St Luke’s Anglican, Aboukir, St Ann

St Luke's Anglican, Aboukir

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
AnnLA22 ARSCOTT Charles Dussard 1900s
AnnLA23 ARSCOTT Mary Ann 1890s
AnnLA05 BARRETT Allan B. 1970s
AnnLA06 BENNETT David S. 1970s
AnnLA07 BENNETT Emma 1970s
AnnLA28 BERNARD Annie 1950s
AnnLA26 BERNARD Samuel L. 1920s
AnnLA27 BERNARD Violet L. 1920s
AnnLA10 BROWN Benjamin 1970s
AnnLA09 BROWN Vida 1960s
AnnLA16 CHRISTIE James T. 1990s
AnnLA30 CODNER Agatha Louise 1980s
AnnLA30 CODNER Jasper James 1980s
AnnLA21 ELLIOTT Isaac josiah 1960s
AnnLA20 ELLIOTT Margaret B. 1970s
AnnLA04 FINEGAN Beryl 1990s
AnnLA25 FRASER Albertha 2000s
AnnLA24 FRASER Roland 1990s
AnnLA19 GREEN Fidelia 1980s
AnnLA18 GREEN George Albert 1980s
AnnLA08 HARRISON Alexander T. 1970s
AnnLA17 LINDO Beryl M. 1920s
AnnLA29 McCONNELL Stuart 1940s
AnnLA34 NOTICE Violet L. 1990s
AnnLA14 PALMER Cecelia W. 1950s
AnnLA15 PALMER Simeon J. 1960s
AnnLA01 PERRY Clevelan 1990s
AnnLA02 PERRY Frances Louise 2000s
AnnLA03 ROBERTSON William Robert 2000s
AnnLA12 RUSSELL Irene E. 1960s
AnnLA11 RUSSELL Robert J. 1960s
AnnLA13 RUSSELL Rose M. 1980s
AnnLA32 WILMOT Henry 1930s
AnnLA31 WILMOT Janet, Mrs 1940s
AnnLA33 WILMOT Rupert Dawkins 1950s


2 Responses to St Luke’s Anglican, Aboukir, St Ann

  1. Delie Hawkins says:

    I am looking for my great great grandmother’s grave. I was told she was buried here. If possible, I’d like to know if anyone has seen her grave in St. Luke’s Anglican cemetery. Her name was Marcella Gertrude Tingle, her married name is Higgins. Thank you.

  2. conliffews says:

    I can’t recall any Higgins headstone, but will take a closer look next time I go by.

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