Cocoa Walk Cemetery, Manchester

Cocoa Walk Cemetery

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ManCW08 BARRETT Winston L. 2000s
ManCW10 BLACKWOOD Linton 2000s
ManCW02 BURTON-WHITE Inez V. 2000s
ManCW01 CRAWFORD Gerald G. 2000s
ManCW14 CUSHINE Charles 2000s
ManCW13 DURRANT Gladstone 1990s
ManCW21 HAFFENDEN Fred 1990s
ManCW05 HUTCHINSON Astley 2000s
ManCW07 HUTCHINSON Eliza 2000s
ManCW06 HUTCHINSON Lewis 2000s
ManCW03 HUTCHINSON Neville 2000s
ManCW16 JOHNSON Selvin George 1990s
ManCW15 LEVY Edith 1990s
ManCW17 LEVY Gene Patricia 1990s
ManCW15 LEVY Norman 1980s
ManCW19 PORTER Ina 2000s
ManCW18 STEWART Vernon Steve 1990s
ManCW09 TAPPER Monica 1990s
ManCW11 WALKER Joseph 1990s
ManCW22 WEBSTER Rosa Virginia 1990s
ManCW12 WEBSTER Thomas 1990s
ManCW04 WOOD Miriam 2000s
ManCW23 WRIGHT Rose 1990s
ManCW20 WRIGHT Viris Elizabeth 2000s


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