Watsonton Methodist, Watsonton, Clarendon

Watsonton Methodist

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaWM41 ANDERSON Murdell I. 1990s
ClaWM54 BENNETT Eglon B. 1960s
ClaWM62 BENNETT Gertrude A. 1970s
ClaWM60 BENNETT Louis Owen 1990s
ClaWM63 BENNETT Thomas C. 1970s
ClaWM51 BENNETT William S. 1960s
ClaWM01 BERNARD Edgar 1990s
ClaWM16 BORELAND Essie B. 1990s
ClaWM42 BOWEN Gwendolyn Agatha 1980s
ClaWM35 BRADY Gwendolyn 1980s
ClaWM47 DeSILVA Theodosia, Mrs 1940s
ClaWM11 DICK Cebert George 2000s
ClaWM12 DICK Clarence S. 1990s
ClaWM18 ELLIS Florence 1970s
ClaWM05 EVANS Betsy 1970s
ClaWM10 FACEY Margaret Marie-George 1960s
ClaWM71 FARQUHARSON Ellen 1940s
ClaWM22 FORD Mercell Octavious 1990s
ClaWM19 FRANCIS Rebecca, Mrs 1960s
ClaWM07 FRAZER Francis, Miss 2000s
ClaWM49 GARDINER Etta Berleta, Miss 2000s
ClaWM58 GARDINER Harry George 1970s
ClaWM40 GARDINER Terrence Bancroft 1980s
ClaWM08 GIBSON Rosan 1970s
ClaWM56 HAUGHTON Reuben Edward 1940s
ClaWM57 HAUGHTON Vida, Mrs 1980s
ClaWM48 HENRY Inez May 2000s
ClaWM06 HOPKINSON Elsaida, Mrs 1990s
ClaWM53 HUDSON Beatrice 1980s
ClaWM04 JAMES Francella 1960s
ClaWM36 KNIGHT Edward A. M. 1990s
ClaWM66 LEWIN Margaret Rose 1970s
ClaWM25 LEWIS Adelaide 1980s
ClaWM13 LEWIS Thelma Frances 1950s
ClaWM55 LYN Noel 1920s
ClaWM69 MAXWELL Mary C. 1960s
ClaWM70 MAXWELL Vincent George 1990s
ClaWM44 McCARTHY Bertrand W. 2000s
ClaWM45 McCARTHY Thelma M. 1990s
ClaWM68 McGILL Maudrianna 1940s
ClaWM72 McKENZIE Joel 1990s
ClaWM09 McKENZIE Mary Albertha 1970s
ClaWM52 MITCHELL Elma 1920s
ClaWM65 MITCHELL Mary Ann, Mrs 1930s
ClaWM67 MORALES-LEWIN Charles H., Snr. 1980s
ClaWM14 MORRISON Druscilla L. 1980s
ClaWM61 OSBORNE Richard N. 1970s
ClaWM23 PITTERSON Catherine 1940s
ClaWM32 PITTERSON Imogene 1990s
ClaWM24 REDDELL Gerald 1970s
ClaWM03 REID Nancy, Miss 1960s
ClaWM29 ROBINSON Adam English 1890s
ClaWM31 ROBINSON Benjamin Joseph Adolphus, Dr 1940s
ClaWM39 ROBINSON Geoffrey George Gordon 1910s
ClaWM28 ROBINSON Hannah 1900s
ClaWM38 ROBINSON Hannah Buxton Cargill 1900s
ClaWM30 ROBINSON John Nathan 1930s
ClaWM37 ROBINSON Peter Isaac 1890s
ClaWM27 ROBINSON William Fullerton 1930s
ClaWM26 ROBINSON Ann Charlotte 1950s
ClaWM15 ROBINSON-JESSUP Cynthia Lelethe 1990s
ClaWM50 SMITH Mary Ann 1970s
ClaWM33 STEPHENSON Iota 2000s
ClaWM34 STEPHENSON Vincent George 1980s
ClaWM21 STEWART Noel Agustas 2000s
ClaWM20 STEWART Olga Bell 2000s
ClaWM17 STEWART Zella Emerine 1980s
ClaWM47 SWAINSON Ivy 1910s
ClaWM46 SWAINSON John 1910s
ClaWM43 SWAINSON Mary, Mrs 1930s
ClaWM64 THOMAS Johanna 1930s
ClaWM02 WALCOTT Wilburn 2000s
ClaWM59 WALKER E. St E. 1980s




2 Responses to Watsonton Methodist, Watsonton, Clarendon

  1. EILEEN WATT says:

    Some of the older graves on this church site were destroyed by hurricane and this church as been remodeled too. I have a picture of the original structure.

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