St Matthews Anglican, Aenon Town, Clarendon

St Matthews Aenon Town

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaSM05 BROWN Ucal Samuel 1990s
ClaSM02 CHIN Ferdinand 1990s
ClaSM01 CHIN Yu Hing 2000s
ClaSM10 CHRISTIE Carlton B. 1990s
ClaSM16 CLAYTON Jasper 1990s
ClaSM17 CLAYTON Mabel 1980s
ClaSM22 CROASDAILE John Clarence 1980s
ClaSM23 CROASDAILE Theresa 1990s
ClaSM20 FACEY John 1970s
ClaSM19 GLAVE Cornelius S. 1940s
ClaSM09 GLAVE Leslie George 1990s
ClaSM07 HALL Bertie John 1990s
ClaSM06 HALL Leolyn May 2000s
ClaSM04 HAYDEN Arthur Dillon 1990s
ClaSM03 HAYDEN Lilla May 2000s
ClaSM26 KING Tunsa 1980s
ClaSM11 LINDO Cordel 2000s
ClaSM12 LINDO Norval J. 1980s
ClaSM24 McDONALD Eric M. 1990s
ClaSM25 McDONALD Rose G. 1980s
ClaSM08 MOSES Irene Agatha 1970s
ClaSM15 REITTIE Eric A. 1990s
ClaSM14 REITTIE Eric G. 1970s
ClaSM13 REITTIE Gertrude L. 1970s
ClaSM27 ROSE Elizabeth M. 1930s
ClaSM18 SHAW Daniel 1960s
ClaSM18 SHAW Mary 1970s
ClaSM21 TAPPER Eliza 1940s


3 Responses to St Matthews Anglican, Aenon Town, Clarendon

  1. Jean Shields-(grant) says:

    Doris May Brown died in 1990s, and Bell Brown Grant

  2. Ok so i came across all these family names who i knew and grew up knowing as a child. My family name was Robb who ran a grocery store close to the Chins grocery store opposite the Anglican Church and near Aenon Town primary as was known then. My grandfather Leslie Robb died then family moved to Kingston. We were associated with the McDonalds, knew the Halls , Lindos. So if anyone reading this is from this area please get in touch. My teacher was Tapper.

  3. Marshall Moses says:

    On the off chance that you may read this…….my mother was Irene Agatha Moses, she was married to George Samuel Moses (commonly known as “Ronny”). The family moved to the UK in the 1950’s but Irene Moses moved back to Aenon town in the early 1970’s. I met Mr Chin at his shop (after mom died) and I also met Mr Fagan who owned a little shop in Thached Walk….a shock for him since the last time he had seen me I was 4 years old!!

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