Bohemia Moravian, Bohemia, St Ann

Bohemia Moravian

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
AnnBH12 CAMPBELL Sarah Rebecca 1960s
AnnBH20 CARTER Alice, Mrs 1940s
AnnBH11 GENTLES Icenet, Mrs 1960s
AnnBH23 GRAHAM Joseph B. 1950s
AnnBH13 GRIFFITHS Ellen 1970s
AnnBH14 HARRIS Cleve 1950s
AnnBH03 JENKINS Dennis Hugh 2000s
AnnBH05 JENKINS Frank 1980s
AnnBH04 JENKINS Veta V 1950s
AnnBH06 JONES Joseph 1990s
AnnBH19 LEWIS Jerome 2000s
AnnBH24 LINDSAY Ivan 1960s
AnnBH18 MULLINGS Ida, Mrs 1950s
AnnBH17 MULLINGS S. L. 1950s
AnnBH07 PALMER Alfred 1990s
AnnBH10 ROBINSON George Nathaniel 1970s
AnnBH15 ROBINSON Gertrude 2000s
AnnBH02 SMIKLE Gwendolyn 2000s
AnnBH01 SMIKLE Hubert 1980s
AnnBH25 SMITH Zenus 2000s
AnnBH08 THOMPSON Alice, Mrs 1980s
AnnBH09 THOMPSON John 1980s
AnnBH21 WILLIAMS David 1940s
AnnBH16 WILLIAMS E. I. 1950s
AnnBH22 WILLIAMS Frederick 1930s


3 Responses to Bohemia Moravian, Bohemia, St Ann

  1. charles williams says:

    looking for Charles Williams bohemia church

  2. Suzette says:

    Did Ms.Vera Jenkins,Frank Jenkins And Dennis Jenkins died?

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