Holland Village, St Elizabeth

Holland Village

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ElzHE10 AMBERSLEY Alcion 2000s
ElzHE15 BARRETT Rosalyn 2000s
ElzHE16 BROWN Oliver 2000s
ElzHE09 BUCHANAN Joyce 2000s
ElzHE14 CHRISTOPHER Claris 2000s
ElzHE13 CHRISTOPHER Eustace 2000s
ElzHE12 CHRISTOPHER George 2000s
ElzHE11 COLE Adeline 2000s
ElzHE21 DIXON Cephas 2000s
ElzHE17 DUNKLEY Esmie Adina Wallace 2000s
ElzHE07 FOSTER Maude 1990s
ElzHE04 GENIUS Rosemarie Eric 2000s
ElzHE03 LEWIS Ethel Amanda 2000s
ElzHE06 MITCHELL Cinderell 2000s
ElzHE05 MULLINGS Noman 1990s
ElzHE02 PEDLEY Alrick Agustas 1990s
ElzHE22 SAMUELS Miss Clementina 2000s
ElzHE18 SANDERSON Ian F. 1990s
ElzHE20 VASSELL Samuel 1990s
ElzHE19 WEBB Medora 2000s
ElzHE08 WHITTAKER Bertram 2000s
ElzHE01 WILSON Charley 2000s


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