRTHWRIGHT Jessie Ann 1950s
966 BIRTHWRIGHT Stanford Benjamin 1990s
870 BLAKE Lester 1990s
965 BLAKE May 1980s
861 BLYTHE Beatrice Bethune 1980s
853 BLYTHE Renford N. 1920s
854 BLYTHE Stephen Augustus 1950s
855 BLYTHE Irene B. 1960s
911 BROWN Arnold Carl 1990s
958 BROWN Charles Alexander 1980s
927 BROWN Charles Alexander 1980s
970 BROWN Floriebell 2000s
969 BROWN Ivan 1960s
991 BROWN Muriel Myrtle 1980s
990 BROWN Sydney Lorack 1980s
859 BURKE Edmund Newton 2000s
860 BURKE Isolene Theodora 2000s
918 CAMPBELL George Harold 1970s
938 CHANNER Ellen 1880s
937 CHANNER Geoe: Taylor 1860s
868 CHANNER Isabella Joanna 1880s
866 CHANNER Johanna 1930s
884 CLARKE Alvan N. 2000s
888 COKE Burnett Birthwright 1960s
889 COKE Roosvelt I’Ouverture 1970s
984 COLE John Henry 1970s
985 COLE Mary Francella 1960s
982 COLE Reuben G. 1980s
981 COLE Ula Elvelena 1980s
983 COLE W. A. 1970s
979 COLE John Robert 1990s
901 COLEMAN Cecil Leonard 1990s
900 COLEMAN Iris Rebertha 1990s
897 COWANS Hazel E. 2000s
986 CUMMINGS Robert 1990s
887 DENSHAM Lionel 1980s
980 FRASER Hilda M. Cole 1970s
850 GREGORY Claude R. 1890s
949 GRINDLEY Conroy 2000s
902 GRINDLEY Ettalyn 1990s
957 HANSON Joan 1990s
874 HARRIOTT George Patrick 1850s
961 HINES Edna Mae 1970s
905 HUTCHINSON Ivy L. 2000s
904 HUTCHINSON William J. 1970s
975 JAMES Anna C. 1980s
974 JAMES Gilbert Nunes 1970s
976 JAMES Oscar 1980s
881 JONES Rita E. 2000s
882 JONES Vincent M. 1980s
898 KEDDO Leanorah 2000s
899 KEDDO Samuel 1980s
872 LAWSON Maudlyn 1990s
989 LEWIS Audrey Eulalee 2000s
943 LEWIS Trevor St Aubyn 1990s
956 LOUNGES Linnette Stobbs 1990s
973 MAGNUS Dorothy Ouida 2000s
934 MALCOLM Astley 1980s
858 MARTIN John Hector 1940s
931 MEIKLE Robert McKenzie 1980s
936 MILES Edith Mary 1880s
867 MILES Kathleen 1890s
893 MILLER Beryl K. 2000s
928 MILLER Ivan Roy 1980s
978 MORGAN Alvansa 2000s
992 MORGAN Astor 1980s
977 MORGAN Sadie 1970s
944 MORRIS Lillian 1990s
877 MUSCHETT Ellen C. 1890s
878 MUSCHETT Philip 1870s
852 MUSCHETT Robert 1870s
848 NANGLE Wm: O’Francis 1900s
963 NEIL Branford O. 1980s
907 POTTINGER Dorothy Ivy 2000s
908 POTTINGER John A. 1990s
952 POWELL Ann Elizabeth 1850s
953 POWELL Elizabeth M. 1890s
951 POWELL John T. 1870s
950 RAFFINGTON Roseta 1970s
875 RAMSON Christiana
876 RAMSON Elizabeth Evans
947 RENNALLS Inez G. 1990s
959 RHODD Myrtle Maud 1970s
917 ROBERTSON Arthur 1960s
916 ROBERTSON Mrs Esther M. 1940s
987 ROWE Edith 1980s
964 ROYAL Ada 1980s
914 SAMUELS Oswald W. 1970s
883 SAMUELS Rebertha 1980s
915 SAMUELS Winnifred L. 1970s
895 SCARLETT Amy L. 1990s
894 SCARLETT Osbourne C. 1990s
910 SHERMAN Anna 2000s
857 SMITH Alfred C. 1900s
896 SMITH Hilda Louise Wright 1980s
940 SMITH Jane R. 1910s
941 SMITH Oscar William 1940s
886 SMITH Roslyn 1980s
880 STEER Linton Lloyd 1980s
913 TAYLOR Balvin 1980s
933 THOMAS Astley Roy 1980s
935 THOMPSON Agustus 1970s
942 VIRGO Donovan V. 2000s
939 WANLISS Ena H. 2000s
994 WEBSTER Stephen 1870s
948 WELLINGTON Cecily Veronica 1980s
856 WILLIAMS Francis A. 1910s
871 WILLIAMS Joan Allison 1990s


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